Social media is A-MAZING, we are now able to connect with the world and with a minute of tipping tappying on a keyboard and a little click on “post” we can share our message, voice, product/service with people worldwide.

It truly is a spectacular resource within your business.

BUT, sometimes it feels REALLY HARD.

Your social media strategy may leave you feeling a little frustrated, overwhelmed, like you haven’t got your shit together and like you’re truly missing a trick.

Here’s some tell tale signs that you need to ring the changes in the way you’re using social media….

Things Have Gotta Change If……

The conversation is totally one way.  You’re broadcasting out there and getting nothing back.  It might even feel like you’re shouting down a deep dark hole or that tumbleweed is blowing it’s way through your Facebook Page or Instagram Feed.

You spend HOURS crafting Facebook/Instagram posts.  It seems to take you AGES to write the content for your page and whilst your efforts are in the search of perfection you’re never totally happy with the finished article.

Your social media is not turning your crowd into subscribers or customers.  You’re social media may well be getting out there into the world but there’s no direct outcome that’s helping you to build your business.

Your social media feels like an absolute chore.  You have NO JOY whatsoever in what you’re creating or any excitment/passion about sharing with your audience.

It’s become stagnant and boring.  Not only are you bored with it, you have a flick through your timeline and think MEH but also it’s just the same old, same old – playing safe, no evolution or fun.

More often than not you have no idea what to put out there, no ideas on what the content should be, no ideas about what your crowd actually want from you.  You don’t feel aligned, creative or even inspired.

What Can You Do About It? 

So if you’re feeling like you’re getting no interaction or engagement on your social media then that can absolutely be disheartening.  It feels like a right royal waste of time doesn’t it?!

Dive into this little video for more tips on that one……..

The energy that you put into your social media is absolutely palpable.

I was taking to a gorgeous Rockstar the other week about the fact that people forget that that energy that’s they place into their business reflects out into the world 🌎.

😬 feeling a little unwell? A little sick? Pop sick energy into your business and you’ll make your business sick.

😕 feeling confused, scattered or overwhelmed then you’ll make your biz confused and scattered and you’ll feel overwhelmed.

😴 feel tired and you’ll make your business tired.

You get the picture 😉

It’s so important that we always look to add stacks of positive, high vibe 🎉 energy into our business in order to cultivate it’s growth and potential. Take time off when you need time off and look at ways to get your happy on when you are diving in there and making things happen.

It might be that stepping away from your social, taking a little time to brainstorm what you really want to be sharing and how you want to be showing up could be exactly what you need in order to ring the changes.

A little reminder too that Social Media IS social.  Be present, listen, interact and engage and be part of the community you are creating.

Need To Ring Some Changes? 

Get Started Making Change!

Change can seem super difficult.

It might be that right now you know that you need to ring some changes in your world but you’ve no idea what needs to change or how to go about it OR you might be crystal clear on the changes that need to happen but you just don’t seem to be able to bring them together.  I get it.

I want you to know that the catalyst for change AND the execution of that change CAN be super simple.  No dragging your butt through will power or forced action.

I’ve popped together a little guide to get you started.

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