The Change Matrix – Free Ebook

Time To Make A Change? Or Even Embrace One? 

Change & evolution.  Ridiculous important ~ otherwise we never have new experiences and potentially live a Groundhog Day! 

Stagnant is smelly and no-one wants to be smelly! 

Equally, you may have got yourself into habits and routines that don’t serve you or that make you unhappy or that are bad for your health, wellness and happiness AND we CAN’T be having that! 

I love change, pivots & tweaks.  I love the adventure of it all BUT I know that that isn’t the case for everyone.  I know that for lots of people change feels scary, change makes your bum nip and change can even leave you feeling powerless (because sometimes changes happens that we simply weren’t anticipating).  It doesn’t have to be a slog, I pinky swear.  I have brought together a comprehensive but fun ebook that’ll take you through change, what it’s all about and what you need to know. 

Wanna know more….

The Change Matrix, Free E-Book 

What’s It All About???

Prioritising Self Is Central

YOU are the most important part of your business! Let’s dive into what that even means. 

Adjustment Recognition

Being aware that it’s time to ring the changes is crucial.  It might be a big ass change, it might be a pivot, it might be a tweak ~ whatever it is it’s time to buckle up buttercup! 

What Change Looks Like

Not one to ever teach in a boring fashion I’m going to introduce you to my Boobs of Business/Change

Motivation & Commitment

Do you have to wait until motivation strikes and how do you even maintain it?  You might feel you’re usually dandy at getting going but it’s the keeping going that’s the slog. 

Evidence Bases

Where are you getting your evidence from?  What’s bolstering you?  What’s allowing you to tap into a can do mindset? 

Making It Easy

I pinky swear that it doesn’t have to be hard, difficult, time consuming, a slog or whatever else your little naughty self talk fairy is telling you right now 

Celebrating & Tracking

You gotta give yourself credit for how you evolve and grow.  Too many of us are totally focused into the negatives and never looking at the good shit! Let’s keep an eye on what we are doing and celebrating ALL the successes. 

RAB Planning

I’ll share with you an intro to the way that I plan! It’s not conventional (although I’m guessing if you’ve followed me for any period of time you’ll already know that would be the case). 

The Future & Takeaways

No point spending your time on the ebook to go “eeee that was good, I really should do that” and then doing NOWT! Here’s how you can move forwards and make magic happen! 

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