Ok, so you know that it’s important to build a list of email subscribers.

You know that it allows you to market to them on your terms, to build relationships with them, to drop into their inbox with lots more value and keeps you top of mind.

BUT, What Do You Do With Your Email Subscribers Once They Have Signed Up??

The sign up is just the beginning of the process.  Once someone has raised their hand and said that they are interested in hearing from you (metaphorically speaking – they have actually typed their email address into a box) then you need to start to build that relationship with them and keep top of mind.

How Often Should I Email?

Your very first decision to make is how often to send those emails! I don’t care on how often you decide, whether it be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, what I do care about is that you are consistent.  With a coaching business I would always suggest that you don’t go beyond monthly – if you leave a gap longer than the month then you aren’t staying top of mind!

When Should I Email?

This one is trial and error, it depends on your crowd.  I have tried a number of times and dates with my emails and I have now settled on Thursdays at 9.15am UK Time.  Lots of wisdom seems to suggest that you shouldn’t send emails on weekends or Mondays or Fridays.  They say that people switch off on a weekend and that Mondays are full inboxes/can’t be bothered kinda days and Fridays are filled with people not really caring and a little tired.  I have clients who send their emails on every day of the week and have great successes with their chosen day.  It’s all down to your crowd.  If your crowd are around and receptive then that’s fine.  Try a couple of days and analyse your results or split test your emails and look at the difference in open rates, click through rates etc. Once you decide on when, again, stick to it. People will come to expect and look forward to your emails!

What Should I Include In My Emails?

Take a look around at the emails that you love and why you love (I am a keen advocate of becoming an observer and looking for inspiration EVERYWHERE – please note that this does NOT say copy what someone else is doing!). I have settled my email structure on:-

✔️An intro paragraph about what’s been going on this week at Rockstar HQ

✔️My Blog article as my main article (or a series of blogs I have done that week)

✔️A top tip/software recommendation

✔️The low down of my recent podcasts

✔️Anything else that’s going on

✔️My sign out – I hope you have had a stonking week and wishing you a lovely weekend.  Emma x

I get lots of feedback from my emails and I know that my top tips/software recommendations always go down a treat. Again, it’s about thinking about what your audience would love to see within your emails and seeing how you can provide it to them.  Make sure that you are adding value each and every week.

Do’s and Don’ts of Emails Correspondence


✔️Provide value.

✔️Help, advise, assist.

✔️Give a little bit of yourself, write the way that you write, use your own voice and become a real life person this allows your audience to get to know you a little, like you & trust you.

✔️Be Consistent.

✔️Send Sales Emails when you have something to sell – your email list will usually be the first to buy from you.

✔️Use a dedicated e-newsletter provider.  You can’t just send these emails out from your Outlook/Gmail/Yahoo account because that means that you are not complying with the worldwide e-communication and data protection legislation .

✔️Find your own email style.

✔️Sign off personally.


⛔️Just email your crowd when you have something to sell.

⛔️Take your email subscribers for granted – continue to treat them well and delight them with special subscriber content every now and then!


⛔️Ram sales messages down your email subscribers’ throats – it will make them choke!

⛔️Send your newsletter to people who haven’t opted in to receive it.

⛔️Bombard them with pushy emails – lots of my Rockstars have had REALLY bad experiences with pushy email marketers and it really does turn people off.

Don’t worry about unsubscribes.  It’s fine, it happens to everyone.  Wish them well and set them on their way!

Look after your list, treat them well – they are your customers of the future!

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