If you are arriving here for the very first time then you are ridiculously welcome.  Rebels & Rockstars is a stonking community of entrepreuers who are absolutely focused on creating success, on their terms in their business.  A BIG FAT YES √ to having big dreams and plans, A BIG FAT YES to creating an impactful business that truly helps & supports those who come into contact with it, A BIG FAT YES to being profitable BUT ALSO A BIG FAT YES to not compromising their own health, wellbeing and sanity in the process.

It’s time we got you to the right place now isn’t it…

Let’s get started…


The Rockstar Community is a super supportive place to hang out! It’s all about momentum & movement without the hustle. 

Each and every individual Rockstar is centre to their business and the success of their business.  I believe that YOU absolutely create and curate the life & business that you want to create. 

It’s an empowered place of awesomeness where support is plentiful, reframes and progress is central and celebrations are encouraged. 

What’s not to love about that! 

The Supernova Growth Capsule is the perfect place for you if you wanna take a much deeper dive into the Rockstar help & support.

Progressive, empowering, full of ideas, shifts the stuck and so much more…

Grab my free resources!…

Season 1 – Rockstar Rebellion Recap

Season 1 – Rockstar Rebellion Recap

It's ridiculously exciting to have put together the first of a brand new series of Rockstar Rebellion. YES, it was time to change things up a bit and it was time to dive into an exploration of discussions with the gorgeous Rockstars that I love and admire.  My...

8 Steps To Getting Out Of Your Own Way

8 Steps To Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Right then lovely, there's nothing worse than the sad dawning that you are actually the one that's standing between YOU & what you want.  That flooding feeling that you're the one who's creating the dam in the, what could be, free flowing river.   Yeah you say you...



It’s all well & good me directing you to this page to help you get going but right now you might be thinking ~ who is this person and is she really the right person to support me? 

I could dive into a whole load of peacocking (fanning out my tail and strutting around) to tell you how awesome I am OR you can shuffle off to find out a whole stack more about me. 

I’m a totally open book, wanna find out everything then…



Overwhelm is a choice.  I know that saying that can make people feel pants.  It feels like I don’t get it BUT I really do! 

We can make a decision to sit in overwhelm or we can make a choice to create action and momentum. 

Feeling overwhelm is having too many ideas and not being sure where to start, to get over overwhelm you need to start. 

So, let’s start with the place most neglected but most important ~ YOU

The three elements that I work with merge together perfectly – you, your mindset & your business.  Each of these elements impacts each other and each of these elements needs your attention.

In order to create a life that doesn’t include riding the constant crest of burn out, feeling a constant hustle and always, always, always questioning yourself and second guessing what you do you need to trust yourself and have all the evidence you can around the fact that entrepreneurship is about your totality, you as a human, your energy, your mindset AS WELL AS your savvy, sustainable business strategy. 

Emma is one of the few people I’ve ever met who can meet me on every level, and be able to nudge, encourage and kick my ass at all of them. She has an ability to help cut through the nonsense, and provide exactly what’s needed to grow and support my business or my Self, just when I need it.

A never ending source of guidance and actionable steps forward – I highly recommend having Emma in your corner.

Cat Knott


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