It’s ridiculously exciting to have put together the first of a brand new series of Rockstar Rebellion. YES, it was time to change things up a bit and it was time to dive into an exploration of discussions with the gorgeous Rockstars that I love and admire.  My commitment was to bring open and honest conversations, to explore wherever the whim took us and to not be set by an  interview format stylee but to free wheel into convos of discovery.  

Let me introduce you to the first series, the special guest co-hosts and much more….

Dive Into The Episodes..

Sarah Cornforth

Dive in and have a listen to our conversation today.  

Beckie Coupe

Time to chat with Beckie, pop down, press play & enjoy…

Anna Grace Taylor

A gorgeous convo with the super lovely Anna Grace Taylor…

Cat Knott

A super insightful and interest conversation with Cat Knott..

Vicki Nicolson

It’s always a total pleasure to chat to Vicki Nicolson…

Sarah Baker

A super conversation with the lovely Sarah Baker..

Kristina Smith

Wow! You NEED a Batman page!

Naomi Gilmour

Dive into my conversation with the gorgeous Naomi Gilmour.

It’s been an absolute bobby dazzler of a series and I can’t wait for Season 2!!! 

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