I jumping straight in to write this post after I’ve had a request notification to join the Beyond Ordinary Business Hub Facebook Group (so it’s the private members group that is attached to my fabulous Hub and members of the Hub get stacks of help and support in there) << just setting the scene.  It’s a LOVELY place and I can totally see why people would wanna be part of it.  It supports amazing entrepreneurs to build their business, storm through their mindset stuckiness and move forwards with developing an outrageously amazing business that just makes them pop with pride.

Anyhaps!!  To the point of the post.  I often get people asking to join the Facebook Group who aren’t part of the Hub (which is fine, I can decline their requests) BUT what shocks me is that lots of these people are members of a gazillion groups on Facebook.  The members request that inspired me to start typing this one was a member of 666 (yup six hundred and sixty six groups – like WTF).

I know that people have a fear of missing out and it’s super normal human nature to not wanna miss a beat.  I know that we are spiked into thinking that there’s some form of special secret that only a few people are privy to and therefore we need to everywhere.

I’m all for learning.

I’m all for development.

I’m all for getting involved in things which fill your cup.

BUT I’m thinking that for many of these people their sole purpose of being in the groups (not this kinda soul) is to be spammy and add links and shout about the stuff they have for sale.   I have a feeling that for many of them their newsfeeds must be a clutter chaos of randomness.

So, that’s an extreme example and their motives are probably not the same yours in any event BUT sometimes it’s important to quell the noise. I know that for lots of people they feel totally overwhelmed with the amount that they have to do in order to run their business and move their business forwards.  It’s a constant battle to get through the tasks and the weight of what needs to be done can often weigh heavy on the shoulders.  Add to this the inability to get things done because of the distractions of Social Media and the vortex that can often be attached to it and unproductiveness can win through.  There then comes another layer of the fact that you follow so many pages, get involved in so many groups and feel pulled in so many different directions that comparisonitis sets in and you beat yourself up.

Why do they seem to have their shit together and you’re struggling on the sidelines?

Why can’t you be more like …………………………………??<< insert name of whoever has caught your eye

I’ll never be able to do it like……………………………<< again, the same drill

All in all the noise is deafening and it leaves you feeling sore & tired.

What can you do about it?


It’s ok to be part of groups, BUT – be selective. Don’t be part of groups that bring down your vibe, don’t be part of groups simply because one day you might get involved, don’t be part of groups to simply yell into them and shout about what you have to offer and don’t be part of groups to spam in there.

Groups are great if you find;

  •  ones which resonate with you.
  • ones that help you raise your vibe.
  • ones with a sense of community
  • ones where you can ask for help and help others

Turn down the noise and the energetic drain.

Your Newsfeed 

Have a bit of a declutter of the pages and people you are following.  You can purge through and unlike pages that no longer resonate with you or that you find energetically draining (you can also unfollow people – you don’t have to unfriend anyone if you don’t want to – a quick unfollow can do the trick and you’ll stop seeing their posts). Make sure that the stuff in your newsfeed is stuff you want to see.

Your Inbox 

Kinda the same advice as above really – have an unsubscribe of the newsletters that aren’t bringing anything to your party.  If it annoys you, gets your back up, makes you feel angsty or throws in any other negative feeling then it has no place whatsoever in your inbox.

Your inbox should only be filled with stuff that makes you feel A-MAZING!!

The Objection I Sometimes Get In Response To This Is;

BUT Shouldn’t I Be Keeping An Eye On The Competition? 


It’s easy to say – stop bloomin looking, it’s none of your business, blah blah blah but I know that sometimes lots of you can’t help put peek!

It’s easy to overthink the competition and get bogged down with how successful they are (or appear to be). So next time your eyes take on that bit mushy-pea kinda tinge, remember this:

❤️️They are not you. They don’t talk, laugh, think, create or look like you. They don’t do things your way.

❤️️They don’t connect with people the way you do.

❤️️They have a different outlook to you.

❤️️You are your USP, that’s why you attract your raving fans.

❤️️There are billions of people in this world and they aren’t all going to choose your competitor.

I know that you can look at people and question yourself – why have they made this/that/the other happen and you feel stuck?! It can take the wind out of your sails and it can leave you depleted. Whilst you are watching their grass you ain’t tending to yours. There’s nothing you can do about their grass other than look at it in envy – why not switch your attention back to yours.

If you find that curiosity is overwhelming you then stop following these people on Social Media – for me, if something doesn’t light me up, add to my world or is an absolute HELL YEAH then by default it’s a no and it has no space in my newsfeed or my inbox, for that matter. The reaction I’ve had to that one in the past has been “but I need to know what the “competition” are doing.” Well if you feel that strongly that you need to know then have dedicated time to do it, when you’re in a good place and don’t simply let it fall into your sight willy nilly.

Now STOP being in a funk about it, stop comparing yourself and give yourself a chance to freakin shine!!

So now, quell the noise and go off and shine!!