I have been working with online entrepreneurs for YEARS now and recently I’ve been called to REALLY get down and dirty with the strategy and steps I’ve used to help hundreds of business to grow.

I have taken a big step (almost a lunge ~ I know, right?!?) away from the coalface in order to update/revise/reconsider/amend/recalibrate with the steps that it takes to big a mighty fine business.

You’ll have probably heard me waffle on about a couple of things;

If the mind ain’t aligned then the action is irrelevant

^^ truth! There’s 2 elements to building your business ~ mindset and action.  Nothing else.  You need to have your biz psychology nailed and be prepared to take action, consistently.  Which brings me on to…

It’s never one grand gesture ~ it’s small steps consistently taken.

There’s no excuse to being inconsistent!

If you wanna make great leaps and progress it has to become a non-negotiable. You can’t power through with a smidge of willpower.

😱 willpower is fickle

✔️ it’s gotta be an “all in, non-negotiable” kinda fire in your belly.

A flurry of activity will see a step inter right direction but you have to keep taking those steps.

Sit for a moment and write 📝 about what’s non-negotiable and why and that will be there to realign that fire in your belly and get that movement consistent.

It’s never one grand gesture, one flurry of activity ~ it’s small steps consistently taken that drive you to that non-negotiable kinda goal.

EVERY SINGLE DAY you should be in one of the 4 Phases of Biz Combobulation << don’t read that as “I have to work every single day, she’s said the word consistent and she’s said that I have to be doing this every single day.”  Well yeah, your business will be there every single day BUT you are allowed to take some time out and time off! Actually, not only “you CAN” but actually “you MUST” because burnout sucks!

Anyhaps, I digress.

Let’s leap in;

Phase 1

These are your business foundations, this isn’t just about the billy basics BUT about setting up your business in a way that solidifies your message/mission and brand.  It becomes the base from which to undertake money making activities.

This phase isn’t something you do only once either.

As your business grows and evolves you will revisit those foundations and make sure that that sturdy bottom doesn’t have any cracks in it.

This phase includes;

Your Business Mission ~ this is anchor of your business.  Your business needs to stand for something.  Whether it’s product or service based you’ve gotta give a shit about what you do and have a reason for doing it.   I love this quote ~ ‘A Business That Makes Nothing but Money Is a Poor Business’ – Henry Ford.

Your Message ~ this is the next stage and looks at how you articulate your mission into a message and therefore feeds your content strategy (all the stuff you’ll share with the whole ~ blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, social media posts, newsletters << everything).

Your Content Strategy ~ where, how & why you’re gonna be hanging out in certain places and the ways to bring together content in a way that doesn’t cause you burnout/angst/overwhelm

Your Visibility ~ how you can get your business seen.

Social Media ~ how to make the biggest impact that’s based in SANITY and not VANITY

Relationship Combobulation ~ how to take people from seeing your message somewhere to becoming invested in that message and all the way through to being purchasers.

Your FREE Content Strategy ~ what that looks like in your business.  What are you going to give away for FREE and what will you give away in exchange for an email address.

E-Newsletters ~ how do they fit into your business mix

Website ~ what do you want your business to be saying to the people who land there?

Phase 2

This phase is all about your product range/suite >> what it is you’re going to be selling to the world.

In this phase you are considering client ascension and retention.

This is the phase where you look at leveraging your time.  For some people that’ll mean an online course/program(me) and for others that leverage looks different.  There’s stacks of way to leverage.  An online program(me) isn’t for everyone BUT considering the ways you can make more from the time you’re already putting in is a ACE consideration to make.

Phase 3

The GROWTH phase!! I bloody love this one BUT it’s the one that’s so often neglected!

This is the whole pre-launch and post-launch kinda thang.

It’s the times when you are focusing on growing your audience, adding new (and very gorgeous subscribers) to your list and bringing new peeps into your community.

This is a super exciting time and needs you to make sure you focus on these times!

Phase 4


The dark art of launching always feels like a super difficult one.  It’s time to work out how LAUNCHING works in your business.  Taking a mix of elements and the secret sauce (that I call the FUNK FACTOR) in order to create a launch plan that REALLY works for you.

So THOSE are the 4 phases of business development and it’s SUPER exciting.  So much goes into each area BUT it’s sooooo impactful.  It’s not just about closing your eyes and hoping for the best or about pinching someone else’s blueprint.  It’s about ripping up the rule book and creating your own kick ass blueprint.


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