Right now lots of people are feeling really scared and vulnerable.  Lots of people are feeling a grip of fear holding tight.

I get it.

Everything feels really uncertain.

It’s ok to feel whatever feelings are coming up for you right now, it’s perfectly valid, perfectly normal and you shouldn’t be adding to the stress and pressure by beating yourself or accusing yourself of not coping.  I don’t want this for you, I don’t want this for humanity but this is where we find ourselves right now and I know that it’s totally possible for us to adapt and change.  I’ve spoken a lot about how to navigate the current climate.

Here’s a little video that I’ve recorded that might just help & support you to navigate some of the feelings and seek to move into a new focus.

What we are now faced with is a period of adapting.  

The schools are closing this week and for lots of us we will be running our business alongside homeschooling, peacekeeping only even seen on the scale of the UN and perhaps even restrictions insofar as what we can and can’t do. 

Right now we have to be flexible, we have to be fluid, we have to seek to adapt and evolve.  Nothing can be rigorously planned and I know for some that will make you feel uneasy.  Please know, that right now, we will ALL be winging it just a bit 😉, we will be learning as we go and no doubt we will all mess up from time to time.  

I want to look at the practical things that you can consider to help ease the way as you go.  

Work Time

The first thing we all need to look at is how we envisage structuring our time.  For sure, this is no doubt still going to be fluid and a learning game as we go but right now, take a look at your diary.  Are there any commitments in there that could be shelved for now?  Is there a way that you can lightened the load and spread your commitments out a little bit more?  Can you adapt your working hours a little?  Be mindful here that you absolutely DON’T want to be burning yourself out right now, otherwise you’re no good to anyone.  Saying that you’ll be working every evening until the wee hours of the morning and surviving on a tiny slither of sleep IS NOT sustainable.  It might be that an adaptation of workload needs to be considered too. 

Work Load

Do you have stuff in your workload right now that actually is unnecessary?  We are going to need to focus our attentions on the important activities.  I do a little activity – START, STOP, CONTINUE. Simply grab a brew, think about the tasks you’ve got going on right now in your business and look at what you may need to add right now, what you can simply let go of and what you want to continue that you do already. >> The Document I Use Is Here

Coulds & Shoulds

One of my little mantras is “just because you could doesn’t mean you should.”  What does that mean to you right now??  There might be a whole stack of things that you COULD be doing in your business right now but settle down and focus in on what you should be doing, what is the best thing for you, your family, your clients/customers, your social media followers.  Weigh it up and don’t simply do things because you could right now.  

Expectation Management

Yours, your family’s, your customers/clients ~ make sure you’re managing expectations.  The BIGGEST one is your own because we are VERY quick to beat ourselves up and say why we’ve messed up.  Accept that things are more fluid, accept that plans will sometimes not work out, accept that you won’t have the same level of output as you usually do if kids are at home. 

Micro Focus

BUT, you’ll be amazed at home much you can get done when you micro focus.  You can do soooo much in an hour if you get your head down and get on.  Switch off distractions, have a list of 15 minute (#rockstar15) tasks ~ so anything that needs doing chunk it right down into mini accountables ~ and when you sit down to work SMASH through that list. 

Be Mindful Of Where You Place Your Energy

It’s super easy to get caught up in the negativity.  

Side step it. 

Avoid it. 

Swipe it away, however you can muster or manage make sure you are taking care of your energy.  ~ How Your Energy Shows Up In Your Business Article ~  AND you can get hold of the ~ Tip Top Energy Toolkit ~ 

Over and above all else, please don’t struggle alone.  You don’t need to feel cast adrift right now.  My door is always open if you need any help and support.  You can shoot me a message over on Social, you can pop me an email (emma@rebelsandrockstars.com) or you can dive in with a comment on the blog.  I’m here. 

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