This is a big, old conundrum, isn’t it?

🙄When should you be doing?

🙄When should you not jump in with two feet?

🙄When should you be letting ideas seed?

🙄When does thinking things through turn into overthinking?

Now, I’m MASSIVELY passionate about you taking action in your business.  I want you to move forward ~ even if those steps are small and tentative at first.

BUT you can so easily get caught in inaction.  I know you don’t want to be stuck there.  I know that it doesn’t make any sense to be in that place when you look at it logically but…

Have you ever thought…

😱 gosh, I should have taken a little more time over that and I would have had different results

😱well, there was more to that than I thought there was going to be

😱I’ve sat on this one far too long, I simply need to get it out there and take some bloomin’ action – enough is enough

😱now I don’t even know if I should be doing it or not – what if…….?

Indeed, what if!!!

Taking action BUT making sure it’s the RIGHT action, and not overthinking it, is absolutely what we seek.

So, what do we need to think about?

It’s a gut thing

Trust your gut (but don’t let fear and overthinking dress up as intuition and keep you stuck). The gut feeling/intuition for me is a feeling. It’s an actual, physical feeling whereas any fear or overthinking tends to manifest as thoughts. So I can look at my thoughts v feelings to decide. The more you trust your gut, you will get to know your own tell-tale signs and be confident in letting it guide your decisions.

What’s the worst that could happen?

I make decisions and take action fast if these decisions have a lesser impact. That kind of stuff doesn’t need overthinking. It needs to be done.  So crack on and do it.

Should it go in the nest?

At CRHQ we have a beautiful nest, filled with projects and ideas that are being nurtured and mulled over. If something feels quite massive then it’s popped in the nest. It’s not obsessed over.  It’s left to grow. Stuff that can potentially go in the nest are things like new, big projects, changes to your services and products, and pricing changes – all that stuff that has a bigger impact on your overall business/life. It’s safe in the nest.  You haven’t forgotten about it.  You’ve just put it in the nest to keep warm, and you’ll know when the time is right for it to hatch.

Enough of the thinking, already!

When you overthink, you usually end up making assumptions.  You decide what people do and don’t want, how much they can afford, and even what they might think.  And this is a losing battle. You let the self-talk fairy have a field day: “you shouldn’t do this”… “you should be doing this”… “what are you doing that for?” She’ll tell you all about the success you will (or won’t) achieve. And you’ll get stuck in an overthinking fog for far too long. Overthinking isn’t good for your energy. It goes hand-in-hand with negative feelings and self-talk, and there’s no real substance to your thoughts when you’re in this vibe.

So what’s the solution, then?

Okay, let’s thrash this out.  So, we need to take more action. But we need to take the RIGHT action.  We don’t need to overthink it.  But then how do we know if things aren’t quite right? Before you fall down that conundrum rabbit hole again, here’s my advice to help you decide on the best action.

Sometimes you’ll find out as soon as you put one foot in the starting blocks. This isn’t as disastrous as it sounds – you’re flexible, right (not in the yoga kinda way)? You can change direction, add that thing, amend that copy, can’t you? Yes you can (in case your answer was different). If you find you’re still thinking about it, then you have the chance to add more ideas (but again, don’t overthink it).  Some ideas simply won’t be right for you, and you’ll learn that either through experience or by starting to really listen to your intuition and gut reaction.

So what are you waiting for?  Go forth, take action and don’t get stuck 😉

Emma Holmes Rebels & Rockstars

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