It was time to break up and break ups never feel like easy things to face.  You sit with it a little too long.  It constantly niggles away at you and you feel like it’s sucking all the energy from you.

It’s those little things, the niggles, the stuff that left untapped becomes a HUGE, BIG, COLOSSAL deal to you because you’ve sat with them for far too long.

It was time to admit that the relationship was over. 

It had become sour.

He didn’t see it coming but I know that it’d be off kilter for a while. It had been brewing.

He was letting me down. He wasn’t doing it for me.  He was leaving me feel flat. He had actually got me into a position where I had become lazy.  I had become passive and I’m not that kinda gal.

Was it me?  Was it him?  Had we just grown apart?  It doesn’t really matter to be honest.  Yup it just wasn’t working out anymore!

It was time for us to break up AND I did the deed. 

I clicked the button and I left the Social Media Management Tool that had been serving me for a long time.

Yes, we are talking Social Media Management Tools! 

So, what had happened? 

  • I had sat with the system I had for too long. 
  • The system had all my information in there and it was easier just to leave it there – LAZY! 
  • The system did the work for me and it was easier to just leave it there – LAZY! 
  • The system wasn’t working in the way it should but I still left it all there – LAZY! 

I had become lazy with my Social Media Management and passive in my secondary platforms.

Let me explain; 

I schedule my Facebook Posts directly in Facebook.  This allows me to see directly on my page what’s going on, when things are going to be released and where I need to fill any gaps.  I’ve always done this.  Scheduling directly on Facebook meant that I never had to get into that whole test periods of whether scheduling via a 3rd party application was effecting my reach or not. My Facebook posts are then saved into a Trello Board so that I can use them later and I effectively have a library of content.

I had been using my Social Media management tool to become a content library, a blog log and to predominantly deal with Twitter.  I had wanted it to help me to maintain my Facebook Groups but my groups kept dropping off and were hit & miss as to when they would post.  Twitter was dealt with by me putting together a schedule and selecting a content type and the posts were then randomly, automatically generated without my involvement.  I was left with no idea as to what I was sharing and when I was sharing it.  I had completely removed myself from the whole thing.  I’d fallen into a trap that I talk about when talking social media.

That trap?  The difference between automation and scheduling. 

Automation – it’s passive, it’s without your involvement and it can very easily take the essence of you out of what you do.

Scheduling – it’s active, you are involved and you can maintain control of what’s happening but still not need to be there all of the time.

I bite the bullet and made the decision.

I have moved to Postcron and I couldn’t be happier!

Take a watch of my little review…..

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