Guest blog from Karen Wilson of Quest for Success.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ~ isn’t it? Really?

I’m about to embrak on that ‘C’ word ~ Christmas ~ and no, I’m not sorry.  Here’s why…

You see, even with the best intentions, information, education, intelligence, skills and talents we can still get ourselves in a real fuddle with Christmas. For some it’s a fuddle, for others it’s downright terrifying and for many, it’s somewhere in between.

You see we know it’s coming every year.

And we tell ourselves each year that we will be more prepared for it next time.

But then we are still surprised when it arrives and we have no time left to prepare for it.

We might buy and wrap presents, but we still don’t prepare for dealing with the mother-in-law (insert relative of your choice).

We are all out of sorts because we are all out of sorts. Literally.

This is the natural time of year to settle down, do less, and build up our energy stores. The days are short and the nights are long for a reason. It’s cold outside and travel is difficult, for a reason. Father Time and Mother Nature were here long before Saint Nicholas and Harvey Nichols.

Instead, we ignore all that we know to be true and turn that on its head by:

  • working longer hours – well, we’ve still got targets to hit, haven’t we?
  • trying to arrive at year end energetically – as if we get a superhero medal for doing so
  • stressing out about 2016 goals that haven’t been met – because we can’t put them off for another year, can we?

We might also tell ourselves we’re are a personal failure – or worse… that our boss thinks we’re a professional failure and we can’t bear the thought of that!

We’ll tell ourselves that we’re hanging onto our job by our fingernails and that we can’t cope with looking for (let alone finding) a new career in the New Year, even though that’s the way we’re headed.

And in a few short panicky thoughts, we go from being able to slow down and recover our energies to losing our jobs and having our family homeless on the street!!!

So to bury these thoughts and feelings deep within us we:

  • power on through
  • accept disrupted travel, regardless of the elements telling us to stay home – the show must go on
  • put 100 more commitments into our calendar – of course we can attend the school nativity, the children’s carol concert and the Christmas Fayre, wouldn’t miss it for the world
  • attend our partner’s work function, and spend all night watching how much we drink in case we share what we really think about his/her colleagues
  • plan to be our most amazing self at our work function, so we are known for all the right reasons and be first in mind for next year’s promotion – again we’ll have to watch what we drink, just in case…
  • have to get everything done within budget, AND we
  • put ourselves under pressure to start the New Year with an absolutely clean slate and not one iota of extra credit card debt.

We go against the natural order of things, instead of settling down we ramp it up.

We forget we need to rest and restore before we start celebrating the return of the sun (son).

Even though we may LOVE <3 the festive season, some of us do, some of us don’t, some of us just need to survive it.

So what can you do to survive Christmas?

1. Get your own success plan going, not an onerous one – you can’t afford to spend your energy on one more thing. You do need to know you are working towards surviving

Christmas and you are at peace with that.

2. Put Christmas in perspective. It isn’t everything, even though it feels like it when you are in the middle of it. And accept that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Yes, I said it! Christmas is not a time for perfectionism

3. Create your own Christmas Success Plan and yes this is different to number 1, you take a look at what you REALLY want for Christmas, and yes I have closed the curtains and eaten beans on toast for lunch and lived to tell the tale ;) NB this plan probably won’t work for you but that’s okay too.

4. Get some SLEEP. Yes in the super, ridiculously busy time, you cannot function without sleep. Do NOT power on through. Those arguments that start early Christmas morning over who sits where on the couch and who controls the remote control, start weeks and weeks earlier when the sleep starts to get shorter and shorter. Trust me, you need to sleep, I’ll show you how.

5. Realise that Christmas isn’t your whole life, and that you can not only survive it, you can thrive it too!

6. Put strategies in place, ready for the big day and practice, practice, practice using them.

7. Rest and Recover. Without this, we run into the New Year, with rash resolutions and poor self-talk because we had a less than perfect Christmas and let ourselves down again.

8. Know that it’s not just you, others are in your camp and here to help you. I have real life plans based on individual circumstances to show you how it all comes together – so you can say “AHA, I understand what I’m to do now, I can do it, I will do it AND I will have fabulous results”.

I wish you the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Merry Christmas

Love Karen xx


Who is Karen?

Karen works with entrepreneurs to implement success strategies into what they do.  You can find Karen on Facebook >>click here<<