The average day of an entrepreneur is anything BUT average.

I wanted to remove the veil and let you see the experiences of real life entrepreneurs who are showing up and making magic happen in real life.  

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Meet Sarah Cornforth

Firstly, I just have to say that I totally adore my ‘average’ day because it’s beautiful. However getting here wasn’t easy, but that’s a whole other story. Check out – I changed my life by becoming more creative


My day begins early as I’m naturally a morning person and I don’t pretend to be anything else. I get up around 5 AM, shower and dress while the coffee is brewing. And then I grab my coat and head into the garden when I spend at least 30 minutes sitting with my coffee, watching the birds and getting ready for the day ahead. I do this regardless of the time of year or the weather as this is my daily factory reset. Yes, even in the UK!!


At around 6:30, I get into my office/studio and I write 3 things on a piece of paper that must be done that day. I have other things on my list too but these days I don’t drag that list with me into every hour of the day. Instead it’s there for when I’ve finished everything else and I still have time available.  


I always make sure that one of the things on my top three list is creative, whether it’s for a client or myself it doesn’t matter. The reason I am so strict with this is because creating daily has literally skyrocketed me from where I was to where I am now and I’m not about to forget how important my journey has been.


Before I get started however I send Emma Holmes a morning GIF. This was something we started when I was Emma’s VA and we still do it to this day.


I pause for breakfast around 8 AM, feed the cat and then carry on with my tasks.


Once I’ve completed my most important task for the day I spend around an hour checking in on social media, taking a look at my emails and catching up in anything that needs my attention. When I first started out in business around 5 years ago and up until probably only 6 months ago, I still had the habit of doing emails and social media before anything else. This became such a distraction and I felt as though I was losing my most productive part of the day. The change I’ve made to this has been really beneficial.


I’m in the process of making some further changes to my average day as I move into a studio space away from my office which will be dedicated just for my artwork. The plan is that I will only be in the office at the start and the end of the day, probably for an hour and the rest of the time I will be creating magick.


My working day ends around 3-4 PM but if I’m having fun creating and I’m in the flow then I will keep going. A lot of what I do now doesn’t feel like work.


I also make time each week for learning and personal development a couple of times a week and I benefit from this a great deal.

I do have other things which I want to become part of my average day such as daily yoga, heading outside for a walk and meditating but as yet these things are far from average for me. But I plan to keep working towards then and as I’ve already adapted so much I just know that I can do it again.

About Sarah 

Sarah Cornforth is the owner of The Magickal Creatrix. Sarah began creating art as a form of personal and spiritual development, and now she produces and sells her original works. Her art is guided by her interest in the esoteric, occult and ancient origins and she prides herself on bringing a unique touch of magick to her work.

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Meet Kristina Smith

A day in the life of an entrepreneur called Kristina!


A super fast introduction – I run Kristina Smith Virtual Business Support – I work with between 15-20 different businesses every month, providing them with online business support to help ease their work loads and free up their time to do the things they love to do. I started my business 2 years ago, and sort of grew it by accident – once I started being me in my own business, it took off and has been growing monthly ever since. And yep, I do appreciate how lucky I am to do something I love!


So, as a mum of three and wife of one, my “normal” working day goes as follows:

3 year old wakes up between 5:30 and 6am. EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Gotta love that. Eesh. It’s breakfast first, then the usual chaos of:


“Where’s my shoes?”


“She stole my school snack!”,


“Come on we’re gonna be LATE!”


“GET IN THE CAR!!!!!!”


“love you, have the best day, bye!” in the rush to get the older two girls out to school.


Whilst they are at school, and husband is at work, myself and our little boy spend the day with our puppy, or running around to appointments, classes, arguing with the laundry basket, rebelliously mixing the play-doh colours, making dinosaur noises and throwing in the odd episode of Paw Patrol here and there. The girls come home, there are moany noises about what’s cooking for tea, homework, piano lessons, swimming lessons, bed time routines and then ahhhhhhhhhhh RELAX! I love our days!


THEN my working day starts.


7pm til late, Monday – Friday. I begin with a quick round up of the day’s messages, a check of my calendar and to-do list, and then I get stuck in to the flow of hopping between businesses and saving people some time, and I love it. Like, really really love it!


Some nights I may not get to sleep until 1 or 2am, and I must admit, those next mornings beginning at 6am can sometimes be a killer, and often lead to a sneaky afternoon nap while Paw Patrol takes over, but our little boy is not little forever and will soon be starting nursery, when my evenings will return to switch-off time (what on earth will I do with myself?!!), and my days will become my working time. I’m super excited for that next stage, but until then I will continue to be eternally grateful that I have grown a business which fits in around the kids, my husband and me, and continues to grow despite my very non-standard working days!

What will my normal working day look like when I can work through the day instead of in to the night? I’m not entirely sure to be honest! I would love to be the first person up in our house every day (so far, our son wins that race every morning!), have half an hour or so just to drink a cup of something hot, outside when Shetland weather permits, and slowly get to grips with the plans of the day ahead – this sounds like pure bliss to me!

Meet Kristina 

Kristina bring a whole bundle of energy to your business & her business.  She runs her own Virtual Business Support biz. Kristina provides admin and tech support and helps others grow their own businesses by freeing up their time and allowing them to focus their attention on the things they love to do most in their business. There’s no need to get stuck in doing stuff you hate.  Kristina brings a world of enthusiasm to the more mundane tasks your business and loves the jobs the rest of us don’t!

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