Savvy Sales Funnels = More Profit 

BUT it kinda goes deeper than that.  The side effects of having an epic sales funnel = optimising your content ✔️ having to produce less content on an ongoing basis ✔️ enhancing the relationship with your audience ✔️ having a clear path to purchase ✔️ attracting more people to your business ✔️ having clear and conscious flow in your business. 


So often people get going in their business, they start to create a whole stack of content and have different platforms on which they market their business.  The  business ends up feeling like a hungry beast which demands more and more content and you feel like you’re in constant creation mode.  Everything you do in your business feels disposable and you’re never really nailing taking people from being followers/fans into being customers.  

Creating your sales funnel is about creating a very clear path to purchase and being able to take your crowd by the hand and walk them down that path.  

There’s nothing icky, pushy, underhand or uncomfortable necessary. 

Essentially it’s a strategy that will serve you (optimising what you’re creating, enhanbling you to create less but what you do create has purpose and increases your profits) and your crowd (as you have a nutruring sequence that will support & help them, as well as offering them the solution to their problems.  #winwin

The What, Why & All You Need To Know….

Running your business needs you to get smart & savvy.  There are so many business owners that are failing, creating throw away content that lasts simply a couple of minutes in a newsfeed, prioritising and popping their attention in the wrong places and feeling like everything is so bloody hard work.  

Imagine the difference it would make is you had absolute clarity about where you were taking your clients and producing optimised content and assets in your business that will continue to pay dividends (literally). 

Imagine feeling in control and like you know exactly what you’re doing – aka a little more like you’ve got your shit together. 

Imagine a situation where you are continuing to make money on your products/services even when you’re not actively working on them.  I don’t LOVE the term passive income because it gives the impression that there’s no work involved whatsoever but having a corking funnel will mean that once you’ve set it up it can be making money for you when you’re attention is on other things in your business.  

Rather than your business continuing to be a toddler and needing your active attention almost every minute of the day then it’ll become a teenager who really isn’t that bothered whether you’re there or not and will just crack on cracking on.  


Sales Funnels Success is going to walk you through what it actually takes to set up a funnel that’s working within your business and allowing you to create a much more passive growth strategy – increasing the size of your client base and your bank account.   Let’s see what you actually get…

What Are Funnels All About

A full introduction to what funnels are and how they can be used in your business.  You’ll be able to see the power and potential of the funnels within your work and how they can support your growth 

A Dive Into What Exactly You Need To Create Your Funnel

We won’t be leaving a single stone unturned as we look at what you will actually need to do in order to create a funnel and be able to see each moving part, it’s role and what to keep top of mind at each stage

How To Create Your Funnel

Yup, what’s it actually going to take you to get your funnel developed & launched and a working guide of the things you’ll need to do.  We will make sure it’s not overwhelming and that it’s something you can continue to add to and develop but something you can get working for you fairy quickly 

Optimising Your Funnel

Once your funnel is in place and starting to show results – i.e. it’s increasing your audience, reach, impact & profits then we will look at what you will need to do in order to continue that growth and development and have that funnel working, even when you’re not! 


OK, so, let’s cut to the chase – is this right for you?

This is for you if;

You’re sick of churning out more and more stuff and feeling like it’s not quite making the impact you’d like.

  • You want an easier way to look after your crowd and actually direct them to the opportunities that are available for you to solve their issues and help them further.
  • You don’t want to be on the treadmill of having to over effort to convert your audience, being scared of asking for the sale or simply not talking about the ways that they can work with you.
  • You want to be able to concentrate on the work you love and not the constant-ness of how you’ll get in front of more people.
  • You want to optimise your efforts in your business and you want those efforts to lead to sales.
  • You don’t want it all to be so hard.

It’s time to get started! 

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