I have had some super interesting conversations recently about this one.

I have been talking about that stuff that you do, when you are absolutely in your flow and working at your peak.  You are happy, you’ve got it all going on and it feels easy (ok, we will avoid the self talk here about how it’s not possible for it to be this easy and surely things need to be hard in order to be effective at this point).

You are simply doing your thing!

Can you quantify what that things is?

It might feel likes it’s completely intangible, like you are reaching to grasp what it is but it zips away from you like a beautiful little fish zipping away from a predator.

I know that I am totally in the zone when I am speaking to people 1-2-1, when I am problem solving, when I am de-pretzeling my gorgeous Rockstars (boy do they get themselves into some tight little knots at times ????) BUT what is it that I’m actually doing?

It’s about the core of your message and the work that you do and like I’ve said it can sometimes be a slippy little blighter.

So, let me take you through some of the things that I worked through;

What are your strengths?

Ask yourself the question.  Drill it down and try to get a little more specific than your vague first reply.

  • So I’m good at de-pretzeling/problem solving/getting people moving forwards and making progress.
  • I am good at identifying the missing links in your business, the places you are hiding and the places you are playing safe.
  • I am not afraid to call you on it if I feel you are working to protect yourself and keep small.
  • I am not afraid to tell you what you need to be doing and how.  If you need to back off and take a break then I’ll tell you that, if you need to make sure your eating properly then I’ll tell you that, if you need to stop telling yourself stories and stop making excuses then I’ll tell you that too.
  • I’ll listen to your stories and excuses and work out whether we need a genuine strategy to work beyond them or whether you need to stop telling yourself that story.  Are they real or not?!
  • I will work to bring bespoke business and visibility strategy to support your growth (gosh, that sounds like wanky marketing speak doesn’t it).

How Do You Do It?

Again, next question to ask! How do you do it – again think specifically!

  • I listen
  • I work intuitively, I trust my gut, I know what you need and how far I can push for it to be productive
  • I’ll work with each individual as an individual – I get to know my Rockstars and I get to know what they do and don’t need, whether they need carrots or sticks, bum kicks or hugs and how to get the very best from them.
  • I work on a no jargon and BS policy.
  • I can’t do it for you – I’ll step up with you, I’ll encourage you, I’ll light the way and I’ll walk my talk but you have got to do it too.
  • I share what I’m doing, what I’ve found to work and what I’ve found doesn’t work
  • I will give you action steps to take

What Won’t I Do?

Again, this one is equally as important.  I’ve heard people say that when people work with a coach there are varying expectations – some people think that the coach dictates every move you make in your business – NOT TRUE ❌ Some people believe that a coach will just talk to you and ask you questions and leave you to find out the answers yourself – NOT TRUE ❌ Some people think a coach will do it for you – NOT TRUE ❌ Ok, so I’ve answered them as me and I don’t really label myself with the whole coach word in any event.  What won’t you do?

  • I won’t herd clients little cattle into a funnel
  • I won’t chase purses, wallets and credit cards
  • I won’t TELL YOU what to do – we will work on a bespoke strategy together
  • I won’t do it for you – you gotta show up and do the work.

What Is Important To You?

When you look at your business what is it that ties together your mission, your ethics and your integrity?  What is it that is without compromise?

  • I wanna support heart centred and soulful entrepreneurs to know that they can build a big business without it every being icky
  • I want you to understand that you are the most important asset in your business
  • I want you to get out of your own way and flex your growth/bravery and mindset muscles regularly.
  • I believe you can do it if you are prepared to believe and take action too.
  • I want you to know that it’s NOT lame to have more than money as your raison d’etre and that’s isn’t just something that unsuccessful people say!
  • I want you to help and serve the people you are here to help and serve.

What Are My Specialist Subjects

What can you talk about all day long?  What makes your speech increase in pace and pitch?  What are you super passionate about?


  • Non-icky sales tactics
  • Social Media
  • Writing and blogging
  • Visibility
  • Online presence and profile
  • Business Foundations for Success
  • Productising Your Business
  • Serving the Pants off Your Crowd
  • Building a truly heart centred business that is ridiculously massive!

So that’s a little bit of an examination of what you are bringing to your business, what makes your business unique and the real foundations of what your bespoke and beautiful business is all about.  We will cover your crowd in a separate article and how you can fuse the two in order to build your A M A Z I N G business.