Is my business beige? 

Is my marketing a bit boring?   

Am I boring? 

Why are people not interested? 

“Build it and they will come” has been a much repeated quote.  It gives a sense that as long as you’re there and available then people will buy from you.  BUT then they don’t.  Feeling aren’t just falling over themselves to buy from you or to work with you.  Here’s the thing, you can have the most fancy dan solution in world to the biggest problem that anyone has ever experienced but if you don’t nail all of the other bits too then it can’t and won’t be a success.  

People need to know about you offer – seems the most simplistic of places to start but its ever so very common for me to work with business owners who absolutely know what they do, who are passionate about what they do, who have a great product or service but no-one knows about it.  They might hide their offer away in the back side of their website.  It might be that they never talk about it in their marketing and assume that everyone is inside their heads and has the same indepth knowledge about them of their product or service or it might be that they talked about it one time and never got the cascade of sales they’d like so that rattled their confidence.  

It needs to be engaging – your business needs to be talking to your people and it needs to be talking to people in your way.  Engaging them, empathising with them, standing out from the rest of the marketplace.  Being beige or bland, being the same as everyone else, standing for nothing and dealing only in facts won’t create you an audience of people who are invested in your messaging.   

It needs be what people want –  some people get mixed up between what people want and what people need.  We are less enthused about whipping out or purses for stuff we need.  Yeah, we purse stuff we need but the additional layer needs to be stuff we want. 

So, what are the signs that your business is a wee bit beige? 

  • Social Media that is consistently lacking engagement 
  • People not making their way to your website 
  • People not sticking around on your website
  • People not purchasing from you 
  • A lack of recommendations    

How do I identify a beige-ness in business?  

  • When I see a rolled out strategy that doesn’t fit the business (a kinds of I see what you’re trying to do but it doesn’t quite fit your business or audience)  
  • People going through the motions and saying the things they think they ought to say 
  • A lack of being able to see a personality within or behind the business 
  • Copy that tells and broadcasts rather than creates dialogue, conversation & communication    


What Do You Need To Know? 

  1. People buy from people – people want to be in a position to know, like and trust YOU and your business.  Without a feeling of credibility and authenticity that’s impossible.  This is about you making sure your business is reflective of what you wish to portray in the market place.  Projection = perception.  Make sure people can identify with the person behind the business, give a little of yourself (you don’t have to share your meals on social media or your whole list of diary movements but letting people know a little goes a long way.  
  2. Facts tell, stories sell.  #fact 
  3. Concepts, ideas & advice is much easier for people to understand and implement if they see examples, analogies and the likes ~ again, back to stories! 
  4. Credibility is important – sharing feedback from clients is not showing off or to be resisted, and asking for them is cruical!! 
  5. Imagery stops people in their scroll.  Social Media is busy & noisy.  People mindlessly flick through their newsfeeds.  Your imagery can be the difference between someone stopping on your post & reading it or not.   

It might be that you got lost, it might be that you become apathetic or it might be that you’ve always done what you think you ought to do, there’s absolutely no blame.   

We are all looking through the lense we are at at any point in time and we are where we are. 

You can soon inject upmh into your business.  You can quickly make it more engaging and have more personality and purpose for your audience. 

I like to refer to a wee bit of change like those packets of crisps we used to get when were young, the ones with little blue bags of salt in them.  Sometimes you’ve just got to hold the top of the bag and give it a good shake!! 

There’s a whole stack of resources right here that can help you….


The Vault 

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