As you shimmy your way down your timeline on Social Media you will see a multitude of posts professing to have THE NUMBER ONE STRATEGY TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS.  Now, I know that no-one wants the second best strategy or the decidely average kinda strategy or the “take a punt on this strategy” BUT equally I know that one size never fits all. 

You’ll hear people saying; 

  1. The ONE Way
  2. The Only Way 
  3. The Fast Tracked Way 
  4. The Most Successful Way 
  5. The Right Way 
  6. The Secret Way (oooohhhh don’t even get me started on the marketing secrets thang 😬 🙄). 

There’s so much of it out there.  I even had a conversation with a client this week who had referred to one of her packages as “basic” and pointed out that no one ever wants basic.  AND we buy what we want in the majority of circumstances and usually for emotional reasons (to feel differently to how we feel now, to solve a problem, to create change etc).  This isn’t a blanket statement as, for fear of repeating myself ~ which I reckon I probably will do quite a bit, no one size fits all.  I do work with business owners where we need to take a different avenue on this one for sure.  Anyhaps, I digress – it’s marketing words.  Whether people are using the best, the only, the ultimate, the most successful (whatever) it’s to speak to people’s emotions.  We all want the best options available to us and we aren’t whipping out of funds to invest in average, basic, standard etc. so I kinda get it. 

BUT, let me assure you that there’s no one way or single strategy or certain tactic or platform or the likes. 

The Best Business Building Strategy For Your Business Is….

The one that fits perfectly with you, your current crowd, the crowd you seek to attract and your business.    

The analogy I use is that of a jigsaw.  Think about those 4 elements being the corner pieces of the jigsaw.  Grab those and understand them first and then we will fill out the edges (look at your primary strategies) and then the picture that emerges in the middle is based on your incremental progress (i.e. the consistent work you do over time).

There’s no one size fits all in business.  

A certain strategy/tactic could benefit your business but just because you could it doesn’t mean you should. 

It doesn’t mean that the people talking about the thing that they are seeking to teach you aren’t amazing in that arena and that that thing hasn’t created a massive success for them.  It probably has been the thing that made all the different in their business.  But, like I say, it might not be right for you.  It might be that it just feels out of alignment, it might be that it doesn’t work to your strengths, it might be that it doesn’t match your audience or it might be a gut feeling. 

So, why I am even writing this?  I want you to use discernment when you’re looking at the stuff professing to be in the bobby dazzler of business growth.  Trust your gut.  Don’t ever be pressured into feeling that you’ll be a fail if you don’t embrace this one way (there’s many paths that leave to success AND success has a different location to each and every one of us). 

I’m passionate about working with my clients on their bespoke implementation strategy.  Yeah, there’s stacks of principles that support business growth and matching those principles with the right people and then making their execution bespoke to them is the key 🔑 

Your business, your way!  

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