There’s this little trap that lots of people have fallen into.

It’s a place that you enter without really being conscious about it.

The alternative route makes you feel a little uncomfortable so you take the alternative option.  The option that is safer, that feels a little better and more comfortable.  BUT you are letting yourself down and you are letting down your crowd (I know – I didn’t wanna pull the guilt card but I had no choice).

❌ You are being a stealth ninja when it comes to what you have for sale and what offers are available for your crowd to take up.

❌You are presuming that because you know what you sell then everyone else knows what you sell.

❌You are making the assumption that everyone will hunt out and find those offers and opportunities – whether it’s the free stuff or the paid for stuff.

😱 It’s not on your radar because you know it’s  there and therefore presume everyone else does. 😱

I have stacks of conversations where people are saying to me that they are struggling a bit on the cash flow front.  I will immediately ask them what I can buy from them right now – what’s for sale?  What are you selling?  AND there will be a slow realisation and embarrassment that there is in fact nothing for sale.  Either there’s no products or services on their website, they are not talking about the stuff people could buy from them or they are simply hiding under a stone and waiting for the purchase notification to rouse them from their slumber.

I also see it where people are hiding sales message deep and dark in amongst other things.  They are simply selling through videos or webinars or they are simply selling through one platform.  What if I don’t watch videos?  What if I don’t dig deeper to find your message?  I’m busy – are your crowd busy too?

So?  What do you need to be thinking about?

There Are Many Doors Into The Same Room

It’s important that you look at the action that you want your clients to take as them entering into a room.  Yes, you will get some people to enter by simply opening one door but what if you opened a number of doors to that room and the flow of traffic entering could be more consistent and the volume could be higher.

Think about using different mediums and modalities – which platforms are you using to advertise your products or services?  What content types are you using (i.e. visual content, audio content, text content, video based content).

Open additional doors and release the flow.

Stop Hiding It

Selling isn’t icky.  Selling is part of business.  If you don’t achieve the sales then you are NOT a business.

If people judge you on the fact that you have something for sale then they are clearly not getting the concept of a business.

You are offering people opportunities to get their hands on your stuff.  Without offering that opportunity you are stealing from them.

What’s Next

Often people leave people wanting more.  You might right a totally epic blog post but it leaves people wanting to know more or wanting more help on that subject – how can you sign post them to that additional help and support?

Loud & Proud

Sometimes your selling needs to be bloomin obvious.  People don’t have time to dig out hidden messages or inferences.  Tell me what ya got and why I need it.

Time to stop hiding your awesome!

Now, please don’t be stuck……

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