Sassy Funnel Structure 

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Want To Optimise All You’re Doing In Your Business To Optimise The Help You’re Giving Your Crowd AND Your Sales? 

Sales Funnels or marketing funnels often get such a bad press.  They can feel super icky and like you’re herding cattle or viewing your crowd as a walking purse BUT it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Optimising what you’re doing in your business, creating content that has longevity and continues to pay dividends (literally) is ridiculously important.  I totally get that it’s one that can feel super confusing and you have no idea where to start and that’s why I’ve popped together a super easy cheatsheet to help you start thinking about creating a beautiful and nurturing path to purchase for your audience – making your content make sense and stopping you feeling like you’re in a cycle of constant creation.  

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Sassy Funnel Structure, Free Guide 

What’s It All About???

The Cheatsheet

A super easy guide to the elements of a funnel and what those steps are all about.


No more second guessing what it’s all about and seeing how simple it can actually be 

An epiphany

That perhaps your attention should into creating the content that has longevity.  When people ask me about growing their audience they usually mean getting more likes or follows on Social Media but that’s not the only place where you should be placing your attention. 

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