So, you’re building a business.  Everyone is very quick to offer you a whole stack of advice (both solicited and non-solicited 🙄) about what that’s all about.  You’re bombarded with messages of hustle and how you’re going to have to work harder than you’ve ever worked and that you need to press on.  You’re hours will creep up, your overwhelm will increase.  You’ll start doubting yourself at very juncture and it might even start to demolish your self esteem.  If you feel that your self esteem is being impacted then, before we go any further, you might want to shimmy over and read this article….

You might start to spend longer and longer sat at your desk.  You might start to resent some of the elements of your business.

Slowly, you might start to feel like your business is zapping every little microgram of energy you have.

You might catch it in time and reallocate your priorities, most important tasks and have a whole sort out of the ways that you work or it might just keep creeping away at you in a little toxic mix until there’s a sudden realisation that you didn’t sign up for this, you don’t recognise you anymore or worst case scenerio, you burn out. 

Despite what all the gurus tell you – from one extreme that it’s all about working longer and longer hours, hustling, faking it until you make it, being relentless AF to it’s just got to flow to you can make eleventy bazillion pounds working 3.6 seconds per fortnight it all seems so elusive and complex. 

I know from both personal experience and the clients that I work with that you can end up in a position where you’re unfit, unhealthy, surviving purely on coffee/tea & adrenaline, rarely leaving your computer screen and despite everything you tell yourself about it being “ok” and that you’re “ok” and that it will all change when you just finish that project or make that money or your diary magically gets quieter, it starts to bite at your butt.  

I remember that at the end of 2018 I was singing from the songsheet that I was “ok”AND do you know what, everything was ok.  It wasn’t EPIC but it was ok.  I had a gorgeous family, a nice house, a profitable business and the boxes were all ticking themselves BUT I was ridiculously uncomfortable and unhealthy.   I had put on a stack of weight.  I had become accepting of my shape & size.  I’d be puffed out walking up the stairs but I wouldn’t pop any focus into that.  I’d be uncomfortable where by belly had an overhang (jeez, far too much information, I’m sorry) and I’d struggle to get comfty, get up and down out the sofa and wouldn’t have a good night’s sleep as my boobs seemed to want to strangle me. 

Here’s What You Need To Know

As an entrepreneur YOU are the most important element of your business.  It took me a little while to wholly figure this one out.  I knew that I was the life blood of my business.  I knew that it was important for me to inject energy into my business.  I was doing this.  I was massively passionate about my work, had a big personality and did a particularly good job at hiding my lack of wellness within my business BUT it was important that I was congruent with me & my messaging.  In order to be the biggest and brightest I could possibly be and to enable me to help and support my clients in the most robust, resilient, impactful and effective ways I need to be WELL! I needed to be tip top.  I had to accept that prioritising my health & wellness was directly impactful on 1️⃣ ME (first and foremost), 2️⃣ on my family and 3️⃣ on my business.  It was a team game this one. 

My health & wellness directly impacted my businesses health & wellness and had a profound impact on how I could show up in every area of my life.  

The other thing you need to know is that burn out fucking sucks.  If you don’t stop as you’re riding the wave of burn out then burn out will stop you.  When I work with entrepreneurs in terms of burn out recovery I start to work with someone who’s lost their confidence, lost their direction, has been in a place where they felt physically and meantally exhausted, who feel less creative than a can of WD40 and who are questioning their capability, capacity and other even their worth.  It impacts massively on their physical and mental health and we have to work slowly and consistently on their rebuild, resilience, robustness and take it forward with a steady, step by step, approach.  

Here’s What You Need To D0 

1️⃣ Look it in the face, see where you are right now and take responsibility for it.  It isn’t about “fuck, how did I get this way” or “how did you let this happen” or any reflection, guilt, personal shaming or battering.  It’s purely about seeing that this is the start.  You have to know where you’re starting from.  I say to all my clients “I will meet you exactly where you are.”  It doesn’t matter to me where you are.  Working from where you are right now allows progress.  Belittling, beating yourself up, feeling guilty or being in a grump about it all will only facilitate in keeping you stuck.   

2️⃣ Avoid the overwhelm.  Initially when you look at where you are it might feel like there’s an enormous task at hand.  It might feel like you’re so far away from where you want to be in terms of yourself, the life you want to create and your business (all of these are interlinked for sure).  Don’t look at the enormity.  It’s all about small steps consistently taken and it’s all about implementable changes you can make. 

3️⃣ You don’t even have to be able to see the full picture.  You’ve just got to know that you are ready to make a change.  


4️⃣ Take responsibility.  It’s important that we take hold of the reins.  Not in a way that is about reflecting back and feeling shit about it but in a way of looking forth.  It’s now up to you, now you’ve had the epiphany it’s your call.  You can get all the help & support along the way but you have to make choices and decisions that mean you’re in control of this at every step. 

5️⃣ Set some easy non-negogitables.  What little things can you implement that start to have an impact on your health & well.  It might be that you substitute one regular car journey to walk, it might be that you use the stairs and go to the loo on a different floor if you have an upstairs and downstairs loo, it might be that you’ll prep your breakfast before you go to bed on a night so that it’s easier to say YES to it.  When I started to look at my health & wellness my initial non-negogitables were 1) drink 2 litres of water a day 2) get my steps in each day so that I was moving more 3) make sure I was conscious of sleep & rest 

6️⃣ Make your environment more easeful.  We don’t make changes because we are told that change is hard (it’s not by the way).  We have to design our environment in a way that allows change to be easeful and allows us to create new habits and behaviours because they are the easiest option.  This could be filling that water bottle and having it on your desk, setting out your trainers/walking shoes before bed, getting your breakfast or other meals prepped, making time in your diary for fun activities, adventures and excitement (I don’t work on a Wednesday daytime for that very reason). 

7️⃣ Get some help! You don’t have to do this alone! I’m going to share a couple of free resources with you to get started but also know you can DM me on social media, zip me an email or pop and comment on this post and I’m more than happy to help & support you.  


Grab These


What are you weighting for is a fab 30 minutes workshop to help and support you to be ready to take the journey to a healither, fitter & brimming with wellness version of you! 


The Change Matrix is an ebook that walks you through what change is all about, how to navigate chanage and provides you with easy to implement strategy

The Checklist

The Tip Top Energy Checklist and Toolkit is a whole resource designed to help you make some tweaks and really prioritise your energy and ensure you’re feeling incredible! 

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