Most of the shadows that block us from shining our light are self created. We have told ourselves a story about why we must keep our light dimmed – about why we need to just partially show up and not entirely share what we are here to share. If we hold some back then no-one can ever judge our position because we haven’t ever been all in.
Let me tell you that most people aren’t judging you in the way that you think anyway. The majority of people are too busy to be picking holes in you all the time. People will generally either gravitate towards you or away from you and that’s totally fine.
We all do have part of our self that is shadow. A part that wants to sabotage our chances of success, of productivity, of sharing our message. It’s a part of us that is often dominated by the self talk fairy and is conveying messages that knock our confidence or our self esteem. It’s that chatter/thoughts that go around in our head about why people like us aren’t successful or why it’s important that we don’t play out because people will laugh or simply not get it – that people will think that we have got about our station and utter the words “who do you think you are doing that.”
I want you to know that if you’re not prepared to face your darkest shadow then you won’t move forwards. Business development isn’t purely about business. We can’t box ourselves away from our businesses – there’s an intrinsic link between us and our business. You need to be part of your business and your business needs to be part of you. That way it matters, that way you can inject passion and personality into it and that way you can be all in. BUT that comes with the added position that the development of our business and our self development is also linked. You will need to face your shadows in order to step into the sun. You will need to introspect and grow.
It’s not as scary as it sounds.
Often the thing that we perceive to be our biggest flaw can also be our biggest strength << it’s all down to the way that we look at it.
No-one excels at every area of life or business. We all have our own unique blueprint and the knowledge and skills that have come from what we have learned and the things that we have been through.
This is why there can never be a one size fits all approach to business development or self development. If people seek to basically put you through a systems or provide you with the one structure that works then all you can hope for is simulating others, to a greater or lesser extent.
You are the VERY best person to be running your business and YOU have all that it takes. Yeah, you might need to learn bit along the way. There will always be a rollercoaster ride attached to being a business owner but know that there’s always a thrill around the next corner.
Yes, you will do some stuff that takes you out of your comfort zone but you need to avoid stuff that doesn’t fit with your true message.
Be prepared to stand tight and fast over what you believe in.
Don’t feel swayed by what others do.
You have choice | You have the freedom to create the business (and life) of your dreams AND you have got this.

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