I’m absolutely LOVING this series! The average day of an entrepreneur is absolutely fascinating and I love the fact that lots of my gorgeous Rockstars have wanted to get involved and share what an average day looks like for them.

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Meet Victoria Lofthouse

Balance is a biggie for me!


The reason I became self-employed all those years ago was led by a need for balance…


And its balance that leads my days now, well most of the time! Sometimes I win at getting that balance right and sometimes chaos reigns throughout certain points in a day, and that’s okay too I just tend to roll with it now! I am a recovering perfectionist so it can sometimes be tough to let it go but it is getting easier!


Being a mum to four children, a wife, chair of governors at my local school and owner of a blind dog who is still as mad as a box of frogs means my days don’t always go as planned but I always aim for balance.


My average day on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster is as follows:


I wake early, usually, around 5.30am to 6 am and have an hour to myself to meditate, shower and prepare for the day ahead. My three girls wake at around 7 am (my eldest is away at uni doing his best impression of adulting!) it’s usually around this time that the chaos ensues if there is going to be any…


You know the type of chaos I am talking about, the type that can quickly go either way!


Those I can’t find my shoes, where is my PE kit, who’s been in my room and stolen my (insert a number of things here, makeup, pencil case, socks, school tie…) comments and questions usually start shortly after the breakfast dishes are cleared away!


Kids all off to school at 8.15 am and breathe!


Just time for a brew and some brekkie before heading into my office. I am so thankful that I no longer must sit in traffic for an hour each day anymore!


I do a quick check of my own emails and schedule my social posts for the day and write a quick list of stuff that I want to achieve that day.


It is then off to login to Asana, if you have not heard of it, it’s a badass project management tool that keeps everything in one place and allows you to collaborate with others to manage my client work for the day and week ahead.


I manage tasks each week for a lovely mix of retainer and ad-hoc clients. These range from social scheduling, newsletters, invoicing, YouTube support and website support.


This is one reason why I love what I do! No two days are ever the same!!


I usually work on client tasks in the morning, as this is when I am the most focused! On a Monday and Friday morning each week I work on my own business – sometimes when we are working so hard in our businesses it can be difficult to see the bigger picture, and to plan and make time to work on your business. I am really strict on this now and it’s scheduled as non-negotiable time in my diary each week.


So, client work all morning and then phew we made it to lunchtime, this is another time during the day that is just for me. I usually try and get outside for a walk every day if the weather is okay… this is when I will listen to any podcasts that I may have saved or walking meditation. I discovered meditation a while ago now and it really helps me, and it certainly helps me to stop being such a perfectionist!!!


Back to my desk refreshed after lunch to finish off any client work, tie up any loose ends etc. If I have any client calls these usually happen after lunch. So, I may have one or two client calls in the afternoon, these may be to discuss new plans, catch up where we are at with a certain project or task and discuss what’s next. I love all my clients and they have all become very good friends so these chats can quickly become a giggle once the work talk is out of the way. I think it’s a wonderful thing that you can become such good friends with people who sometimes you have never met! Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?


Time for one last check of my emails, power down and tidy my desk before I finish my working day at around 2 pm which allows me an hour before I have to leave to do the school run. Pick my girls up, back home to prep the dinner, ferry the girls to various after-school activities and then the chaos ensues once more before it’s time to wind down before they head off to bed at around 8 pm and then it’s usually feet up with a good book for an hour or so – I do love a good book, I am currently reading Michelle Obama’s autobiography- what an inspiration she is!


Then it is off to bed for me too, if I don’t have any governor meetings or duties to do.


Here’s A Little More About Victoria

Victoria is the owner and proud founder of No Drama Delegation. A virtual assistant with over two decades of experience.

Victoria specialises in social media, website and e-marketing support and online course platforms, supporting small business owners with their tech headaches to make them a thing of the past. Helping them to get more brilliant content out there to the world, grow their businesses, make more money and achieve their goals quicker!

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Meet Jo Lewis 

My average day…

The first two years of running my business my morning routine was far different from what it is now. Back then my sister had just gone back to work 4 days a week after having her daughter and so, she needed help with childcare. Between my mum and I we filled the gap whilst she was at work. My routine was so different to how I had imagined it would be, I didn’t really anticipate the effects of having a 1 year old in the house would have whilst I was trying to build my business, but I moved things around and made it work.

Nowadays, I’m up at 6am (if not before) every day and head straight for the shower. By 6.20 I’m downstairs with my journal and cup of tea and I sit and write down everything that’s in my head and then read a couple of chapters of the book I’m currently reading and have breakfast.

7.45 I head into my office and have a quick dust, water my plants, change the date on my wooden calendar and then intuitively choose the crystals that I will carry with me that particular day. I turn on my Calm app and listen to something relaxing (usually either waves or crackling fire) and then open the Forest app to plant my first virtual tree of the day and set the timer for either 1 or 2 hours. This app stops me picking up my phone unnecessarily and in return I collect coins which go towards planting a real tree – I’m sooo close to planting my 3rd!

I then check my emails, Trello and Basecamp making sure I respond to any urgent messages and then start my client work. Client work can vary so much; website amendments, typing up handwritten notes, formatting documents, creating e-books, scheduling social media, the list goes on.

By approx. 1pm/1.30pm client work is done and it’s time for lunch and a walk with my dog Missy. This is a relatively new thing I’ve started to do every lunch time, and I’m finding that I am much happier for getting out the house during the day, it really gives me a boost for the afternoon.

After lunch I jump back on my emails and then start on my own to-do list. This can sometimes change depending on whether I have any website build projects on the go and if so, my to-do list will wait until after dinner.

My ‘official’ finishing time is 6pm but usually after dinner I’ll carry on working and then call it quits about 9pm.

Here’s A Little More About Jo 

I’m a virtual assistant invested in helping and supporting spiritual entrepreneurs.

With me, the cup is always half full. I’m happy, positive, friendly and the sort of person that gives a lot with everything I do, and it makes me feel really good knowing I can make a difference to someone else’s life and business.

Website: www.jolewisva.co.uk
Facebook: https://facebook.com/jolewisva

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