😱 Your self worth is NOT based on a marketing metric AND your vibe some not be dictated by an outcome 🙄

I have had various conversations over the last week with people who have been feeling that their Facebook pages have been quiet, that they are experiencing an element of tumbleweed and that they feel a little disillusioned and angsty by it all.

If this is you then let me tell you that you’re not alone on this one BUT it doesn’t have to be this way. Whilst it’s feeling like a theme right now it’s not irreversible and I see plenty of evidence that in fact reach and engagement is GOOD right now too.

So here’s some takeaways;

① you impact is based on relationships with individuals. Whilst our ego wants everyone to see everything we put out there we also know that that’s not the case in the days of algorithms etc. Every relationship you’re building is GOOD!!!

② the algorithm and the amount of people interacting and engaging publicly with your work is a narrative to be aware of but doesn’t tell the full story ~ plenty of people helicopter about, reading your messages but aren’t actively participating in the plot line (until they are ready to).

③ Don’t let your energy drop and become despondent because something wasn’t received (particular on the first occasion) as you’d like it to be.

④ Your energy is magnetic (or not), really get into sharing what’s staggeringly important to you, in the very best energy you can.

⑤ give your audience what they WANT rather than what you think they NEED.

⑥ be present in your social media and don’t try to do it all as passively and quickly as possible.

⑦ Enjoy what you share and be passionate about your message

⑧ tell stories because stories are SUPER impactful.

⑨ you’re in this for the long term and not the reactions on one post. The sanity of business is longevity, relationship building (which takes time) and profitability.

Just some little thoughts for you today 😉