Lots of people will tell you that many entrepreneurs are Magpies and they easily get distracted by shiny objects.

Many people tell you that you must avoid the shiny objects at all costs and keep focused on the game plan in hand.  Is that the best advice?  Well it’s kinda good advice but I would treat it with caution.

Being focused on the game plan and the job in hand is a GOOD thing but shutting the door to all opportunities isn’t.  Sometimes things come along and they are the perfect fit for you.  Sometimes the opportunities that present themselves are exactly what you need at exactly the right time.

Shutting the door to those opportunities could seriously stunt your growth both personally and professionally.

So what do you need to do?

Be open to possibility but be mindful of distractions.

It’s not about chasing every single piece of potential that falls at your feet.

It’s not about being distracted by a money making opportunity that promises you riches quickly, these are designed purely to capture your attention and you need to be mindful of your biggest goal and how best you can support your beacon shining brightly.

Chasing rainbows isn’t the aim of the game but being open to potential and possibility is.

If you weren’t open to the service to your plate of opportunities then you will cut yourself off, you will become an island and will need to paddle back to the mainland to regain your connection. If you shut the door to anything different than what’s happening right now then how will there every be the possibility of any growth. If you are closed your doors will remained closed.

I love to look at new opportunities and to seek inspiration from all sorts of different sources.  I think that when you are a creative entrepreneur it’s super important to keep your eyes open to possibility and your heart open to opportunity.  You need to think about the lessons that each of these opportunities can bring to your life and business development and look to make decisions from a place of knowledge and understanding rather than simply shutting the door on anything new.  I know that I have taken paths both professionally and in life that haven’t always yielded the best results or could have been classed as the “wrong decision” but I don’t regret taking any of them as on every single occasion I developed, I moved forwards and I learned a valuable lesson.

Now, this ISN’T permission for you to run off and open a gazillion different businesses, diminish your focus to a fraction of it’s capacity and spend the day jumping in the puddles BUT it IS permission to open your heart and your mind to the infinite possibilities and opportunities that will present themselves to you.