I want to introduce you to the Launch Combobulator

I’ve been working with online businesses for a fair few years now and this programme is a result of every single launch I’ve worked on (HUNDREDS) and all the experience I’ve had with my own business and the lovely online businesses I’ve worked with over the years.

✔️ It’s current.

✔️ It’s relevant.

It’s filled with help & support for the 4 PHASES of REALLY NAILING your online business.


I Don’t Want This To Be You

It makes me incredibly sad & at times super frustrated to see so many super talented entrepreneurs who don’t fulfil their potential in business.

I know that there’s stacks of information out there about running a profitable online business but it’s really difficult to bring together the bespoke steps that will work for YOUR crowd and YOUR business.

I don’t want you to be floundering, overwhelmed and scratching and scrambling around for ideas as to what to do next.

This programme will show you how to stop taking fruitless action, launching with a belly flop and feeling completely worn-out and depleted each and every time you try to make progress.

I am taking you through my 4 PHASES of a successful online business AND every single day/week/month you will need to be in one of these 4 phases.

So it’s time to stop;

✖️ Fruitless Activity

✖️ Launching without a plan

✖️ Having no real idea of the direction your business is heading in

✖️ Shouting down deep dark holes in your marketing

✖️ Getting in your own way insofar as mindset & action is concerned

✖️ Watching on jealously as others peeps build their businesses & you stay stuck

✖️ A trickle of growth

Not making money


Instead it’s time to;

✔️ Know what phase you are in at any given time.

✔️ Have a PLAN that’s fluid & flexible but that keeps you on task.

✔️ Have a crowd of people who are TOTALLY invested in what you do AND prepared to spend money with you

✔️ Have a strategy for the growth of your business.

✔️ Have access to a stack of launch plans, ideas and funk factors which will make your launch periods a breeze.

✔️ Support ~ you don’t have to do this alone!

✔️ The ability to connect with your crowd through story telling in your business & your content plans

✔️ Freebies that people snap up!

✔️ SALES!!!!


What’s Included In The Launch Combobulator

Every aspect and phase you need in order to grow an online business.  Now, I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT saying that all your work has to come from digital products & programmes NOR am I saying that your business has to fit into a certain cookie cutter kinda shape.

This is going to take you through ALL the ESSENTIAL PHASES and ACTION POINTS that you can implement in your business to super charge your credibility, connection with your crowd, growth & PROFITS.

Let’s take a butchers at the phases…

Phase 1

Now this is a BIG & Bulky phase because this is the foundations of your business.  This is the stuff you need to get right in order to be able to build your business successfully & sustainably!

We will be looking at things like ~ your raving fans, your mission, your message, credibility, building your audience, social media, story telling, list building, emarketing, cash/money & cashflow, your principles/ethics & integrity, showing up, getting in front of the right people, boundaries, the relationship cycles with customers/fans, websites, building your team, rules, analysing opportunities AND so much more!


So even if you’ve been in business a little while then this module is going to give you a HUGE dollop of CLARITY and the ability to shortcut your success & quit the struggle.

Phase 2

Ooooohhhhhh the stuff you sell makes up Phase 2.  This is all about your product range and product lines.  What will your crowd buy from you?

We will be looking at Revenue and Income streams, how cumulative income might just be your very best friend and how to craft a client ascension path.  We will be looking at different types of leveraged products as well as how you can bring your 1-2-1 (time for money) offering together in a way that makes sense for you and your audience.  We will also dissect the different types of leveraged products and their positioning within your business.  You will get access to Limitless Launch which is my programme that shows you HOW TO bring together a digital product/programme/course.

This module will help you to see how your money is going to be made within your business and make choices as to the elements which will bring you the best returns on investment and why/how you’ll include products that aren’t so profitable.

Phase 3

I love this one and I think it’s one that catches so many people out! Phase 3 is all about the Growth Strategies.  This is effectively the periods pre & post launch that will help and support you to be in a position to be more successful during your launch periods.

It’s a time when most people flop and become a little directionless ~ not you anymore!

We will be focusing on the strategies for growth, the relationship enhancement combobulator, funnels, how to bring new people into your business, service, reverse engineering growth periods to fit your products and your leads (how to capture and captivate those coming through).

Phase 4

The LAUNCH.  That big bad boy that fills everyone with dread.  We are going to look at different types of launching and strategies for selling more of your products.  I will be guiding you through launch plans and types and giving you a good idea of which way to turn.  We will be visiting first time launches, launching with a little list/following, momentum based launches, big launches, re-launches AS WELL AS the different things that you can include within a launch strategy.

I will also be dissecting the actions that make up a launch and teaching you how to bring together a launch that works for you (that will NOT include just picking the polite little pieces).

We will also go through how to execute your launch plan to a maximum impact!


✔️Ongoing support via our Facebook Group which is available exclusively for members and includes live training, challenges, thought points and all your questions answered!  There is a “no question goes unanswered” policy in my groups and you will always get my input on what’s coming up for you.

✔️ The bonus section within your members area will include further help, support and training you might need.

✔️ Live Q&As every month

✔️ Weekly live events within the members group.  Each week of the month (after we have spent a little time on the foundations) will unpick & help you create an action plan on one of the 4 phases.  One week will be having a launch party and bringing together launch plans, the next we will be looking at growth strategies and plans to implement to nurture your biz growth, the next week we will be looking at your product suite and client ascension paths and the next week it’ll be a revisit of the foundations (AND WE WILL DO THAT EVERY MONTH).

✔️ All the material is downloadable and you have lifetime access to the members area

✔️ Mindset help & support at each & every stage

✔️ videos, audios, printables 😍

I’ll talk about the price again a little further down the page but for now ~ all this and my ongoing support for just £427 * this is an introductory offer*


This programme is a fabulous investment in your business and I’m truly passionate about what it will help enable you to do.  It will give you lots of both tangible and intangible benefits ~ from bossing your mindset and getting out of your own way to making more money.

The programme is on an introductory price of £427 (instalment plans are available – 5 payment plan and 10 payment plan).

The programme is worth a tonne more than that as it includes updated versions of the Business Supernova programme (which I previously ran and sold for £597.00), the Limitless Launch programme (for sale individually for £97).  The growth strategy programme is brand new and worth £297 and the Launch Programme is going to be worth £597 individually.  Add to that 5 x calls per month with me and you’ve got a programme worth an around the £2,000 (plus £500 per month ongoing in relation to the calls) for a cool £427 one off payment (or instalment plan) 😍

I’ve found the best group for support, accountability, focus, clarity, getting stuff done with the best leader in the business keeping us all on track and picking us up when we fall down or want to give up, a hive of resourceful stuff and you feel part of a team not working alone in the big bad world of stickiness! Emma being the most amazing mentor who is actually here helping not just sitting back watching us all struggle. I have been in many groups and this is by far my favourite.

Anita McAloren

Anita McAloren

Ocean Coaching

I honestly cannot recommend Emma highly enough!Launching your program no longer has to feel scary, you have someone capable and reliable to help you through the pre-launch, the actual launch and the opening up of the program when people subscribe. I was able to put all of my time and energy into creating a great program and massive value for my buyers, and not worry about the launch process at all. My income from this launch was 3x what I have experienced in the past AND even just the marketing process helped me to add another 1000 people to my email list.

Kate Spencer

Is It For You?

✔️ It’s for you if you run an online business ~ WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?  A business whereby your main presence is a digital presence on the inter webby!

✔️ You are looking to grow your business with heart & soul ~ not icky strategy or tactics.

✔️ You are ready to get out of your own way.

✔️ You’re ready to take productive and profitable action to grow your business.

✔️ You’re willing to get uncomfortable because that uncomfort is a sign of growth.

✔️ You’re excited about the future.

✔️ You are going to log in to the materials and be part of the group ~ because you owe it to yourself to show up and you certainly DON’T need a programme that gathers dust and that you don’t action!

Vicki Nicolson

Vicki Nicolson

Gorgeous Brand Guru website

Beckie Coupe

Beckie Coupe

Social Media Strategist website

Why Work With Me?

I Want YOU To Shine

From being a little girl my big dream was to be a lawyer.  I achieved that and my corporate career was one immersed in Family Law and I loved it, it was no Ally McBeal but it was pretty awesome and every day was different.  It hit my happy buttons as my work was truly making a difference in the lives of others.  It was a fabulous career until it simply didn’t fit anymore.  I had my kids and I was stuck in a guilt trap.  I would spend Sunday evenings until Friday evenings pretty much feeling guilty.  Working part time didn’t help either as I then felt guilty if I was at work because I wasn’t at home and guilty when I was at home that I wasn’t at work.

Life had provided me with a memo a few years before and whilst colleagues stood around the water cooler bitching and wishing, I decided to take action – if it wasn’t working then something simply had to change!

I became self employed.

I did some stuff that, in hindsight, was never going to work.  Despite my corporate days, my ability to network and my grasp of the basics of marketing my initial venture into the world of self employed work was fatally flawed.

I knew that my desires remained the same as in my corporate days.  I wanted to help people, I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone.

In September 2014 I decided that she had a mission to undertake and laid down the gauntlet to spend 2015 growing a 100k business, without it ever feeling icky, without any tactics that weren’t completely aligned with me and without any of the ridiculous rubbish that seems to be increasingly the norm in online business. I was curious to know if it could be done without the cut throat tactics that I was seeing out there.  I was curious to know if in fact there was any “secrets” (<< there isn’t) and I wanted to move away from the whole – you can make a gazillion pounds working 3.6 seconds per week malarkey that was becoming the norm in the coaching world.  The Launch Queen was the brand platform for the mission. 12 months, 1 challenge, 1 result. The result? Building a 100k business, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


BUT, that business simply didn’t feel right.  It didn’t fit with my personality, it didn’t allow me a freedom to be myself.  I felt caged and suffocated.  In order to shine my light and be myself I needed to change and that’s where Rebels & Rockstars was birthed.  Rebels & Rockstars isn’t about me (despite this whole about me page), it’s about you, my Rockstars! It’s about the people that I can help and support and it’s about being a hatchery for entrepreneurs with soul.

AND so it is!

I have a wealth of experience in helping heart centred, soulful entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and build ridiculously big businesses and have helped lots to launch online products and programmes to increase their income even further.  I have worked with clients to launch products which have produced 18K income in one day and launches of 54k + in sales together with a 30k in 30 days project which we achieved with knobs on! BUT it’s not about making stacks of money REALLY quickly.  Lots of back work goes into achieving these results and they don’t come with a grab it and go strategy #sorrynotsorry.  I work with clients across the world to develop a business bespoke to them.  No cookie cutter approach or one size fits all here.

I have been featured on That’s Manchester TV, BBC Radio, Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club as well as being an accreditation Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist, Customer Value Optimisation Specialist.

What Do You Need To Know?

Here’s a little run down of the stuff you need to know;

✔️ The members area is fully accessible on desktop, laptops, tablets & mobile devices, all videos can be downloaded and kept.

✔️ The programme will start for real on Monday 18th June although there’ll be things going on before then in the members Facebook Group too.

✔️ You’ll get regular updates and updated videos as things change and evolve in the digital/online marketing space

✔️ You get lifetime access

✔️ There’s no such thing as behind and I expect people to be working on different phases at different times (once we’ve all checked in with that foundation phase 1)

✔️ You will use the programme over and over again AND there’s a phase for each and every point in your business.

✔️ There’s a payment plan available BUT this IS a payment plan and not a subscription and can’t simply be cancelled

✔️ It’s gonna be bloody EPIC!!