So, let me tell you the story of Abbie…..

Abbie reached out to me earlier this year. She felt like she’d kinda lost her way a little bit. She had fallen out of love with lots of elements of her life. She described is as “unhelpful self-inflicted behaviour patterns.”

Spending lots of time in a really busy job and feeling absolutely and totally worn out after a day at work, she had little time left for herself, her passions and to get her gorgeous doggie Nell out for real, meaty walks.

She may well have been bordering on burnout.

BUT, she needed a bit of an epiphany in that she wasn’t doing what she should be doing! A BIGGIE when it had started to form part of who she was and her personality but not actually her truth.

She wrote…

Last week was the first time in this past month that I didn’t start my working week in tears! Also, I’d been on immune suppressant drugs for my eczema for the past year but came off them at the start of the pandemic – they didn’t seem a good idea with being asthmatic too…

My skin had more or less settled down apart from a weekly cycle where my face would get very red and itchy and then shed (nice) and repeat…

However, I’ve realised this hasn’t happened (or barely at least) for the past week or two – woohoo!!

So I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Emma for well and truly kickstarting my return to health, fitness and wellness, and to all you lovely ladies on here for your shared support, honesty, openness, humour and all the rest.


8 weeks later and Abbie has reprioritised herself with a little help & accountability. She’s lost a stone in weight, she’s started running (and enjoying her running) regularly again and is getting Nell out for chunky monkey long walks (and runs).

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