I know right!  Talk about a compliment!

So. why did she do this? Surely I’m not making her feel THAT uncomfortable!

One of my WONDERFUL VIP clients has come soooooooo far that she’s almost unrecognisable from the woman I started working with (yes, it makes a super proud Rockstar Mamma).  Not so long ago I had to convince her that hosting a live webinar was the perfect thing for her to do in order to start to convert her fans into buyers.  At this time she was FIRMLY hidden behind a logo & a brand name and you would have been forgiven if you did not know WHO this business belonged to.  She was reluctant to be seen.  Don’t get me wrong, she had built quite a platform that way BUT she was stuck in safety!

I knew that it was time for her to step up and step out in her business in order that she could HELP more people and truly grow a business that was enriching for her fans but also that brought her the financial returns that she desired.

What did I do?

I started a path to INCREASE her visibility MASSIVELY.  She needed to start to stand up and be seen.

She was petrified.  Live webinars scared the pants off her, having her name attached to her business made her feel slightly queasy, new photos for her website – eeeeekkkk really did she HAVE to do that?

The results have been outstanding!

  • Yes, she has had to push herself outside of her comfort zone, she has felt quite uncomfortable and as the title of the article suggested she has shipped her pants (thank you Kmart for that awesome play on words – on a side note, if you haven’t seen that ad then you really must >>click here) on more than one occasion.
  • She has connected with her audience at a much deeper level
  • She has grown her list massively
  • Not only is she comfortable with live webinars BUT she now jumps on to Facebook Live without a second thought
  • Her brand has changed to her name
  • She has a beautiful new website filled with fab pictures of her
  • She is much more present for her fans
  • She is making more money
  • She is developing products and programmes that her clients WANT & need
  • She is brave enough to do her numbers (ok, so she still needs a little bullying in that regard and will try to fob me off with back of the fag packet calculations sometimes)
  • She has a good support team in place
  • She has GONE PRO!

I love that she has been brave enough to take the enema and do what she has needed to do.

Do You Need An Enema?

What is it that you are NOT doing right now JUST because it scares the pants off you?  Where are you playing small because you are frightened of the implications (either positive ones or negative ones) of taking it big?  Where are you being cheap because you are afraid?  Where are you simply winging it and hoping for the best?

I want you to be brave, I want you to regularly do that stuff that makes your feel just a little bit uncomfortable.  Like I’ve said before, think about it like a pair of jeans > they become uncomfortable when you are in a period of growth – it’s all good!