JEEZ, it’s noisy out there isn’t it! Right now you are in a crowded room and people simply just can’t see you, you feel invisible and you feel like there’s no way out of this busy crowd.  Ah, but there is a way out isn’t there?  You’ve seen people talk about it.  It feels like BULLSHIT of the highest order, it actually reeks of it AND it feels icky, unauthentic, pushy, expensive and down right uncomfortable – right?! 

If right now you’re in that crowded room, you aren’t being seen and you simply aren’t making the impact that you wanna make then you’re in the right place.  


I’m not here to rub any salt in or make you feel shitty, like a fail or that you’re simply doomed if you don’t work with me BUT let’s be super clear here; 

  • Your sales feel sucky 
  • You’re not making the impact you’d like to make 
  • You feel like you could yell all you liked in the crowded room but it wouldn’t make a single notch of difference. 

The problem – crap sales!  The only solutions that you see banded about simply make you eyeroll, the likes of the Facebook Ad that tells you that this person has the answer to the your sales woahs and will show you how you can make bazillions of pounds without ever spending a dime on ads 🤔 Seems you’re not even implementing your own strategy then pet 😂 to the “killer funnel” that you just need to stuff with catttle (whoops, I mean unsuspecting leads ~ no, I really mean “potential customers”) to the NUMBER ONE strategy that if you don’t buy into it you’ll never be a success, like never ever #failure

WOW! Sales is really a bloody tricky beast to navigate isn’t it! 


It’s time to breathe a whole load of new life into your sales strategy.  Sidestepping the icky, prancing beyond the BS and certainly not including any;

  • Working harder
  • Working longer hours
  • Hustling
  • Over efforting
  • Being uncomfortable
  • Compromise
  • Working from a place of lack

AND focusing on WHAT IS important in order for you to make a BIGGER impact, create more sales and make more money 




We will work together over a super insightful, impactful & fun 12 weeks to create YOUR bespoke formula to bossing your sales.  

The time we spend together will make selling a whole stack more EASEFUL, you’ll have a tonne more CLARITY on what’s important within your communication and therefore more IMPACTFUL.  

Nitty gritty – you’ll have a shit hot message, a sales page that speaks to the soul of your clients, a launch strategy bespoke to your business, a pimped pitch and a system that you can use over and over again.  

I’ll hold your hand EVERY step of the way.

The bottom line – you’ll make more sales & it’ll be a shit tonne more fun


Crafting Your USP

It’s time for a new level of clarity.  I brand spanking new knowing & confidence in what you’re doing.  In order to sell well we will be getting super clear & super confident with what you’re all about. 
Looking at; 
  • Your crowd
  • Your vibe
  • Your offering
How it all fits together and creates a heady mix for success.
How to know you’ve all those stars aligned. 
We will also be creating your crib sheet to ground you back to this deeper knowing whenever you’re working on your business. 

The Relationship Enhancement Combobulator

Your 3 areas that need to be top of mind in your business at all times.  We will be identifying the eco-system of your business.
Knowing what each of those areas needs is ridiculously important to provide a simpiler sales strategy that doesn’t feel efforty. 
Whilst there’s cross over in those areas the key points for each.
In terms of sales where are you going to be placing your attention?
Positioning – intentionally showing yourself in a way that’s relevant to the person whom you want to work with

What Are You Selling?

Inviting your clients to fulfil a dream – what is that dream?
Where are you the dream accelerator?
Areas of impact
So what?
Let’s look over crafting & creating the sales page and your key messaging
What do your crowd WANT?
What do your crowd NEED?
What are the essential things that they must hear from you in order to purchase
The tangible & the not so tangible
We create what we seek???
WTAF is the ROI!!!!

Cultivating An Enviroment For Sales

We will be diving into the eco-system of your business again and looking at what needs to be happening at each stage of the system to make sales easy. 
This ISN’T about pushing people into being purchasers ASAP but to promoting an enviroment where you can help people further with your products and services. 
We shall we diving into what it takes to sow the seeds, create anticipation and make people familiar with your offering.  
Content lead in to the launch period
Being mindful of the areas of the garden & tending to the crops

The Launch Phase

One size deffo doesn’t fit all when it comes to crafting and creating the perfect launch plans.

We will be considering you, your crowd, the type of product and what you need to know to create the perfect formula for you

We will dive into working out different launch plans and strategies

Your power to implement the pick ‘n mix approach to create your success

The long game considerations (because sustainability is key)

And a deep dive into pitching & creating the sale

The Post Launch Unpack

Let’s not be the person who leaves the suitcase for weeks before we unpack it!

The unpacking is super important to enable you to capture the good stuff, make sure you’re creating the launch pack/systems and rhythms for success for this particular product or service, take note of the lessons and the numbers to enable you to rinse it out and repeat it as and when suits you. 

We will also consider the eco-systems that need our attention in this phase.  

How to execute an epic experience is also up there to ensuring that we are provide super duper value for our clients too.  


Sarah’s business went from efforting to earn £3,000 per month to turning over £30,000 in July 2020.


Katherine took her business from the £217 income per month to £6k per month.  From burnout to bossing it!  


Rebecca did her first launch and made £792, implemented the Rockstar strategy and is now at £5,643 (and still going) in less than 20 days


Jan made £1,000 in a week!


So, What Do You Actually Get?

The 12 Week Programme

The 6 module/12 week online programme to take you from scraps of sales into that place to sell well. 

Videos, audios, PDFs and workbook to ensure you’ve got all the clarity you need. 

Live & Interactive Classes & Q&As

When we get to actually work together, in real time the most stupendous magic happens – that magic creates epiphanies and progress points, implementation strategy and the ability to get clarification bespoke to YOU & your business 

A Group Full Of Awesome

Being part of a group of entrepreneurs who are walking the talk and who are in it with you makes a cheerleading mastermind that will mean you are never ever alone in this journey. 

My Help & Support

I am NEVER an absent group host.  I will be with you EVERY SINGLE DAY to answer your questions, unravel your stuck and be there to assist you in executing each element and stage. 

Eeeekkkk, I almost forgot, there’s more….

Unsure what your offering even looks like?  Let me give you access to my Limitless Launch programme that takes you through scoping out an online programme and the steps to creation – WORTH £97

My eyes on YOUR business crib sheet, suggestions for additions and the support to get super clear on your mission, your message, what makes you super special and epic – WORTH £79

A review and suggestions in your product suite/offering so that you are maximising the impact you’re making and the profitability in your business  – WORTH £147 

Sales Page review, my eyes and feedback on your sales page.  This is your shop window into the world and we want to make sure it’s showcasing you in every single way – WORTH £197 

Launch Plan Review – want me to make sure you’ve nailed your launch strategy.  I only EVER do this for my 1-2-1 clients – WORTH £297

Pimp My Pitch – perfecting the oral communication of your offering is key (as well as being able to get that same pitch written down well).  People need to know that they absolutely should be falling over themselves for your product.  I will review your pitch, giving you points and feedback and allowing you to be able to confidently deliver it.  Again, a money can’t buy one and one I only do with my 1-2-1 clients – WORTH £297 


But it’s not going to cost you that…..






A Whole Load Of Awesome All For £497 (instalment plans are available 


The programme starts for reals on Wednesday 26th August but there’ll be activity in the group before then to help you to get sorted and ready for a great big shift and to prepare your business to finish 2020 with an absolute BOOM!!! 

Don’t dilly dally! 

I promise you that this is a program like nothing else out there. It’s going to help you to get from scared to savvy in no time flat if you are willing to jump in and apply what Emma has to tell you about building a business.

Emma has got the heart, vision and passion that can help you to move even the most mountainous blocks. She’ll hold your hand and help you to shine your light brightly on your own path to illuminate your purpose.

Working with her has changed everything in my business and therefore everything in my life, and the best part of all is that I am here – on task and on purpose, helping the people I am here to serve. Supernova changes lives – not just yours, but all of the people that are waiting for you to get your shit together and get out there in a big way.

Kate Spencer

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