Make the start, make the difference, make the change. 

So here at the beginning of this page I’m supposed to make you feel super bad about where you are right now, talk about how you’ve neglected yourself and make sure you have the scabs totally picked. 

I’m not going to do that. 

Chances are you’re pretty good at giving yourself a hard time anyway AND don’t need me to add anything further to that, in fact, I simply don’t want to add to that. 

I want you to accept that you are where you are right now, without the layers of “how the fuck did I get here,” “I’m so disappointed with myself,” “I try and fail too many times” BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Let’s just say “it is what it is and we are where we are.”  Now, we can stay right there and see how that works out or we can start to make changes, we can start to prioritise your energy and how you show up for you because that truly ripples into EVERY SINGLE area of your life.  

I brought Kickstarter together because I was asked for help, gorgeous Rockstars were falling into my inbox with the enough is enough now BUT where do I start without it becoming another thing that’s all or nothing, flash in the pan, falling off the wagon etc etc. 

So, what’s it all about? 



Getting your head in the right place to be able to find a new norm.  This isn’t about deprivation, sacrifice, boredom, punishment and all that jazz.  This is about opening the doors up to the reality that there is no wagon to fall on and off, there’s no being good or being bad, there’s no ONE THING that’s going to make everything different – your results are the sum of the actions you take consistently, not just one 3 minute slice of your day/week/month. 

Conscious Nutrition

Bollox to diets, bollox to being good or bad, bollox to habits that haven’t been serving us.  A different approach to the way I eat has meant that I’ve lost 75.75lbs in 2019. I haven’t ever felt deprived or like I’ve missed out (because I haven’t).  I haven’t lived on a diet of kale & quinoa.  I haven’t stopped drinking alcohol or side stepped fast food/convenience. I’ve made changes that are sustainable and that are super nourishing in every single way.    


Implementing supportive habits and removing that shit we do mindlessly, without thought (and then often feel super shit about) is fundamental to changes being made that support your overall health and wellness.  From moving your butt (general day to day movement and not being stuck at your desk) to making sure you’re hydrated, to bedtime routines and prioritising sleep and everything in between.  Focusing on each step and getting total high fives along the way. 

Here’s What Some Lovely Rockstars Really Think…

Kickstarter is the most supportive and inspiring group you could wish to be a part of! Emma is always super supportive and it doesn’t matter what your starting point is, she will help you make changes in a way that feels exciting and rewarding, rather than scary or daunting! Living with chronic pain I never ever thought that by week 2 I would be able to walk 10,000 steps in a day (considering my goal in week 1 was 2,500) but I’ve really surprised myself and it’s been thanks to the support in the group and Emma helping me to believe that I can move more. Having people around me who get it and will celebrate in these little victories with me is the best motivation in the world. I can’t wait to see how I feel by the end of it!


Beckie Coupe

We all know what we should be doing or what we want to do to make our lives and businesses better…..but we still struggle to do those things because we try to do it alone or we trip ourselves up at every turn. I’m not great at asking for help but I am good at being influenced and guided by positive support to make positive change and that’s what Kickstarter is all about for me. One of my goals was to leave the house daily. It was hard to admit that I’d become a bit of a hermit as most people just don’t get it. In the space of a few weeks I’m more active, energised and motivated. And guess what? My business didn’t fall apart because I left my desk. If you’re ready to make the sort of changes which will make a huge difference to your health and mental wellbeing then check this out. X


Sarah Cornforth

So, What’s It All About? 

Nitty Gritty

✅ 6 Weeks Together (but there’s options to continue, don’t think “ah well, 6 weeks won’t help”)

✅A Starter Pack to get your going 

✅ 4 pre-recorded modules for you to work through (I’ll remind you and direct you there too so that they don’t just sit there unloved)

It’s not about it being all or nothing, there’s no wagon to be on or off, there’s no this or that and there’s no prescription as to the only way that things can be done.

You can micro focus on making one area of change.  You can make tweaks, you can go full out and revamp your whole lifestyle – your call BUT you’ll be in the most supportive and pro-active enviroment to achieve success.

I’ll be in the group with you daily going through mindset actionables, habit shifts, conscious nutrition ideas, encouraging you to move and to make changes.

Everything that you learn is to empower you to progress.

Step by step.

So What’s Actually Involved? 

Starter Pack

The Starter Pack is available straight away to dive into because no-one wants to hang about and change needs to start straight away.  You’re ready, right?!

➡️ What It’s All About

➡️ How To Use The Course

➡️ What You Need To Know

➡️ Your Personal Assessment Pack

➡️ Creating Epiphanies

➡️ The Fundamentals

➡️ Floors In The Quick Fix

➡️ Exiting The Wagon

Module One

Now’s the time to dive in.  We are going to be focusing on stacks of stuff in this module that’s totally transferable into all areas of life.  Lots of these are game changers.

➡️ Stepping into readiness

➡️ Change Stages

➡️ Taking responsibility

➡️ Motivation and all you need to know about it

➡️ Goals & Targets (and what actually is important)

➡️ Slaying Stuck Habits

➡️ Anticipating speed-bumps and smashing through them

➡️ What do you actually want.

Module 2

It’s time to talk about nutrition.  Nourishing you and making decisions around nutrition through empowered and conscious decisions, actions & behaviours

➡️ How I think about nutrition – conscious nutrition basics

➡️ How to look at weight loss/management and energy through nutrition

➡️ Calculations

➡️ Tracking

➡️ Long term, sustainable habits

➡️ No more yo-yo

Module Three

Your energy is your habits + your mindset + your nutrition + a few other things and in modules 3 & 4 we will dive into those additional things..

➡️ Sleep and creating good sleep habits 

➡️ Hydration 

➡️ Barriers & curveballs 

➡️ Stress & emotions 

Module Four

The “move yo ass” module. Now I ain’t gonna go all hardcore on you (unless of course you want to establish a high level fitness routine) BUT we do have to talk movement. 

➡️ Everyday movement 

➡️ Steps 

➡️ What is NEAT? 

➡️ Exercise 

➡️ Creating & Forming Habits

Super Support

You ain’t in this alone.  This ain’t a course that’ll gather dust.  This is hugely interactive, supportive and kick ass!! 

➡️ Private Facebook Group

➡️ Lots of contact each week 

➡️ Weekly Live Q&A and module discussions

➡️ Rockstar Dares 

➡️ Accountability 

➡️ A group of people positivity navigating a similar journey to you, 

As soon as I saw Emma talk about her kickstarter program being launched I knew this was the missing piece to me being the best version of myself. I had the best business coach already but in order to be a totally awesome coach I had to address my health and fitness. After my Achilles injury in the summer all my exercise stopped…. And other fitness programs aim for the weight loss and don’t focus on the mindset. I knew how to lose weight and I know how to exercise but the emotional eating was a huge thorn in my side and a massive habit I needed to quit.

Emma comes into the closed group daily and talks about so many different aspects that affect us achieving our desired state and outcome. Mindset, hydration and there being no bad food as such just a case of making the choice and if it takes you away from your goal. You can have the wine and take away. Its not a diet program its conscious nutrition and tons of be there and done it attitude.
I am drinking more water and walking daily and learning so much. Emma is a true inspiration and anything she creates gives huge value and support….

My health and fitness are important to me – how could I not invest in a program that will have a knock on effect in my life and my clients life’s ❤

Rachel Allanach

The next intake starts on Wednesday September 16th. BUT don’t delay as there’s an ace Starter Pack to get you started and the group is already open to help you to navigate along the way. 

Fancy having;

✔️ More energy

✔️ More Vitality

✔️ Feel fitter & healthier

✔️ Have stacks of support around you

✔️ Re-find YOU

✔️ Shine like a freakin Supernova

What ya waiting for?

Here’s Rebecca’s Story…

Yeah But…..

I Just Can't See Myself Making It Happen

Being determined, being motivated, being committed do feel like biggies.  Feeling like you just don’t have what it takes often keeps us super stuck.  

Do you need to be a certain type of person to make changes to your health & wellness?  The answer is NO.  We all have it inside us. 

When I first started this journey I didn’t know where it would go.  I wasn’t able to make any grandiose goals.  I simply made a daily commitment to myself to show up. 

When there’s no wagon to fall off then falling off the wagon isn’t even a thing. 

We will work together to help you to take those daily steps. 

But I've Tried Before, Why Would Now Be Different

I am going to empower you to take control of where you are. 

I’ll meet you exactly where you are and we will navigate from there.  

It’s important that you’re not “on a plan” or that you don’t have to do certain things.  

There’s no fails. 

It’s time to learn about the power of your mindset and what health and wellness means to you and how that looks in terms of executing it into your everyday. 

We will be sidestepping dieting culture. We will be looking at your nutrition rather than your diet and we will be making changes that are bespoke to you and sustainable in terms of how you’re looking after yourself day to day.  

I’m not going to be advising you what to eat. 

I’m going to be steering you to find out more about what you eat and helping you find the way that means you make conscious choices for you. 

We will be diving into being mindful of all aspects of our health and wellness.  

Remember, there’s no wagon to fall off here. 

Stacks of support, accountability, some fun challenges and empowerment for you to be your own health & wellness guru without the BS. 

What Does The Journey Look Like?

I know that you are bombarded with the befores and afters over on Social Media.  BUT there seems to be a whole chunk of the journey missing. 

What is it actually like to take the journey? 

I always say that if you don’t love the process then you need to find yourself a new process.  

This WILL NOT be about “quick fixes” as we will working on sustainability and habit forming, behaviours and mindset.  

As with every change you make in life there’ll be days where you feel like you’re killing it and there’ll be days where, meh ~ not so much so.  

I found that for me I saw huge differences 3 monthly. 

Every day, after day one, I got up with the “I haven’t come this far to only come this far” feeling and the fact that I didn’t want to do day one ever again.  

We will navigate the path, day by day, across the time we spend together (and beyond if you want to take it further) and prioritise YOU within all of this.  

Remember, without the wagon, there’s nothing to fall off.  

What About Life's Curve Balls?

None of us get through life without the odd curve ball here and there.  

This course is designed to work, predominantly on your mindset and behaviours and to enable you to be in a positive position to handle all that’s thrown your way.  

It might feel that you could be easy knocked off course, you have been before – right?!?  BUT when you change and reframe the way that you think about things and know (and I mean really know) that you can’t always dictate the situation but you can control the way you react to it then you’re set free! 

What Will People Think?

From ~ it being selfish to looking after yourself to jeez, will people treat me differently if I ditch a bit of weight and get fit, we can fret ever so much about the impact on others and what they’ll think of us.  

I was an absolute bugger for using the “selfish” card.  As a mum of 2 I didn’t think that I had the time to exercise and look after my own health as they needed me to be around for them.  Boy, that was BS.  

The hugely triggering reality is that we are setting standards, showing the use of boundaries and influencing our children with the decision we make for ourselves.  😱 I know that one is a truly difficult one.  

In terms of what people will think ~ well I suppose that’s there stuff and if you’re light illuminates a dark spot for them then it’s in their uncomfort.  Perhaps you might just inspire them also?! 

I have to see that I gained so much more than I lost.  

Will you become a gym bore ~ only if you decide to be.

Will people not like you anyone ~ eeeekkkk, that would be ever so shallow them. 

Will you change ~ hopefully 😉but in so many positive ways. 

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