Picture the scene – I was using a gazillion different pieces of software in my business everyday.  I was taking payments through Paypal, I was using membership software on my website, I was trying to track invoices and payments, I was using a email software package for my newsletters and building my list – physically it was all over the place and therefore my head felt a little bit all over the place.  There were masses of tabs open on my computer to deal with even the simplest of things.  It seemed unnecessarily hard.

I had looked and worked with some of the client management systems in the past and I had found them to be equally as clunky and overly complicated (for no particular reason – and I’m quite techy).

I was kinda struggling along in what felt quite chaotic and the systems simply didn’t seem to flow.

That was until I found Simplero.  Ok, so I do have a bit of a crush on this software as it does everything I need it to in 1 place, coupled with that it has the most FANTASTIC support and is constantly being developed to meet the needs of it’s users << sounds perfect?  Well it kinda is for me.

I was really lucky to get the opportunity to chat with the founder and developer behind Simplero, the lovely Calvin Correli.  We did do the interview during Mercury Retrograde so apologies for the fact that we do have a few little hiccups in there.  Calvin is just like us!! YAY!! He’s a heart centred and soulful entrepreneur who is building his business based on his desires to serve and make a difference and I bloody love that.  You won’t find much software out there with this level of heart & soul!

Check out the interview…

If you want to check out more about Simplero and take a look at it’s functionality then you can do that here >> Let Me Take A Peeky Peek << 







p.s. if you want some more information on how to use Simplero from the perspective of setting up a membership site within Simplero then you can find tutorials and videos in our fab Rockstar Membership Sites free mini programme >> click here to gain access

p.p.s. I am totally transparent in all that I do and want you to know that if you do sign up to Simplero using the links on this page then I do receive an affiliate payment. I only ever recommend stuff that I love and that I have used or do use myself and never for the receipt of a golden handshake.

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