Grab a brew & let’s have a chat.

I am sat in my garden, on a beautiful August Monday in the sunshine…

I’m musing and I’m in creative mode.  I know that when I am in creative mode I will produce lots of writing, videos and musings and that I will bag a tonne of content that I can use in the coming days.  I know what WAS on the agenda for today wasn’t this BUT when creativity strikes I have learned to no longer ignore her.  My muse will allow me to write and create with ease during these times. I suppose this is going to be one of my things I wish I’d known sooner lessons too.  So, let’s start there…

Work Within Your Creativity 

I tried for, what felt like, a bazillion years to run my business on a timetable.  I have always been really strict with myself about being productive and not wasting time.  I started my business when I had little people who were yet to start school and time was VERY precious.  I tried to shoehorn myself into doing certain things on certain days and it didn’t suit me.  Everything took so long.  I would be lost as to what to write about if I wasn’t in the mood to write and my newsletter production could be painful at times.  I was working against myself.  I have worked out that I am a creative soul (not artistic BUT creative nonetheless) and I need to harness my creativity when it strikes.  It comes in bursts and during those bursts things simply flow.  I can write and create content like a ninja.  It’s like it’s involuntary because when I read it back I often don’t remember writing it and I shock myself at what I’ve actually written (usually in a good way).  For so long I worked against it.  For so long I’d plan for the day when I might be in the mood by taking a stack of notes in my notebook and hoping that my muse would catch me at some point to make them into a reality.  Now?  I trust my instincts and if I sit down and the words flow then I go with it.  I bag it and use it later.  I’ll save blogs posts in my website, schedule Social Media posts, save drafts and capture dreamy headlines.

Big learning curve!

I also know the stuff that I can do when I feel MUCH less creative too! I know what work I can get done when the kids are around, the stuff I can do on auto pilot and bagging content allows you the freedom to work when you feel compelled to.

Stop Bloody Looking! 

I was a right one for this and I think I was probably a little pre-conditioned to it being the norm! That is, watching other people in your sector.  Seeing what others were up to, what strategies they were playing with and what sort of interaction they were getting.

I know it’s not just me.

I nipped it in the bud a long time ago now BUT I know that lots of my Rockstars still do it.  They are looking at others in their sector and it’s making them wobble.  It’s making them compare themselves instead of stand out, it’s “inspiring” their content when in fact it’s purely following the path others have beaten down.  There’s a fine line between inspiration and copying and copying ISN’T cool!

If you have people whose Facebook posts fall into your newsfeed or whose newsletters land in your inbox and they make you question your very being then STOP FOLLOWING THEM RIGHT NOW!

Your business is about you.  Your business is about the mission you have and the way that you communicate that with YOUR fans.  What others are doing is simply not relevant to your voice, your crowd or the way you behave within your business.

It’s time to shine YOUR true light.  Create stuff that works for you.  That’s infused with your personality and that is congruent to your brand.

I know you could listen to a gazillion other people about business, I know that the likelihood is that you do listen to more than just me BUT my stuff is produced to be a beacon to my crowd and to help me fulfil my mission to show YOU how to shine and be the best possible version of yourself in your business.

When It’s About More Than Money Then The Money Is Easier 

So, what’s your financial target? How are you going to make that happen?

What’s your exit strategy?  How are you going to make that happen?

Don’t get me wrong, I do give myself financial targets to hit.  After all, this is a business and a business is about making money.  In order for me to be able to reach more people I need the business to be financially sustainable BUT when it’s all about the money it does become very dry, it feels icky and pushy.  You are chasing the credit cards and forgetting about serving the people behind them.

When I concentrate on service then the business kinda builds itself.

When I show up and share my message, I help more people and more people are interested in more help.  They connect with me and want to get involved even more.

Now the exit strategy one has always made me laugh a little.  I was being smoozed to sign up for some coaching.  It was insightful.  2 things I was asked 1) who are you like within your sector (and who would you like to be like within your sector).  ANSWER – no-one, I don’t compare myself in this way.  I’m me and that’s kinda the way I like it.  2) what’s your exit strategy because surely you wanna step back from this business? ANSWER – no ta!

No-One Has Any Secrets 

Do I need to say anymore?  There are no secrets.  Some people try to hide their strategy as if it were a bloomin great big, valuable secret BUT actually there are no secrets that are one size fits all.  You’re not missing anything.  People can’t show you how to make a bazillion dollars in 3 minutes working 2.6 seconds per week.  You will tread your own path, you can learn lots from others but your strategy will never be exactly the same to the strategy of anyone else.

I may tell one of my Rockstars to implement a particular strategy but that strategy may not be right for someone else.  I have picked that strategy as it’s a match for that particular person, business and their crowd.

Get Out Of Vanity Early

Lots of people are desperately seeking a list of x,000 or a Facebook page with y,000 followers but the numbers are purely vanity.

I look to target growth but I’d rather smaller growth of the right people than large scale growth of people who didn’t give a damn.

Look to build your crowd with people who are aligned to your message, with people who you can truly serve and people who are the perfect match for you.  Much better having a smaller crowd who are into you than a larger crowd of ambivalent fans.

DO The Stuff You Need To Do! 

I need to get some PR – then go and approach some people who you would like to feature you.  Get together some information to provide to them, find out more about them, contact them and start to create a relationship.

I wanna make more sales – then offer something for sale.

I wanna build my list – then give people a reason to sign up to your list.

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna……

What normally happens is people will pop these things that they wanna do on their list and then they will spend a HUGE amount of time researching how to do it “properly” and will never get round to actually doing that thing.  Imperfect action is better than no action.  If you wanna do something stop talking about it, stop researching it, stop seeking the secrets and just take the first step.

Show Up! 

Stop hiding, hiding behind your computer and politely accepting the easy bits.  That stuff that scares you a little, that’s probably the stuff you need to be doing.

People buy from people and you need to be showing up within your business and creating relationships with your audience.

Patience Is Key 

You need to be consistent when you are growing your business and consistency doesn’t happen overnight.  When I have been talking to one of my friends/colleagues and Rockstars we have said it’s like chugging uphill.  Initially you feel the slog, it feels like it’s an uphill struggle, it can feel hard at times and you wonder if you will ever get your break, whether things will ever come together.  So often when I am coaching my Rockstars I can see the sweat and hear the swear words but I can also see the tipping point, I can see them approaching the top of the hill and being ready to accelerate down the other side, this is where things seem easier, where you begin to flow and it feels likes it’s much easier and more sustainable – it’s magic.

If you are going up the hill right now then keep on going.  You’ll get there.

When The Student Is Ready The Right Teacher Will Appear 

You will find the right things at the right time for you.

You are ALWAYS in the perfect place for you at any given time.

There’s Always Tomorrow! 

Don’t write off a bad 10 minutes into being a bad morning or a bad morning into being a bad day or a bad day into a bad week or week into a month.

There’s always tomorrow.

Refresh, re-set, reinvigorate, re-ignite and go, go, go!