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Yuk, another membership club 🙄 might be what springs to mind.  Well, this IS different.  This isn’t a membership that you are seduced into joining full of empty promises that you soon figure out is a peer lead community that has a bit of content thrown in every now and then – nope ⛔️ This is effectively a mastermind, an inner circle, a progressive collective making stuff happen and doing it with a whole stack of support. 

Me? I’m in the group all the time.  I am answering questions, posing thought points, keeping accountability, holding your shit and stuff that’s coming up safe over the weekends so that you can recharge.  I’m there, with you, every step.  

The community?  Bloody awesome, there for one another, a collective and together we are always stronger! 


I’m Glad That’s Out The Way! 

So, have you been in business for a while? Invested in things that are gathering dust in your in-box or maybe you’re new to all this running a business malarkey? 


Either way, you’re looking around and wondering how other businesses do it; how do they create success and bring in enough clients and income to make their dreams work?

Do they have a secret you don’t know about? Are you feeling around in the dark, wondering what to try next in order to help your business shine?

I get it, being an entrepreneur can be tough. Stuck inside your head, day in day out questioning EVERYTHING, wondering if you will mess up or scared that you will stay stuck forever. Feeling cast adrift in choppy waters, like you might capsize and questioning whether all your energy is being taken up, paddling frantically in the wrong direction.

It’s time to create an enviroment around you that is progressive, that’s about solutions rather than problems, that’s effective and that will support you to move forwards.  No more flailing! 


Business doesn’t need to feel that hard (pinky swear). In fact, business should be fun, be an adventure, exciting, impactful and nourishing. It can allow you to step super confidently into a whole new world of awesome, catapulting you from the shadows into a space where you can feel like the Supernova Star that you’re destinated to be.

I know you might be reading this thinking ‘yeah, right! That will never be me’, but stay with me because the Supernova Success Capsule will help you do just that (**insert excited squeal**). It will take you out of the faff, procrastination, overwhelm and clenched into a whole new, proactive way of working on your business.

My business and the way I feel about it has completely changed since working with Emma. I had so many goals but just felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how to make them happen. Emma has a great ability to tap into what is possible and then give me easy, actionable steps to take that create real results. I love what I do and l love that I can now serve my clients even more because of Emma’s support and expertise. It’s invaluable! Anna Grace Taylor


Anna Grace Taylor

What Is It?


It’s something different, something unique and something that will let you choose what level of support you need right now and allows you to move seamless between the levels as your business builds and evolves.


Help & support with what you need in your business right now.  You’re never alone.  The Supernova Growth Capsule not only has stacks of training for you to get involved in BUT you can also simply post your question and get support, answers, guidance, advice in real time. I am there with you every step of the way! 


This is what you need to know, but perhaps don’t even know you need to know in order to progress your business right now.  There’ll be regular trainings, thought points, advice, support and updates to make sure you’re pro-actively moving forwards with your business. 


I’m all about ACTIONABLE | IMPLEMENTABLE | IMPACTFUL and you will always get simple and easy steps to tweak your strategy and create a whole heap of progress in your business.  This isn’t just theory, this is about making it your own and doing it in a way that will impact your crowd AND your income


Knowing what is important for you to be focusing on is essential for you to take action and create momentum.  I am on hand to help you to decide “where to start” (either generally or in relation to a specific project) AND help you create the execution steps. 


Knowing you CAN and being able to focus on your CAN dos rather than your CAN’Ts is HUGE. The confidence to know what you’re cracking on with, what needs your attention and the belief that you can achieve it piviotal.  I am here for you to lean on in the times you need to lean (we all have wobbles occasionally).

Right, is this you…

✔️Fed up being on your Jack Jones when it comes to your business?

✔️Tired of wondering if you’re cut out for this whole self-employed malarkey?

✔️Sick of other online business communities that feel like a bad fit but you don’t know where else to turn?

✔️Bored of lots of biz advice out there either making you feel icky & dirty OR like your biz isn’t serious (right?! It seems that either there needs to be a boat load of uncomfortable, hustle filled, bordering on dishonest strategy or that you are kinda playing at the biz thing)

✔️Want to invest in your business, but don’t know in what and are a bit worried about massively long payment plans and being tied into things that just don’t work for you?

✔️Ready to make progress

✔️Ready to take the bull by the horns

✔️Sick of your own self talk/BS

✔️Ready to prove you’ve got what it takes.

Well, then this is a  monthly membership group with a difference…



Being part of a vibrant online business community that’s oh, so different from the rest.  

You’ll get to part of an incredibly impactful group full of your peers who will have your back and cheer you on BUT, you’ll also get bespoke help and support from me! 



Having a positive space for gorgeous Rebels & Rockstars just like you to join forces and help each other sparkle and shine.

You have to believe in yourself, not compare yourself to the millions of other businesses out there who look like they are having more success and finding it easier than you are (they’re not by the way) and in all of that remember to look after yourself. If you don’t, you find yourself wandering through the working weeks, not sure what to try next so doing nothing and wondering why nothing is going to plan.


We Get It

Finding a safe spot for you to flourish, find solutions and hang around with people who just bloomin’ well ‘get you’

You have to trust yourself, all the big decisions are down to you.  You have to learn a shed load of stuff that you’ve never done before (and didn’t even know you’d need to do it!).

You have to know what order to do stuff in, how to check it’s working the way it should, how to push yourself when you’re coasting and how to even know that you’re coasting in the first place.



Gaining a way to get my help and support.

 I will be here with you, on our regular live feeds where I will work with you to overcome your stucks, blast away your blocks, brainstorm your answers and hatch cunning plans so you know exactly what action you need to take and the accountability to make sure you’re getting this stuff done.


Just think – having a place where you can grow new ideas, get help on how to implement them, mindset work to move you beyond your stuck as well as business advice and support to make sure you keep moving forwards. Imagine what that would do for your business?

Working on your own is tough and I know that the biggest thing standing between business owners and the success they crave IS THEMSELVES.

I want you to know though, that it really doesn’t have to be like that.

I see it time and time again. Business owners that were stuck and feeling like their business success was impossible, finding another way and doing things differently which helps them step into the flow and jettisons them to Supernova Success Status.

I want to help more business owners get out of their own way and so I’ve brought the best bits of my 1-2-1 coaching and stacked it together into a heady, exciting and truly transformational mix which is not only ridiculously accessible but it’s also super affordable as well.

I’m not going to lie, this is going to be a pretty amazing place to hang out, where we are going to help you create some magic in your business.

Emma Holmes is amazing and I have often thought that the Hub is far too cheap as the content is worth thousands! Loads to immerse yourself in and because its self paced it’s not overwhelming! I have learnt so much from Emma 🙂

Sonia Payne

Emma Holmes is the best in the business, totally down to earth and a truth giver and gives a you a good hard kick up the bum when needed my business would not be doing so amazingly well without her amazing support and help , a true business Goddess

Andrea Lancaster

it is the best £10 you could spend each month! Emma has been with me almost since I started my biz and if it wasn’t for her and the Hubsters I would have given up a long time ago. I still have things to learn, as we all do, but I am so much more confident and visible in my business now. See you in there! x

Emma Pollard

The Hub is like having a supportive team alongside me and a motivational leader (Emma) up front. It’s my go-to for biz questions and if you just need a water-cooler moment with some peeps who understand. And the library is invaluable. Xx

MoJo Prowse

Let’s Get To The Juicy Deets…


So, we are going for the nitty gritty details now! Each month we work on a specific topic ~ something that will create shifts and changes in your business.  Sometimes this is done as a live class and sometimes it’s training throughout the month.  It depends on the subject and the types of teaching needed.  ALL the training is then kept within the group for you to watch on replay, re-watch or use when you’re working on a specific project. 

We also have a regular, live Q&A where you can ask about absolutely ANYTHING, do some brainstorming with me, ask for input on a specific project you’re working on or pick my brains about anything you like. 


This month in the Supernova Growth Capsule we are talking all things YouTube. It’s a “work along with me” kinda month.  We cover..

1️⃣ Set up (or make sure our channel is already set up) for success

2️⃣ look ways you will be found on YouTube

3️⃣ look at video types and content ideas that have already proven to be popular on YouTube in your area of expertise

4️⃣ Talk tags, titles and descriptions for success

5️⃣ Make intros and outros

6️⃣ create video content that will serve the pants off our existing audience and attract people you’re yet to met

7️⃣ market your channel effectively and re-use your content with ease.

What’s Already In There?

Tech Guides

Little tech videos walking you through how to do things so you’re never stuck – need help with something that’s not there then just shout up! 


Trainings, thought points and all things mindset.  Never ever be stuck in your head ~ if the mind ain’t aligned then the action is irrelevant – let’s align the mind! 

Social Media

A whole stack of Social Media training to boost your presence and impact on social.  No more second guessing and wasting stacks of time. 


Thinking about marketing from a general sense and in particular the principle of “wave marketing” to support you to move your business forwards strategically and consistently 


No piss farting about on my watch 😉 I’m all about making stuff happen and giving you the tools to make sure you use your time productively (rather than being headlessly busy!) 


How to run a challenge in your marketing, whether it being part of a launch process or whether you’re using it to enhance know/like & trust – I take you through it step by step

List Build

Skyrocket your subscribers is a training package to support you with your list building 

Sales Training

A Sales Training package called “Sales Groove” to get your sales muscles flexing


Another little package but this time all about getting your content rocking! 


How to create a captivated community so that you have an audience ready to buy!


Spanking websites create sales! #simples


Paracetamol Products ~ creating products to take away client headaches

Live Trainings

Agile not fragile ~ building your business with longevity and adaptability in mind


Writing a cracking “about” section and how to use it 


A full and comprehensive Instagram training 

Google My Biz

A guest slot from a gorgeous Rockstar to teach Google My Business


Keeping your crowd engaged on Social Media – what it means and what to do! 


BUT, don’t let it overwhelm you, you simply take what you need at any given time and come back to the rest later!

Your Supernova Growth Capsule is put together as a mentorship group, let me be your mentor and help you to achieve the raging success of your dreams, on your terms, in your way! 

There’s never a cookie cutter approach.  One size definitely doesn’t fit all. 

EVEN BETTER there’s options as to how much help and support you want too! (see not a cookie cutter in sight). 

You can start at whatever level is right for you now and you can move up and down between the levels, depending on what your business needs and what feels right for you. You can add extra support if you’re working on a special project or a big launch and you can turn your support down when the kids are off school and you’re not as focused on your biz. You can also cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked, no arsy emails from me, no gripes or groans.

I have created something that will work for you no matter what is happening in your business, where you’re starting from, the level of support you need or the business outcomes you’re dreaming about. It’s all there for you.

The most important thing is I want you to shine, to take your place in the spotlight and claim your Supernova Star status because you absolutely deserve it and you don’t have to try to do it on your own any more.

We are here waiting for you inside the Supernova Growth Capsule ready to catapult you into space.


You are also totally free to cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked, no arsey messages, no gripes or groans at this end.




I’m in the Beyond Ordinary Business Hub and it really is worth it, I’ve been in for over a year, Emma is always around to help out with your stuck stuff, great advice, some fab live training calls, there’s some fab online programmes available, try it for a month, you can unsubscribe any time, but I’m sure you’ll end up staying. 💖xx

Carol Graham

The hub is amazing. The members area is packed full of great programmes that you can work through. Emma is so present in the FB group and there is always a theme on the go to progress and signpost you a long. In addition you can ask away for help in the group and we all support each other. I would recommend you try it for a month- you wont leave !

Liz Lewis

Can’t recommend Emma & the Hub enough. Emma is supportive & generous but tough when needed

Elizabeth James

Frequently Asked Questions 

Am I Tied In?

There’s absolutely no tie in whatsoever with the Supernova Growth Capsule.  Stay a month, stay for forever – your call.  I even show you how to cancel your membership so that you are in complete control.  If it’s not for you that’s totally cool.  You will never be asked any questions, made to feel shitty if you wanna leave or be quizzed about your decisions. 

What Kinda Businesses Do You Work With?

Coaches, authors, speakers, creative entrepreneurs, virtual assistants/service based business, retails/crafters & creators, lightworkers, visionaries, leaders who want to embrace flow in their business, who are bored of the BS that comes with lots of business advice out there and want to run their business in a way that feels SUPER NOURISHING rather than their business run them ~ whatever tag you have to place on your lapel, you are an awesome human that has something significant to share with the world and the blessing and gift is that that’s your business.

When Will I See A Return On Investment?

That’s down to you gorgeous Rockstar.  It depends where you are right now in your business, whether you put the work in and whether you’re prepared to do all the pieces (even the bits that scare you).  A return on investment is SUPER EASY in the Supernova Growth Capsule as your investment isn’t huge and making the tweaks you need to your business, having the support and the input to create momentum and growth is priceless.

How Do I Access The Capsule?

Our amazing Facebook Group, which is members only, is the hive of all the activity in the Supernova Growth Capsule.  There’ll be lives in the group on a super regular basis as well as learnings within the “units” in the group and you will always be supported to find what you need when you need it. 

Can I Join At Any Time?

The doors are open at the moment.  We do have intakes within the Growth Capsule and the doors then close so that everyone has an opportunity to get comfy, get involved and get the help and support that they need. 

Do I Have To Show Up Live?

We totally understand that you have other commitments and that you won’t necessarily be able to make each and every live stream.  Recordings will be available for you to watch too.  You will get out of this programme what you put in.

How Do I Sign Up?

There’s lots of gorgeous PINK buttons on this page where you can sign up for the Supernova Growth Capsule

Are You Bored Of My Questions Now?

Absolutely NOT.  If you have any questions and you want to make sure you are making the right decision for you then head over here >>click << fill out the contact form, starting it off with THE HUB and we will help you.

Are We Perfectly Matched? 

I work with entrepreneurs to help, support, guide and provide strategy which will allow them to achieve their awesome ~ increasing their income, stepping into their flow, implementing a strategy that works for them and feeling ease & grace with their work that impacts their world, the world of their clients and the world as a whole.   I’ve worked with clients to launch products which have produced 18K income in one day and launches of 54k + in sales together with a 30k in 30 days project, €1k in a day, £10k extra income from one idea, £2,270 per month recurring income in 30 days and a whole stack more.I work with clients across the world to develop a business bespoke to them.  No cookie cut approach or one size fits all.I have been featured on That’s Manchester TV, BBC Radio, Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club, Mememe as well as being an Accreditation Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist and Customer Value Optimisation Specialist.

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