Hey lovely,

I wanna write this from my soul to yours.  This isn’t about trying to seduce you into a purchase or make you feel incredibly inadequate that you click the link and spend the money because otherwise you’re never going to make anything of yourself (yup, that’s a tactic employed by some ????.)  That’s not my style.  I just wanna let you know that I’ve developed this for you and it might just be exactly what you need right now.

I know that when you are a spiritual entrepreneur “mainstream” business advice can, at best, feel confusing and overwhelming – it can feel like there’s a zillion different things to leave, that it’s about the hustle and push and that lots of the suggestions feel icky, false or just not comfortable for you.

I am not going to tell you that building your business is easy peasy and that there’s just these 4 steps and if you follow them then you are guaranteed success.  Equally, it doesn’t have to be hard.  I wanna show you the business principles that you need in place but I’m going to show you them with a whole dollop of heart & soul and will ABSOLUTELY show you how you make them your own.

I won’t bombard you with with lead magnets, sign up bribes, complicated funnels, returns on investment or any strategy that feels sticky or stucky.  We will look at some of these principles but we will look at them a little differently.

Spooky School has been designed for you if;

🌟 You have a spiritual business

🔮 You have a talent, skill, gift or blessing which you would like to turn into a sustainable business that nourishes you, your clients and potentially the whole wide world.

🌟If you have a mission and a message to share

🔮If “mainstream” business advice doesn’t seem to fit.

🌟If you’ve dipped your toe in and haven’t got any of the returns you’d have liked.

🔮If you are frightened of sales and selling.

🌟If business strategy often feels icky and mis-aligned.

🔮If you wanna make money but also make a difference.

🌟If you feel like an imposter lots of the time and fear that actually you might just be on the wrong track, that you were foolish to think that this could ever work or you aren’t sure whether it’s worth it to try to make this business work – it all feels a bit scary ????

🔮Your energy and creativity seems to comes in waves and you don’t wanna have to always push through but want to work with it rather than against it

🌟You might have been told by some “expert” or “guru” that your spiritual business is lame, you’re a one trick pony or that anyone can do what you do (<<< and YES, I have heard people being told all of those things #bollockstothedreamstealers).

🔮Your message and passion is so strong but you feel like you don’t quite articulate it perfectly right now.

🌟Social media feels noisy and messy at times and you’re not sure how to use your time wisely to be able to support those you are here to serve.

🔮You have no idea on how much to give away for free

🌟Your boundaries are sometimes a little shaky

🔮🌟BUT MOST OF ALL you REALLY REALLY want to make this work, you want to be able to help more people and make money and develop a business that has longevity and feels good << that’s who this is for.🔮🌟

This isn’t about me BUT it’s about my mission to cause that ripple.  If I can reach out my hand and help you, then that impacts on those closest to you and then you offer that hand forwards to just one person and that impacts those closest to them and so it continue then before we know it that ripple has had a huge impact.

👉I don’t want you to struggle anymore.

👉I don’t want you to feel alone.

👉I don’t want you to feel baffled or overwhelmed by the enormity of building a business.


Wanna Hear What It’s Like From Someone Who Has Been Working With Me?

I have worked with Emma for the last 2 years. Firstly in Beyond Ordinary Business Hub then Spooky School. The first thing I would like to say about Emma is, she is passionate about helping you make your spiritual business soar to levels that you don’t even know yet. She’s a cracking business witch. Emma knows what your business needs, even before you do! She’s kind, and kick ass (when you need it most.) She is a great listener, without judgment. You will always feel safe spiritually and emotionally with her. Emma is passionate about helping you own your business. Emma has the answer to every question you ask, and has a link sent to you within in seconds. She’s THE biz witch like no other. She’s super organised and a dedicated professional. Having Emma’s help has given me the self belief and courage to turn an idea into a reality. You won't find anyone else quite like Emma! Fact. She is the game changer. Thanks for all you do and continue to do for me. I’m beyond grateful x

Judy McKillop

Judy McKillop


Emma Holmes has intuition and knowledge to know what your business needs and how to implement it, Emma has helped me immeasurably and my business has gone from plodding along to becoming very successful, If you want totally heart centred intuitive clever clever business guidance then Emma is your lady she is the Biz Witch and you won’t get any better out , she doesn’t fill you with utter rubbish about business funnels etc she rolls up her sleeves and gets stuck in to help in a realistic way. THE BEST . Be Blessed xxx

Andrea Lancaster

Andrea Lancaster

Witch website

Is It For You?

Spooky School if you are a Spiritual Entrepreneur who is ready to take their business forwards, with flow ~ ease ~ alignment & a whole load of excitment.  It’s a hub of advice, help & support that you need to grow your business, without the BS, we will be looking at growing it right (without all the shite) and allowing you to step forth and embrace your mission and message.

✔️It’s about getting out of your own way.

✔️It’s about business advice that’s bespoke to spiritual entrepreneurs and that deals with the very unique challenges that face spiritual business owners.

✔️It’s about you stepping up and stepping into your awesome.

✔️It’s about you building a business that’s truly changing the lives of your followers and that also makes you money ~ a business that’s brimming with integrity and NEVER feels icky.

✔️It’s about me, you & a whole lot of spiritual business buddies who totally get it.

✔️ There’s going to be tonnes of support, Q&A sessions and I’ll be available for you within the private, members only Facebook Group to answer stuff as it comes up for you (I’m absolutely hands on here lovely).


Now, I’m not one of these people who will come out here and call you out, who will try to make you feel so bad that you feel that your only option is to purchase from me.  I won’t tell you that this course will be the only way you’ll be a success or that without this you’re going to be a fail.

You will get out what you put in.

It’s not for you if;

❌ You purchase courses to make you feel like you’re doing something but then don’t get involved or do anything with them.

❌You think there’s a magic button to grow your business.

❌You don’t have the fire in your belly to make things happen now.  It’s ok to be scared and it’s ok that it makes you feel uncomfortable (I can totally help you with that) BUT it’s time to be open to growth.

What Will We Cover?

Where To Start 

We will dive into the stuff I wish I’d done sooner, lots of mindset support and ways that you can think about your business, your mission and your message which will truly support your growth. We will talk about jumping into the bit that might just feel a little bit “businessey” right now and how you can truly align to the growth of your business as well as the mission/message you are here to share with the world.  We will also look at ways to get productive and get shit done without too much resistance.

What Do You Do?

We will be getting away from the labels that you have placed on yourself (or others have placed on you) and we will be looking at the skills, gifts, talents & blessings that you have and how they make up who you are and what you do.  We will also be looking at how you introduce this and articulate it to others in order to allow people to see the truth in your message.  We will also look at how you can get the very best out of yourself within your business so that you can be more productive BUT ALSO work with your energy.

Who Are They?

We will be looking at WHO you are here to serve.  You won’t be for everyone and that’s totally cool.  We will look at those you are here to serve and getting familiar with them.  I don’t teach the ideal client concept/avatar in it’s usual method and we will get beyond the resistance that many spiritual entrepreneurs feel with this one.  We will also cover the fear of haters/trolls and the impact of other people and their energy on your business.

Social Media

Where to be, how to do it, what the purpose of it is and how you can share your message without feeling worried/judged or any other bad ju-ju.  It’s time to make your social media platforms a force of good ju-ju in the world.  We will be looking at how to build a crowd of raving fans and how to serve the pants off them.



Your website is the home & the heart of your business.  It’s the one area of your business that you have a greater control over.  So, do you need one?  What will you need to to start to think about when it comes to accelerating your web presence?  Is your current web presence serving you?  We also have a gorgeous guest in the Facebook Group, Naomi Gilmour to answer questions & who has low cost solutions to get your website up and running.


What Are You Giving Away For Free?

This is just a common one for Spiritual Entrepreneurs.  They LOVE to serve and they love to give away their time, advice & knowledge and I totally get that.  I’m not going to be coming in here and saying you can’t give away anything for few.  We will be looking at ~ what’s too much? what’s not enough?  How to showcase your skills, build community and get the balance totally right for you! Let’s just make it a little more strategic!


Yup, it sounds super businessey and in fact a tad dull and boring but let’s look at it as digital love letters to your crowd.  We will look at how you can keep in touch with your audience – yup this is getting in front of them on your terms but not just when you have something for sale. We will talk about how you can include email marketing in your business, how to structure your newsletters and get the right content to create that true bond with your audience.


The ideas are there BUT how do you get them across?  We will look at writing for your social media platforms, your newsletter, your blog, articles for others as well as how to recycle/upcycle the content you already have.  Don’t feel like writing is your thing?  Then we will look at easy ways to make it work for you. It’s time to let that content flow and not feel like you’re constantly wrestling with it.



THE BIGGIE, I know that this one is sooooo uncomfortable for so many spiritual entrepreneurs and they feel like they just can’t it right.  Surely there’s a secret – right?!?  I will show you how you can make selling much lighter and brighter for you.  We will look at how you offer the opportunities and how to articulate your awesome (without it feeling uncomfortable) which will allow you to unclench when it comes to selling.



Visibility is such a BIG one ~ people need to see you, you need them to see your message and you need to do that with ease & grace.  You also need to be forming relationships through that visibility.  We will look at how you can be seen and how you can build your crowd ~ relationship by relationship – let’s work on that good stuff together.



I already seem to have put stacks in here but I will also add more to this section as you ask me more questions, making it a bespoke library of stuff that you need to get whizzing along.  There’s no such thing as a silly question in Spooky School ~ chances are if you’re thinking to ask it then someone else is too.  The community that’s part of Spooky School is a super safe enviroment.  Come in, ask and I’ll make sure you get the answers!

Even More Awesome

Get The Universe On Board

We will work our way through the Universal Laws and how they impact on your business, we will work on you starting to evolve into your true message and set you free to be yourself within your business without being afraid. We will start to unpick the stories that are holding you back and the resistance that you feel and we will bolster your mindset into the next level.

It’s time to create a new norm. A norm where you don’t have to feel so clenched all the time, a norm where you can relax and be yourself, a norm where business isn’t hard anymore.

This programme will set you free to do some of the most fundamental things within your business – create connections & make money.

Worth £197


Limitless Launch

An absolutely awesome programme which takes you through every step & stage of birthing a digital product/programme.  Don’t panic if you have absolutely NO IDEA what you’ll include in that programme ~ we will go through every single step.  From brainstorming ideas, making decisions, to recording content and actually getting it out there for people to buy.

Digital products within your business allow you to help & support more people ~ it allows you to truly leverage your time, teach your skills & expertise and look after your audience ~ what is NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT!

Ideas, planning, tech & everything in between.

Worth £97

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

So, with all that awesome surely this is gonna cost me the Earth ~ right?! Well, do you know what, I wanna keep it affordable but equally it’s an investment in your business.  If you let me help you then you will make back that return on investment MANY times over.

Here’s the cost;

£197 if you pay in full (that’s less than the value of the bonuses!)

3 x monthly payments of £66

6 x monthly payments of £33


I won’t be launching this programme again until the backend of the year and the likelihood is that the price will go up (I don’t say that to scare you but to be truly transparent and open about it). Getting started now means that you are getting started.  Making progress now means you will start to build your business & make more money.

I know that investments in yourself and your business can seem like scary propositions but therein lies the growth ~ make the investment, do the work, grow like hell!

Why Me?

I Want YOU To Shine

From being a little girl my big dream was to be a lawyer.  I achieved that and my corporate career was one immersed in Family Law and I loved it, it was no Ally McBeal but it was pretty awesome and every day was different.  It hit my happy buttons as my work was truly making a difference in the lives of others.  It was a fabulous career until it simply didn’t fit anymore.  I had my kids and I was stuck in a guilt trap.  I would spend Sunday evenings until Friday evenings pretty much feeling guilty.  Working part time didn’t help either as I then felt guilty if I was at work because I wasn’t at home and guilty when I was at home that I wasn’t at work.

Life had provided me with a memo a few years before and whilst colleagues stood around the water cooler bitching and wishing I decided to take action – if it was working then something simply had to change!

I became self employed.

I did some stuff that, in hindsight, was never going to work.  Despite my corporate days, my ability to network and my grasp of the basics of marketing my initial venture into the world of self employed work was fatally flawed.

I knew that my desires remained the same as in my corporate days.  I wanted to help people, I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone.

In September 2014 I decided that she had a mission to undertake and laid down the gauntlet to spend 2015 growing a 100k business, without it ever feeling icky, without any tactics that weren’t completely aligned with me and without any of the ridiculous rubbish that seems to be increasingly the norm in online business. I was curious to know if it could be done without the cut throat tactics that I was seeing out there.  I was curious to know if in fact there was any “secrets” (<< there isn’t) and I wanted to move away from the whole – you can make a gazillion pounds working 3.6 seconds per week malarkey that was becoming the norm in the coaching world.  The Launch Queen was the brand platform for the mission. 12 months, 1 challenge, 1 result. The result? Building a 100k business, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

BUT, that business simply didn’t feel right.  It didn’t fit with my personality, it didn’t allow me a freedom to be myself.  I felt caged and suffocated.  In order to shine my light and be myself I needed to change and that’s where Rebels & Rockstars was birthed.  Rebels & Rockstars isn’t about me (despite this whole about me page), it’s about you, my Rockstars! It’s about the people that I can help and support and it’s about being a hatchery for entrepreneurs with soul >>find out more about what Rebels & Rockstars is all about here<< 

AND so it is!

I have a wealth of experience in helping heart centred, soulful entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and build ridiculously big businesses and have help lots to launch online products and programmes to increase their income even further.  I have worked with clients to launch products which have produced 18K income in one day and launches of 54k + in sales together with a 30k in 30 days project which we achieved with knobs on! BUT it’s not about making stacks of money REALLY quickly.  Lots of back work goes into achieving these results and they don’t come with a grab it and go strategy #sorrynotsorry.  I work with clients across the world to develop a business bespoke to them.  No cookie cut approach or one size fits all here.

I have been featured on That’s Manchester TV, BBC Radio, Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club as well as being an accreditation Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist, Customer Value Optimisation Specialist.


After deciding to follow my heart and delve into all things woo woo and spooky I was a bag of nerves. I felt out of my depth, scared at not being taken seriously and worried I wouldn't be able to make it work. Spooky School is my safe haven. The place I can go to when I need a bit of support from Emma and the other business owners who feel the same way from time to time. Emma's guidance and understanding of spiritual businesses and the unique issues they face is priceless. Becoming part of Spooky School has allowed me to watch my business grow at a rate I almost couldn't keep up with at first as I am now doing what I was destined for. I still feel out of my depth sometimes as I'm only human after all, but being part of the school means I know I am safe and supported no matter what happens.

Sarah Cornforth

Sarah Cornforth

Magickal Creatrix website