Let me take you on a little journey, tell you a little story.  This story isn’t based in fiction and this story isn’t elaborated or has had creative licence splattered on it. 

This is the story of one Rockstar.  One Rockstar who has changed EVERYTHING in her life is a super steady timescale.  

Let me introduce you to Rebecca Ledger.  

Rebecca engaged with me in April 2020.  She dived into the website and signed up for her first free resource.  On the 23rd April Rebecca joined me on the Kickstarter programme to dive into her health & wellness journey and then started to work with me 1-2-1 on the 9th July after having a one off call in June.  I’m writing this post on 31st July.  We are talking 22 days left (just to be super clear). 

Rebecca’s world has changed exponentially.  

The Rebecca I started to work with was anxious, she was an overthinker and she was stuck.  The first time I had a 1-2-1 conversation with Rebecca she was nervous that I was going to tell her that her business didn’t have legs, that there wasn’t any growth potential and possibility, that she would have a bit of a hobby business but nothing else.  Her thoughts couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

I had worked with Rebecca in the group environment within Kickstarter and had already seen her unfurl and grow.  We’d had a number of messenger conversations when she felt truly lost and simply didn’t know how she could back herself.  I’d seen her embrace change, to back herself and to have the tenacity to make progress despite having a lot on, despite lockdown feeling like it was kicking her butt, despite her regular business having the rug pulled as a result of lockdown and despite having a beautiful toddler.  

I saw the business model.  

I saw the potential and possibility.  

I saw exactly what this could become.  

I SAW THE VISION.  I saw the vision that right at that point she couldn’t see.  I saw the scope.  I saw the growth.  


So, What Happened? 

You always want people to start with the nitty gritty on this stuff don’t you. 

WORKED on what she wanted. 

CREATED strategic plan. 

FREE LIVE WEBINAR brought together = 700 sign ups ✔️

COURSE LAUNCHED = 86 sign ups 

Income made = £8,514


in 22 days 😀

I’ll Let Rebecca Tell You A Wee Bit More…

You can make an absolutely stunning transformation in your life, your business and your bank account.  If it’s something you’re ready for them shoot me a message….


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