Does Stacking Up The Launches Make Sense?

So you think that the best way to achieve a Passive Income (oh my word, don’t we hear that term an awful lot these days?) is to stack launches back to back.  Finish up with one launch and then power on straight into the next, and then lather, rinse, repeat?

Obvious, right?

It keeps the income flowing!

Serial launching all the way!

Of course, and if this is what you want to do, then crack on lovely,  stack those launches back to back.  Keep that money flowing and work your socks off if that’s what you want.

BUT do you want to know a secret?

It really doesn’t need to be like this.  It really doesn’t have to be about working and hustling at full pelt, day in, day out, without a break in between.  If you do keep working like this, the likelihood is that you’ll be burnt out, and pretty quickly. And not just that, but you’ll also bore the pants off your email subscribers AND your social media crowd.

If you take your time, and pop a buffer of breathing space in between the end of one launch and the beginning of another, they will be miles more successful. Working this way will also give you that all-important time to recover, refresh and get ready to go again.

So here are my top reasons why you should take a break between launches:-

  • Your loyal list will be worn out if you are constantly sell, sell, selling to them – you can get around this by having a really well segmented list and only offering certain products to certain lists but you’ll need to organise it well.
  • Your audience will get tired of your constant hustling and switch off to it, so even when there’s something that’s right up their street, they might not see it that way.
  • You’ll wear yourself out – launches are intense and hard work and if you keep up this constant pace you’ll be exhausted and won’t be working at your best.
  • You won’t have time to create new stuff for your audience because you’ll be constantly stuck in the different stages of your launch work tunnel.
  • You won’t have time to give your audience the attention they need, and the added value they all love receiving from you and, at worst, your list and follower numbers will dwindle.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that you have to wait ages between launches.  What I am saying is that you should add regular gaps into your schedule when you are not launching products or programmes – it’s good for you, your audience and ultimately your business.  And it keeps you heading in the right direction without being under constant pressure to succeed.

I would say, as a general rule of thumb, that for a medium sized product launch you need to have a promo lead in of approximately two and a half weeks, and then the same again as non-promo time.

Use your non-promo time wisely.  Once you’ve finished celebrating the success of your launch, it is time to get involved with your audience.  I like to call it “serve the pants off your crowd time.”  So make sure you give them some cracking value, attention, interaction and a good dose of TLC. And then behind the scenes, you’ll be busying up the plans for your next successful launch.

Make sense?