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Success Stories

Case Study ~ Kate Spencer

I know that we are all inherently incredibly nosey and we like to see what others are doing and how they are doing it.  This can inspire us and whilst watching or reading about someone else's success it can also make it abundantly clear that actually we...

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Spiritual Business Inspiration

I've been joined by a few absolutely inspiration & gorgeous spiritual souls to talk about what building a business has meant to them and the lessons they've learned along the way.... Andrea Lancaster Kate Spencer   Trudie Core, Indigo...

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Be Like Kate – Be A Rockstar | Case Study

I have been working with Kate for about 2 ½ years now.  When I first started working with Kate, by her own admissions, she was petrified.  She had had an Ebay business reading cards and when Ebay closed down the metaphysical category overnight her income was gone. ...

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Be Like Victoria – Be A Rockstar | Case Study

I have been working with Victoria Lofthouse for a little while now, when I first met her she was a total shell of the woman who's running her business now.  Victoria was stuck in perfectionism, procrastination, she was stuck and she was beating herself up at every...

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Be Like Karen – Be A Rockstar | Case Study

Be Like Karen – Be  A Rockstar I first met Karen when things felt like they were all going terribly wrong for her.  She had had a stack of stuff going on in her personal world and as a result her business wasn’t feeling in great shape. Her Ebay shop had closed and she...

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Be Like Vicki, Be A Rockstar | Case Study

Vicki Nicolson is the brands (and beauty) behind Branding Therapy.  When I first started working with Vicki she was absolutely doing ok BUT she knew that there was stacks more inside of her. Vicki is soooooooo creative.  She has a shit tonne (a real life metric...

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Be Like Beckie ~ Be A Rockstar | Case Study

I’ve know the gorgeous Beckie Coupe for around about 18months.  Beckie’s a Rockstar! By way of full disclosure Beckie is now part of #teamrockstar and helps me to develop and evolve the social media strategy for Rebels & Rockstars. I remember, casting my mind back...

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This One Shift In Focus Could Make You More Money

There's a concept that I have LOVED for a long time! It's a theory from Abraham-Hicks that it's as easy to manifest a CASTLE as it is a BUTTON. If we take that one step further it's as easy to sell as CASTLE as it is a BUTTON.   No matter what you seek to...

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She Went & Launched Her First Course

The gorgeous Marie Fell was ready to take her business to the next level, she wanted to be able to help people who weren't just in her locality and take her Pilates/Physio fusion teaching to a wider audience. Marie knew she wanted to launch an online programme but was...

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