Bear with me, I am going to use the word “LinkedIn” in this article.  I know that it will totally wash over some people like a tidal wave of nausea.  Please know that my intention is not to make you feel sick but it’s a point that illustrated perfectly for me recently.

I saw a post on Linkedin.  Don’t judge me, I am trying to get to grips with being more interactive on the platform.  It’s been a platform that I have shied away from in the past and this post really demonstrated for me the reasons I don’t like being there.

I completely agreed with the sentiments of the post.

The essence of the post was that you shouldn’t tag people you don’t know into posts in an attempt to sell shit to them.  I TOTALLY agree.  AND whilst we are on this kinda ickiness – you should also not add people to groups without their consent or send them emails without them opting into your list.  It’s spammy and icky #thatisall

So, you see, I completely agreed with the sentiments of the post – so what’s my problem?

The delivery – jeez!

It went something along the lines of the fact that it was a bad habit that seems to have made it’s way over from Facebook and that Linkedin was a professional network and should be dealt with in a professional and considerate way.  Now, I’m all for being considerate and you should definitely not be a knob and implement icky strategy in your social media BUT what does that even mean?!

I read;

Now, now chaps – the little people on Facebook do this icky stuff – WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT – we are professional and we shalt always act in such a manner.

I completely get that Social Media platforms all have their own little quirks (I ain’t gonna call them rules or expectations or anything of that manner) and I am all for not being a knob << wherever you hang out on Social Media.

BUT, if being professional means that you have to stomp about being all superior then I’m not buying that.  I’m not buying that delivering something in a mean manner makes you professional and I’m not buying that you have to run any of your social media platforms to any made up rules.

I totally agree with the post – tagging people into posts who you don’t know and have never interacted with – ICKY.

I further agree – be considerate on Social Media (aka don’t be a knob)

BUT we don’t need to have these rumbly undertones of people getting it WRONG because they aren’t professional.

I do think that lots of people struggle with LinkedIn particularly because they do have the fear of “getting it wrong” and they feel like it’s a uber “professional” social media network.  I think that it has become a place where there might be an element of it being seen as being a “superior” network because of it’s professional tag attached to it.  At the end of the day, the networks are made up of the people and you can always be part of a social media network and do it YOUR way.

I’ll be there and I’ll be my definition of professional – not anyone else’s and that goes a little something like this….

Don’t be mean, don’t be a knob, don’t do icky sick – everything else, do it your way.