You don’t have to be physically creating something to be a creative entrepreneur.  Creation isn’t always physical, it’s not even always visual.  You can be a creative entrepreneur through your words, through writing, through sharing your thoughts & teachings.  Phew, I just wanted to get that one out of the way at the outset 😉 I know that lots of people feel that they are creative but feel that if there’s not a physical or visual creation then creative isn’t the right tag/label for them. 

I don’t visually create but I am a creative entrepreneur.  

Stop Seeing Sales & Marketing As Boring 

Use your creativity as your superpower! You don’t need to see the marketing & sales process as being different to your actual creation process.   So often creative entrepreneurs view their work as their happy place, it’s their creation zone & they bloody love being in there, asked to then market & sell their stuff and everything feels very different.   

I pinky swear, it doesn’t need to be this way. 

In fact your creativity is a superpower when it comes to your sales & marketing.  It means that you are able to unleash innovation and excitment all over it (if you’d just let it through). 

You have the assets, the thing you’ve created, now it’s time to tell the world about it.  Not get bored and move on to the next project of creation. 

Too many creative entrepreneurs aren’t giving their creations the opportunity to make the money & impact they’d like it to make.  This isn’t fair on you or the creation or your audience. 

Making sure you’ve nailed your structure (it’s loose don’t panic, I never wanna hem a creative in) and then being able to be super creative and innovate in it’s execution is where the magic happens.    

Stop Trying To Be Left & Right Brained Simeltaneously 

The diagnosis is often that right brain shit is fun and left brain shit is boring.  It’s not that we can’t do it, it’s just that we don’t love doing it. 

We disengage a wee bit. 

BUT, what’s often happening is one of 2 things; 

➡️ You are trying to do left & right brain tasks side by side.  Like editing as you work.  Like creating and scheduling together etc.  You’re asking your brain to flip between left & right constantly in the things you’ve lumped together as one task.  If this is anymore than adding a blog image to a blog at the end of writing it then you’re going to have a wee bit of a short circuit occur.  You’re brain simply goes “no, thank you” and powers down.  You put this down to being bored of the task or that it’s too technical and structured for you.  In fact it’s simply because you’re asking it to flit.  In every day life you’re flitting between the two brains and not diagnosing it as boring or tedious or overwhelming but when it comes to your work you do.  Spilt these bits out.  Don’t edit whilst you create, don’t go the logics next to the creative bits or even simeltaneously. Leave gaps between the 2.  Even if that’s just making a brew between the two.  THEN you can always think about how you can do the logical bits in a more creative way (more to come on that in a sec). 

➡️  You resist doing it at all because it’s boring and you’re already aware that you’ll disengage with it.  AND just not doing it isn’t the answer 🙈

Take What You Know To Find Out What You Don’t Know

This one is always one of my favourites.  You will have evidence in other areas of your life where similar things work, where you are able to perhaps nail a project that you just don’t seem to be able to do when it comes to your work.  I’m a huge advocate of cross pollination – taking things from one area and applying them to another.  

Let me give you an example, one gorgeous creative Rockstar I was working with was struggling to finish projects in her own business, her projects.  Give her a client project and that was never an issue.  She was always smashed projects out when they were for others but was always letting herself and her own projects down.  We did a simple “take what you know to find out what you don’t know” between the 2.  We identified that the following happened with a client project; 

✔️  there was a clear brief 

✔️  there was an agreed timescale 

✔️  she set the client up in her case management system 

✔️  she broke the clients project down into micro tasks 

✔️  she alloted set time in her diary to do the client work 

✔️  she viewed the client project as money making activity. 

She was doing NONE of the above for her own projects.  She was hoping time would magically appear for it (time never magically appears), she was hoping that she would be motivated to get it done (motivation is a fickle AF mistress) and she didn’t value it as money making as she had seperated the creation of her own stuff with marketing & selling it (the bit she felt least confident with). 

How can you be inspired by the way you work in other areas OR how you manage other areas of your life and feel like you’re bossing it, into the bits that feel like they are flailing right now? 

Stop Trying To Squeeze To Fit 

See that there “one size fits all” system you’re trying to squeeze your spangly ass into, it doesn’t fit. 

Their system doesn’t fit you! 

There, I said it!! 

I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and whilst they seek a system or a strategy whenever they try to squeeze themselves into the “one size fits all” methodologies it’s uncomfortable at best and the buttons dig in or the zip downright won’t pull up.  It ain’t for you.  You are not a fail because you don’t fit into that system.  

I’ve worked with hundreds of creative entrepreneurs.  They look on a deem someone to be better at business than them and then try to fit their system, IT DOESN’T WORK! 

Even at a broadbrush kinda level I have some entrepreneurs who thrive with a daily or weekly target and some who are just looking at their overall project goal.  I have some clients who track via an “accumulator” so they can see their email list growing or their sales visually and have some clients who have a spreadsheet. I have some clients who only want to focus on next steps and some who want big picture and next steps.  In all the cases the root of the planning & execution is the same but the strategy/structure is absolutely bespoke to them. Custom made rather than off the shelf as a one sizer.  

You Can Be A Staggering Success Without Stress 

I know that often the question/statement comes up ~ “maybe I’m just not cut out for this?!”

The amount of times I’ve started a conversation with a new entrepreneur I’m working with who feels that they don’t get a return that is in balance with the time, effort, energy and attention that they put into their business, they are frustrated, they don’t understand why they seem to be the only one that doesn’t get it and the immortal lines “should I just get a proper job?!”  Those convos are normal.  You are not alone if you feel any of those things right now.  

BUT I pinky swear that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Being creative in your business strategy/structure is important to you and it’s time to stop trying to wedge yourself into total left brain systems and/or the creative type strategies that are never used by you nor have any impact.  


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