Google gave me a definition….
noun: alignment
  1. 1.
    arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions.
    “the tiles had slipped out of alignment”
    • the route or course of a railway or road.
      plural noun: alignments
      “four railways, all on different alignments”
      a linear arrangement of stones.
      “there were originally at least four massive stone alignments running from west to east”
  2. 2.
    a position of agreement or alliance.
    “the uncertain nature of political alignments”

Pop it in the thesaurus and it comes up with things like

  • arrangement
  • positioning
  • sequence
  • calibration

The personal development and spiritual word take the word alignment and attach it to vibration.  Being aligned with what you want is all about being able to see it as it’s reality, being able to feel that feeling, know what it would be like to have that thing, believing that the outcome is possible for you.

It’s about feeling it. 

For me it’s about the passion and the drive, it’s about the mission and the message and it’s about how we feel these things and how we communicate them externally.  You can’t get into alignment with things that don’t light you up!

BUT, can this be used in the wrong context?

Are we focusing on aligning ourselves with the right things? 

I often hear people say that they can’t possibly sell a certain product or service because they are not aligned with it.  My view is that you don’t need to be aligned with the vehicle or the method.  That is merely a means to deliver your underlying passion and fire and message and purpose.   NOT an excuse to do stuff that’s icky BUT the chance to look at the reality of a situation and look at whether you are telling yourself a story.

Yes, alignment will change over time. 

Yes, some of the things you sold in the past will no longer be a reflection of who you are today.

What’s important is that we look at aligning with what we are here to do, be, achieve, support people with, have rather than the methodology behind the delivery of that message, that passion, that purpose.

Alignment can be passive, alignment can be reignited, alignment can be sought BUT alignment can never be forced.

You have to FEEL it, you have to KNOW that this is what lights you up, that this is what YOU are here to do.

Let’s look at alignment in some individual circumstances;

Being In Alignment With Your Business

  • Do you truly believe in it? 
  • Does it excite you? 
  • Do you love it? 

If you answer NO to any of those questions then you need to reconsider your position right now.  You need to take a look at what’s happened, where’s the passion gone?  Who hide the mission?  Where did it fall out of whack?  Revisit the reasons that you do what you do.  Who are you here to help and serve?  How can you help and serve them?  What would need to happen to re-inject your passion and enthusiasm back in there?

Your Products

  • Do your products reflect who you are? 
  • Are you proud of them? 
  • Do they capture the essence of your mission? 

If you answer no to any of these then we need to look at it a little more.  Why are you not truly, madly, deeply in love with them right now?  What is it that has left your feeling a little flat about them?  Is the essence of the product right and the delivery causing sticking points?  Remember that the delivery is merely the vehicle BUT if the delivery really leaves you feel stuck then how can you change that?

The Stuff You Do Day To Day

  • Does it light your fire? 
  • Do you jump out of bed on a morning and wanna get stuck in? 
  • Does it fill your cup? 

If you are answering no, when again you are feeling a little out of whack.  It’s time to re-examine.  My philosophy is that if it’s not a hell yeah then automatically it becomes a no.  No can be uncomfortable.  No can be a word that invokes fear, it can leave you feeling like you’ve missed opportunities and you have let people down or hurt their feelings.  No is just a word and has the absolute same weight as yes.  No doesn’t need an explanation in the same way as yes doesn’t.  It’s ok to look at leaving stuff behind that no longer serves you.  It’s ok to stop adding additional items to your in tray without letting anything leave via the out tray.  It’s ok to say no.  It’s ok to outsource stuff that makes you want to poke forks in your eyes.

Your Goals 

Being in alignment with your goals is particularly important.  If you can’t get into the vibration energy of your goals and they were serve to overwhelm you or leave you feeling like they are so far away from your reality then you will stay stuck.  You won’t be able to make any progress at all.  They will make you feel inferior, incompetent, a fraud, a fool, a dreamer!

Your goals are made up of a series of steps. 

Climbing Everest, whilst stood at her feet and looking at her summit would look like an expedition that was beyond conquering.  Her micro-climate and conditions would leave you feeling fearful and full of “what happens ifs.”  And your body would not be able to cope with the enormity of the journey all at once.

It’s the same with your goals.

Just like scaling Everest, it’s all about getting to the next camp.

Yup, you can be driven by the summit, you can fantasise about achieving the feat and you can draw inspiration from fulfil your goals, dreams and ambitions BUT step by step, day by day, you will make progress towards the next camp.

Look at adding your camps into your overall Everest of a goal.

What indicators are there along the way that you are on the right path?

What is the next step?  AND the next step?  and the next?

Break down and make it achievable. 

Your goals are a little unlike Everest in one way though! When you reach the top of Everest you have made it, you’ve done it, you can revel in the ecstasy of fulfilling your ambitions, your dream, your goal.  In life, you probably won’t even give it a second thought, as you were scaling to summit your sights will have moved on to the next goal and the next which can feel like you never truly make it.  Make sure you are celebrating your achievements and that you are recognising your successes along the way too.

Alignment is about the passion, the mission.  Alignment is that stuff that lights you up and motivates you forwards.  Alignment is about being able to feel that this stuff is the right stuff for you.  It’s about living on purpose and with purpose.  It’s about seeing the path to achieving the stuff that’s important to you.

Alignment isn’t an excuse, it’s not about the vehicle and it’s not to be a sticking point – realignment is simply about tapping back into the essence of what really matters to you.