Being a creative entrepreneur is EPIC!! It really is! It means that we are invested in the process of creating truly amazing things.  We absolutely adore the process of creation and the satisfaction that we have created.  What we don’t love is then following through with that creation.  So often what happens for creative entrepreneurs is that they get bored of their thing once it’s created.  There’s almost a feeling of finality about it as soon as the creation is finished and we wanna move on to the next creation.  This leaves loads of projects that have (most of the time) been finished but have never truly had the opportunity to get out there in the world, make an impact and make money.  

Is you resonate with this then the likelihood is that you, too, are a creative soul.  You are working within a creative energy.  You LOVE creating but have probably labelled marketing and selling as boring.  You’re likely to see marketing and selling as more left brained, a more tedious methodical task.  It can feel long winded and you perhaps don’t see the types of progress you love & desire.   

 You are deffo not alone. 

If I said you needed a plan it would probably make you shrivel up and feel like every drop of moisture had been sucked out of you, like a wee raisin if you will! It might feel restrictive to have a plan OR in the alternative you might have a bit of a plan but it just doesn’t seem to play to your strengths at all. 

Whenever I’ve looked at what’s recommended for right brain/creative planning it’s all about writing things in flower petals or making it visual which doesn’t every really become impactful.  Yeah, it’s fun to do but is it actually cutting it when it comes to creating success?! 

Let’s deal with the word PLAN first. 

AND then lets throw it out of the window! 

We don’t need to think about it as planning or having a plan.  It’s a strategy  or structure that’s going to keep you focused and on task and make the process as creative as the actual creation piece you love so much.   

So let’s dive into the podcast episodes (you can access these on your podcast app too if you want to listen in on the go or work through them here at your leisure ~ binge or don’t binge, your call).   Also note that there’s stacks more coming up if you want to keep up to date then shimmy to the bottom of the post for more deets…

Introducing How To Plan & Execute Epic Projects

In the first episode we are diving into an overview of what you need to know…

Goals & Targets

The bit that I like to call G&Ts and the bit that can sometimes make your bum squeak.  Let’s think about this as setting the destination for our success journey instead.  Where are you going? 

Crafting The Plan

Let’s look at making this a living, breathing document that you adore, that you use all the time, that’s your compass on your adventure…

Execute Your Epic

So many plans go unexecuted.  This is the biggest problem with plans! Your Epic needs executing and here we will guide you to making that execution count…

Readying Into The Big Bits Of Epic

Coming soon. 

Stay posted! 


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