This one liner “take what you know to find out what you don’t know” started it’s life as a problem solving process for my daughter’s maths skills BUT it’s one I use ALL THE TIME in business now.

So, let me set the scene.  I was chatting away to one of my gorgeous Rockstars and she said to me “I’ve had a good idea.”  Jokingly (because I do think I’m hilarious), my reply was “I’ll be the judge of that” 😂😂 Turns out it was actually an EPIC idea.

BUT, guess what happens when we have amazing ideas in our business?  We start to talk ourselves out of them STRAIGHT AWAY! We make them into the biggest, hugest (and sometimes ugliest) beasts going.

As we looked at where she could start with the project her immediate reactions were;

It’s too big, can I even pull it off?

Would anyone want it anyway?

My reply ~ let’s start with the evidence here ① you have done similar sized if not larger projects for clients ② the evidence is that people love your work.  So let’s start with the Number ①.

You have evidence that you can pull this off when it’s client work – TRUTH.  BUT, it’s different if it’s work for clients (I see the sneaky nods, we are all really good at doing our thang for other people).  Now here comes the sentence LET’S TAKE WHAT WE KNOW TO FIND OUT WHAT WE DON’T KNOW.

Why is it easier to do this work for clients?

➡️  Deadlines/Accountability.   If someone’s paid you to do something then you kinda have to crack on and do it.

➡️ A brief to work to

➡️ It’s not about you, it’s about the client

➡️ I schedule time for client work

➡️ I work within my creativity for client work

➡️There’s a financial motivation for completion of client work

OK, you might have a different list if you do a similar exercise BUT getting to the crux of how you worked on a different project can help you to make sure that the current project isn’t merely dismissed as being something you can’t do.

As we looked at this list ~

✔️ deadlines/accountability ✔️you can be accountable to me and work on getting the project completed by a certain date.

✔️ a brief ✔️ create your own because you already know what you want this project to look & feel like

✔️It’s not about me ✔️ NEITHER IS THIS, it’s about the people who’ll benefit from the finished product

✔️ Scheduling time ✔️ Schedule this into your diary in the same way you do client work, as a non-negogitable and don’t give it just the sloppy scraps of time that you have left.

✔️ Work Within Your Creativity ✔️ you know how to do it, implement that here.  If it’s not coming easy then move away or reschedule that creative time to work on the project

✔️ There’s financial motivation for completion ✔️You can’t sell this until you create it 😉 #justsaying

It’s a super easy sentence to implement whenever you come across resistance to a project or idea that you want to bring to life (whether in your life or your business).  I sometimes take what I learn in business and apply it to my health & fitness and the other way round too.  Wherever you have evidence you can use it to stop you being stuck in other areas.

Here’s also a little video you might want to watch about bringing projects and ideas to life…..

So, will you be taking what you know to find out what you don’t know??  I’d love to hear your thoughts & epiphanies on this one.