Building your business can feel like a slog but it doesn’t have to be that way ~ pinky promise, although you know that anyway don’t you.

If you’re ready to embrace change, get the bit between your teeth and power through into a state of flow & abundance then you gotta keep reading on.  I’m going to be talking about the 5 things you need to think about that’ll take you from Survival Mode to Thrivival Mode.

You’ll know that you are stuck in survival mode if;

😱 You feel like you’re treading water, things are a bit stagnant

😱 You’re putting in stacks of effort but the forwards trajectory seems to be missing

😱 You’re living from sale to sale and you’re not sure of any of your income moving forwards

😱 You often have times when you panic about money and it feels like a big source of angst or stress.

Let’s jump into what you can do about it…

1. Take Stock

Right, the first thing you need to do is STOP.  Counter intuitive I know BUT whilst you keep running along, wide eyed and in panic mode you aren’t going to be shaping the future you want.

✖️ Random actions create random results ~ now that’s powerful when you really think about it.  Are you running your business or is it running you?  Are you working “on purpose” (in every sense of those two words i.e. honed in on the purpose of your business and moving in the right direction, on purpose ~ with your crowd and their outcomes in mind, on purpose as in theirs a purpose to each thing you’re doing).

🙈 Are you working with scalability in mind?  This doesn’t just come down to your business model but also about thinking about whether you love the individual aspects of your business and whether you really want to create a larger version of each of these aspects.

😱Where are you NOT looking after your income?  Do you have any payments outstanding?  Do you treat your business income seriously?  Does talking about your pricing and keeping an eye on the money make you feel wobbly?  Be a good custodian of the cash in your business.

🙄 Are you leaving cash on the table?  Whether that’s by not making the offer to your crowd (and that’s so common) ~ people don’t know what you have for sale unless you tell them and offer them that opportunity OR whether it’s not bringing together that product/service OR avoiding bringing together that sales page or setting up that affiliate link.  Where’s the untapped income in your business?

😫 Not doing your accounts! Yeah, I get it, for most creative/right brained entrepreneurs hate doing their accounts.  I’ll raise my hand and say it’s not my favourite task BUT knowledge is power on this one.  You CAN’T bury your head in the sand.  You are the CEO of your business and if you’re avoiding the numbers then you’re doing your business a disservice.

🤔 Take stock of your income and outgoings.  Are there any outgoings that you can change, cancel, negotiate better deals on?  Do you know your income for the coming weeks/months?

🙁 Are you undercharging?  Yup, I get that you want to help people and lots of Rockstars will tell me the story about what their clients can and can’t afford and how they want to be open to everyone.  There are ways and means that you can still be of service of people of a limited income BUT you’re time is precious.  Just mull on that one, journal it out, see what comes up for you.

😁Working for free.  I KNOW you are here to be of service and to make a difference.  I have had some really interesting conversations around this one recently, around boundaries and around what you give away for free.  One great line I’ve heard is “separate your business and your philanthropy.”   If your working in the flow, your business is abundant and you have more time & energy then you can partake in more philanthropy.  If you are jumping in and giving away everything for free then you people aren’t going to buy from you because they don’t need to.  You are also training your crowd to expect everything for free.  If they can access you with ease, without getting involved in purchasing from you then they don’t need to buy from you.

2. Where’s Your Mindset


A saying I use all the time is;

If the mind ain’t aligned then the action is irrelevant

I hear people talk to me all of the time about their hopes and dreams for sales and income and immediately they block that thought with all the reasons why they can’t make that happen. Whilst seeking to beckon and draw in their success with one hand they have held out the other hand to stop and resist that change occurring.  If you feel defeated then you shall be defeated.  You have to meet your business and sales with the energy and excitment that they deserve.

❓ What stories are you telling yourself around your ability to create a sustainable income and success?

❓ Have you attached a whole shit load of negativity and angst to both success and failure?

❓ What are you resisting?

❓Where are you undervaluing yourself?

3. Are You Making Offers? 

REALLY simple one here ~ people can’t buy from you if they have no idea what you have for sale!!

If you are avoiding putting offers out there then that’s going to have to change.  Stop thinking of it as SELLING (which you’ve attached a meaning of salesy, sleazy, pushy) and start to think about it as OFFERING OPPORTUNITIES.

People need to see you’re offers consistently.

Make sure you’re framing your offers in a perfect way for your crowd.

Make sure you’re not always trying to sell to those who aren’t ready to buy.

Take some time to evaluate who buys from you now, go back to basics and look at the commonality of these people and what you actually help them to be/do/have/achieve/experience.  Yeah, hitting back to the Ideal Client thang can seem dull but if you can get SUPER CLARITY on who’s buying from you (or who you want to buy from you) then it’s going to make your whole life easier.

4. Sprint & Burn Out

Such a common one.

You put everything in to something and get results and then your celebration either leads to feeling a bit burnt out and in need of rest or you celebrate and kick back a bit BUT in both circumstances find it really hard to get going again.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t rest or celebrate BUT what I am saying is that this has got to stop being a cycle ~ MAKE MONEY, STOP ~ MAKE NO MONEY ~ PANIC ~ MAKE MONEY, STOP ~ MAKE NO MONEY ~ PANIC < you get what I’m saying here.

If you are going to use a launch model in your business to make money then that’s fabulous but you’re going to need to make sure you can organise yourself in advance, that you are pacing yourself through the launch process whilst showing up in a big way, you’re managing your energy.  You also need to make sure you have a plan out of the other side too.  A plan which includes rest and rejuvenation, celebration BUT ALSO your business direction thereafter.

How can you start to regulate your income?

How can you look at creating a compounding effect with your income ~ where you have money coming in and with each sales period you are building on the top of that income pot?

5. Being Cheap

I know it’s difficult when you’re head is stuck in survival mode but you have to start to free yourself up to make more money and make some business decisions.

🙈 Where are you not investing in ease?

🙄 Where are you not investing in help/support/guidance?

I hope that this list has got you thinking and has given you some ideas to move forwards.  A business that you control rather than it controlling you is absolutely achievable for you.  You don’t have to “do your time” or “prove your worth” before you start to see flow, abundance and blossoming into thrive mode.

Here’s to your thrivival 🙌

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