As humans we are ridiculously good at spinning ourselves a yarn, a good old story that’s full of explainations about why we aren’t/can’t doing certain things. 

🙊 So, here’s 5 Bullshit Stories That Are Keeping You Super Stuck 🙊
Deep down we know it’s BS.
Deep down we know it’s designed to keep us safe.
Yup, this post might poke and be a little prevocational. This post may make you eye roll. It may make you go “ah, it’s all right for you Holmesy” BUT if it does any of those things I’d suggest you look a little deeper too as it might just uncover a little more for you!!!
Please note that I’ve also fed myself this bullshit in the past too…..


We all have the same hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month. Yeah, for sure we all have different responsibilities and obligations that take up proportions of that time.
What’s on your plate is there because you said yes to it.
We prioritise stuff that is important to us.
If rather than saying “I don’t have time” you reframed it to “that’s not important to me right now” how would that feel?
I advocate a little approach called #rockstar15. If you simply give those tasks you that you’d like to have importance in your list just 15 minutes per day you can have 92 hours of time per year on that task or activity.


You don’t have to be a particular type of person, you don’t have to look a certain way or sound a certain way.
What you’re really saying here is that your scared AND it’s ok to be scared. If you’ve never done something before it’s ridiculously normal to be frightened.
You might be worried about what people think ~ most people are too busy judging themselves to be fair.
You might be worried that your friends and family will see it ~ honestly, they are most likely to be supportive and cheering you on (if they aren’t then they are knobs).
You might be scared to be seen within your business BUT tentative first steps can start a monumental amount of momentum. People buy from people. People connect with other humans. People wanna know, like & trust the person behind the business.
It might be that you dip your toe in with a photo that doesn’t have your face in it or a video that is you talking through something you love (again, doesn’t have to have your face in there).
Step by step, you can really inject the power of you into your business.


 I don’t have time for a day off.
I might forget what I was doing or where I was up to if I down tools.
You have to hustle your butt off until you see success.
Continuing to push, working harder and harder, getting deeply frustrated that you ain’t getting back what you’re putting in, getting absolutely fucking exhausted, creativity feels like the dregs at the bottom of the barrel now.
You can’t afford not to look after you within your business.
You are the biggest asset in your business. Treat yourself that way.
Your business isn’t milk. It’s not going to go off if you pop it on the side for a bit.
You won’t forget where you were up to.
You won’t end up behind (more of that one in a mo) and you won’t see it all crashing down around you.
Sometimes this one stems from imposter syndrome – a fear of being found out so having to be ever present at the business coal face so that that isn’t the case. This isn’t the case lovely. You’ve got this and you don’t need to prove to anyone that you’re working hard.
Sometimes it stems from that place of feeling you need to prove yourself – again, you don’t and who’s this imaginary person you’re trying to prove yourself to and what exactly are you trying to prove?


What exactly are you behind??????
 Chances are that the only thing you’re behind is your own expectation and if your expectation makes you feel you feel like shit then you might need to have a chat with that bad boy.
Now, no one expects more of me than me BUT I also need to look at the way I treat the employees within my business and what kinda boss I’m being (to myself) and decide whether it’s the kinda boss I wanna be.

➡️ IT WON’T WORK FOR ME BECAUSE…………(add in any BS you wanna here) ⬅️

 Here’s the thing, purely dismissing shit as “it won’t work for me” is short sighted. It may not work for you in the format you have seen it but I work with lots of gorgeous Rockstar with the line “what’s my version of this” and “what would it take for me to……..(add in whatever they are seeking to achieve)”
Business has a manakin – the core concepts that are there that will help all businesses thrive. I teach Rockstars what that biz manakin is and then how they can dress it in their style so that it’s a head turner for their crowd.
WOW, I COULD DO THIS FOR FOREVER!!!! BUT I’ll leave it there. It’s a super long post as is. If you got this far then lets go totally random and throw me in a fruit emoji for giggles!!!
Time to side step the stories.
Want me to do more??? Dive into the comments below and I can share more of the most common ones and ways to combat them! 



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