You know that thing that you have been talking about doing for yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrsssssssssss? 

That thing that’s actually getting on your own nerves now? 

You are sick of thinking about it, talking about it and not doing it? 

That’s how Heather felt.  Heather is a fabulous Interior Designer who has a beautiful business – Adore Your Home With Heather Craig.  Heather was always first to label herself as being “behind” and the shrill reply she could get from me was “behind what exactly?”  She was sick of thinking about bringing together some online materials for her design business.  She had a website that had become a little bit of a mismatch of styles and she felt that her tech skills simply couldn’t sort all this stuff out.

She was stuck in the cycle of dreaming about an online product, finding it difficult to write in her business and not being proud of her website.

Everything changed in 2016! 

Despite the fact that Heather had some tough stuff to deal with personally in 2016 it was certainly the year that she got out of her own way.

First online course produced and sold – CHECK 

New website done – CHECK 

Take a little butchers around her new website here, it’s totally gorgeous >>click here<<

Radio features – CHECK 

How did she do it?  She decided that it was time, she was steely and determined and she was going to get through this.  She won a grant to get her new website re-designed and boy it’s stunning (#website envy) and it really suits her now.  She decided that she was also going to stop listening to the “I can’ts” and was going to crack on with her first EVER online programme.  She’d be thinking about it and talking about it for years.

Heather stepped up.  She decided that she was no longer going to be held back by herself and has put into place some super amazing foundations that she can now build from.

As my little girl says – nothing’s impossible if you try. 

Heather only went and bloomin did it and she did it in spite of it being a tough year for her (#superproud)

You can follow Heather on Facebook >>click here<< (and you get to look at looks of gorgeous interior inspiration in on the deal too)