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There’s stacks of hints and tips out there from people about exactly how you should be marketing your business.  Self professed gurus who are handing out cut & paste scripts to use for everything from Social Media posts to “tried & tested” sales patter for “discovery calls.” There’s also a plethora of things that are put out there as “the one thing you need to do to market your business” or the biggest hints and tips and pieces of advice that will make your marketing rock.  Are they true?  Some of them aren’t! 

I’m going to dig into a few that are actually BS! 

The Ideal Client Avaatar 

Often professed to be THE starting point of everything!  If you don’t nail your avaatar then your doomed 😱 

Let’s just start with one thing – YES, you are not for everyone.  Your marketing is magnetic and by them I mean that it must repluse in equal measures to that which it attracts.  So, knowing your audience is kinda important BUT not in an ideal client avaatar kinda way.   

I was talking about this the other in my programme The Fuck It Visibility Formula and one of the lovely Rockstars on the programme said… 

OMG…i went on a marketing workshop where we had to pick an avatar sticker and make up a whole story around what they ate/how old/type of job/lifestyle etc etc….I got called out “for being awkward” as I just didn’t get it and kept asking questions.


I hear ya gal!! What’s this all got to do with working out who you’re crowd are?  There’s obviously some businesses where there’ll be a level of specificity about some of those questions but for lots of people they are simply not relevant.  

If I went out, in a Family Fortunes stylee, and asked 100 of my clients or followers questions about what magazines they read, the genre of books they liked, what they watched on telly, whether or not they had an active lifestyle etc etc I would get masses of different answers.   

I could even ask these kinda specific questions to people who all purchased the same things from me and still the answers would be different. 

Why?  Because my crowd are amazingly diverse and unique! BUT, how can I possibly then attract the right people to my work? 


It’s not about specificity, it’s about commonality.   

So, to work out this commonality I keep it fun & we do an activity called “the boobs of business”… 

Show Them What You Know..

Showcase your knowledge, give them all the hints & tips.  OK, so we are working with some fine lines here.  Yeah, people wanna know that you know your shit.  They need to be in a position to decide whether you’re the right person for them, whether they reasonate with the way you work and that you’re an expert in your field (lots of people resist being an expert in their field and quite often it’s because they haven’t quite got the name of their field right, but I digress).  

Equally you can overload people with information.  We live in a very information dense world now.  People can’t keep up and there’s stacks of noise and differing advice out there.  

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t include education & training into the types of content you produce in your business but that mustn’t be hide behind AND here’s a one liner to remember…


Always Give Your Crowd What They Need

No, no, no, no!!! 

What you know they need isn’t necessarily anywhere near what they think that they need right now.  

Think about what they WANT and then give them what they NEED in order to get to what they want. 

The only time we think about what our client’s need (other than in terms of actually working with them, I am referring to marketing messages here) is “what do they need to hear from me in order to make a decison as to whether my work is for them or not.  

We have the curse of knowledge and what we may know they NEED right now may be the last thing that they are attracted to or may seem so far removed from where they are right now that they simply can’t resonate with it.  

Visibility Is All Down To Video

Yeah, I adore video BUT it’s not the sole thing that makes a visibility strategy.  I hear people talking about the fact that you have to do Facebook Live to be visible or that you have to be doing stories or reels or that you’ll never be visible anymore if you don’t have a TikTok account or whatever the latest thing is.  

Visibility is all about having a communication strategy that works for your audience.  That your audience are centric to the marketing that you do and that you are creating content for your marketing ON PURPOSE – i.e. with purpose for a purpose.  

So, What Are You NOT Being Told?

In order to really create an impactful marketing/visibility straegy you need the following; 

➡️  a real understand about what YOU & YOUR business are all about.  Not niche.  More than that! Thinking about what the rhythm of the heart beat of your business really is. 

➡️  A message that allows you to be truly magnetic, both attracting the right people as well as replusing the wrong ones for your business 

➡️  An understand of what you say.  For most businesses it’s not what they are saying but what they are not saying, the way they are saying it or the amount they are saying it 

I run a fabulous and hugely impactful mentoring incubator called The Supernova Growth Capsule where we get away from the fear of getting out there loud and proud with your messaging, making your business magnetic and looking at all the different communication avenues in your business and how you can supercharge each area. 

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