Being objective in our own stuff can sometimes be quite hard. We can’t see for looking!

We also can find inspiration and what we need to be considering hard to come by. It can all be enveloped in the curse of knowledge.

I find looking well outside your section for ideas and inspiration and mega idea 💡 WHY outside your industry? Because then you don’t get caught in comparison or get “overly” inspired by a concept or idea.

Copying is never cool, it’s about getting yourself the right questions together and looking at “what’s my version of that” or “what can I learn from that.”

Today I had a wee look at the marketing for a local gym.

Here’s a little meander through some observations and what you can take away…


Learning Points

➡️ their social media should be both attracting new custom as well as serving their existing audience. There seems to be a lack of content focused on people who might be thinking about joining aside from promoting an offer. Perhaps FAQs as a post, a story highlight (on insta) and within Instagram you could create a carousel post and a guide too (I’ll do a whole other blog about re-using this stuff too) and they could walk through the sign up progress and coming to the gym for the first time to provide a sense of familiarity –

What’s your version of that?

Do you create content for people who are yet to work with you?

Address any fears or concerns they may have?

Make the process safe & familiar?


➡️Personality & people.  The platform I reviewed showcased some of the people that work within the business BUT I couldn’t find any introductions or human stories behind those people.  People connect with people.  By nature we are all incredibly nosey and we want to know more about the people behind the business. 

Have you introduced yourself recently?  Again this could come in the form of a post on your social media (perhaps on Facebook you can pin this to the top of your Facebook Page so that it’s an introduction post), it can be a reel/a story/a highlight/a guide (as well as a grid post – one image and carousel) on Instagram.  You can use this content in different ways.  For example a formal introduction, a why I do what I do kinda post, a 5 things you didn’t know about me type of post – so much scope for people getting to know you better and creating that connection with you. 


➡️Does the enviroment feel welcoming or is there an element for people looking on as to not really understanding what’s happening, what the story is or why they should care? 


➡️Behind the scenes provide a bigger element of humanity and normalises and creates familiarity – how can you use this in your business today?  


➡️Motivation & inspiration – how can you encourage existing clients/customers to use their purchase with you today/to get the most out of their purchase?  Not only does that help your existing customers/clients but also encourages people who are yet to purchase from you as they want the ability to do the things you’re suggesting to your audience, the outcomes you’re talking about and it shows your commitment to your customers. 


So, here’s some little one liners to consider; 

👉  What’s missing in your feed right now? 

👉  Are you considering both clients and those who are yet to purchase from you? 

👉 What wouldn’t be obvious to a follower if they were new to your business?  Where are you presuming knowledge/understanding or accidentally sat in the curse of knowledge? 

👉 Dispel uncertainty – as humans we hate uncertainty, where can you put your customers or followers at ease, walk them through a process or make something feel more comfortable? 

👉  Create familiarity – whether that’s with your branding, your messaging, the name of your products or services, seeing a process and what happens etc.

👉 Create connection – get them involved 

👉 human interest i.e. feed their nosey

I hope that’s got some ideas flowing for you.  If you need some more content creation ideas then this may just be perfect for you…

Content Feel Like A Constant Struggle?

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