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Hey, welcome..

Thank you for taking the time to popping over & checking out Rock ‘n Soul.

I totally know that there’s stacks of things out there competing for your attention. I also know that you might even be experiencing a level of resistance to even taking this time to check this out. 

Why will this be any different?  Isn’t this just another thing I’m gonna purchase and will make very little difference to me?  Isn’t this just another acted out excitement and clever copywriting in order to get the sale?

I want you to know that here at Rebels & Rockstars YOU are the focus, it’s ridiculously important to me that the work that I do empowers you to get out of your own way and build your business.

I AM, genuinely, EXTREMELY excited about Rock ‘n Soul AND I KNOW the impact that it will make on the Rockstars who are part of it.

I want you to read on with an open mind BUT I also want you to trust your gut.  You’ll know if it’s right for you.

I’m not here with any crazy promises of a gazillion dollars in 3.6 seconds, there’ll be no limited time bonuses in order to provoke you into purchase, there’ll be no differences in pricing.

I will be closing the doors to the programme BUT this isn’t about taking you to a point of FOMO or provoking a fear based purchased – it’s because it’s important for me to work with the members of the programme in REAL TIME in the group.  It’s important for me that the community forms and you are part of something that’s truly nurturing and supportive and I’ve tested many different ways of doing this and the way that I can help you the best is when we all start on the same page.

Time to tell you more……

Is It For You? 

This programme came about after spending some time reviewing what was going on at Rebels & Rockstars.  I wanted to see the journey that had been taken by some of my most successful Rockstars.  Back in 2016 I ran a programme called the Smash Hits Success Bootcamp.  I realised that lots of Rockstars who were now bossing their space had started working with me in that programme.  I also know that lots of my Rockstars weren’t ready for my Business Supernova Programme.

💡💡 My epiphany was right there – Rock ‘n Soul is the updated version of that super impactful programme.

Inspired by Impact 🙌🏼

Now let’s look at whether this is the right programme for you….

You’re currently second guessing every step you take.  You feel like you’re missing something and worry that you don’t really know what you’re doing to get your business out there and create an impact.

You’re not sure if what you’re doing is making a real connection or impact. BUT have no idea how to measure that or improve 🙄

You’re disillusioned by all the BS that’s out there 😬

Worried that a “proper job” might be looming

Feel like everything’s an uphill struggle.  There’s absolutely NO momentum and everything you do feels difficult right now.

You fly through each week BUT feel you’re not making any real progress.

You feel out of your depth

You need a strategy/a plan

There’s an undercurrent of inadequacy – how can other people make it look so easy yet I’m struggling so much.

Spend TOO much time wondering what you actually should be doing first.  Are you doing this stuff in the right order?  Are you missing a step along the way?

Fretting that you’re getting it all wrong, that you’ll mess up and that you’ll be a fail

Feel like everything’s an uphill struggle.  There’s absolutely NO momentum and everything you do feels difficult right now.

You feel inconsistent

You’ve watched webinars, grabbed freebies BUT you’re unsure as to how to implement this stuff in your business or whether it’s even the right stuff for your business.

You feel like you’re letting your business down

You feel like it’s all on your shoulders.

You need to start making some money

I totally hear you AND I also know that it absolutely doesn’t have to be this way for you.

It’s time to take a change.

It’s time to invest your time, effort, energy and attention in the right things rather than in the angst.  It’s time to back you.  One of the things I often say to people is that if you don’t believe in you then how can anyone else believe in you to an extent that they can invest in you.

The other things that’s hugely impactful is the fact that if we have a lack of clarity then we can never deliver a truly impactful message.

Those two might just make you face palm 🙈and send you into a little panic BUT this is the stuff that I can absolutely help you bottom and Rock ‘n Soul is the perfect place for you right now.

Find Out What Vicki Has To Say…

What Is Actually Included Then? 

Pre-Course Pack

The pre-course module is designed to get your teeth into from the get go (but can be referred to at any time within the programme/ongoing).

➡️ Being Self Employed – we will be looking at working for yourself, your productivity & habits, working from home, getting the right support around you, how to encourage the support of family & friends AND some of the lesser known/important things you need to be aware of when running your business.

➡️ Your Success – defining success on your terms.  What success means to you.  How to set goals and targets that you work with, thinking about the longevity of your business and how to get to grips with numbers in your business even if they aren’t your strong point (hands up if you hate accounts and all that numbers jazz 🖐)

➡️ Mindset – one of the biggest barriers to success!! We are going to be diving into the most common blocks, stories & hurdles that business owners pop in their own way and giving you the strategy and tactics to navigate them with ease.

So what will you come away from this module with? 

✔️ An understanding of how to work to your strengths in your business & feel supported

✔️ Knowing where you’re heading and what success looks like for you

✔️ Being able to set AND achieve targets/goals

✔️A bolstered mindset & tools you can use in your business EVERY SINGLE DAY

Module 1 - Clarity

This module is going to allow you to get CRYSTAL CLEAR, no more feeling unsure or overwhelmed it’s time to get a whole new level of understanding of your business.

We will be covering;

➡️ Who you are! I know, quite a biggie here but exploring YOU, how you want to show up in your business, how you want to be seen and what makes you tick are super important and will allow you to work WITH yourself rather than always working AGAINST yourself.

➡️ What you are passionate about.  Why you do what you do, what makes you tick and what lights you up.  Business shouldn’t feel hard and only feels hard until you realise it doesn’t have to be.  We will be diving into your passions, excitement and what will keep you fully connected to what you do, therefore enhancing flow & ease in your business AS WELL AS a magnetism to your crowd.

➡️ What’s your business all about.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and get super clear on the objectives & vibe of your business.

➡️ Who does your business serve.  Now, I’m NOT going to be walking you through the same old, same old, ideal client avatar stuff that keeps so many people stuck.  Let’s flip this and look at who your business serves in a very different way! Expect epiphanies!

➡️ Why should they care.  I often talk to my 1-2-1 clients about going from “yeah, that’s nice” to “Jeez, let me at it, I need that thing” and that’s what we will be exploring here.  How we connect what your business is all about to who your business serves in order to make the biggest impact.

➡️ What they need from you.  Here we will start to examine the pieces of your business that we will explore in more detail in later modules.

What will you get from this module?

✔️ A new level of self assurance and confidence

✔️ Clarity on what you bring to your business

✔️ An ability to communicate and share what your business is all about and why people should care

✔️ Super focus on who you serve

✔️ A knowing of what your crowd need from you.

Module 2 - Visibility

I get it, you feel like you’re shouting down a DEEP, DARK HOLE and no-one is listening.  The world is so busy and noisy it feels really hard to stand out and you’re not sure how you can best get in front of your crowd.

Fear not, we are hitting visibility in this module.  Here’s what we will be covering;

➡️Social Media – ah that bad boy!! Yup we will be talking platforms, purpose, best practice, presence, visibility & more more.  How can you be seen with an ever changing algorithm, which posts are currently preforming well, how do you get the perfect balance with your social media strategy (AND WTF is a Social Media Strategy)

➡️ The SERVE THE PANTS OFF YOUR CROWD philosophy and how that works – here’s a hint – it doesn’t mean working for free or trying to prove yourself at ever juncture.  This is about connection, creating and nurturing those relationships

➡️ Content Marketing – what does that even mean?  How can I use it in my business and how can I NOT get bogged down with the constant creation of content

➡️ Message & Voice – how to show up in your business, in your way – whether that be in writing, on video or through the imagery you use

➡️ How to grow your fanbase – I know that for lots of people this is one that keeps them stuck – how do you actually achieve growth.  We will be looking at a number of strategies you can implement in your business that are either FREE or LOW COST.

➡️ Making your fans fanatical – how do you deepen the connection you have with your audience so that they are ready to purchase from you, recommend you to others and much more.

At the end of the module you will;

✔️ Understand your priorities on social media

✔️ Be in a position to create a social media strategy, test it & tweak it

✔️ Know how to serve your crowd

✔️ Know your key messages and nail your voice

✔️ Have a growth strategy that you can implement

Module 3 - Nurture

Now we are going to dive into taking that visibility and making it work for our business.

In this module we will be covering;

➡️ List Building – whilst you’ll hear people harping on about the fact that list building is dead this ISN’T the case.  It’s part of the puzzle that we are pulling together during this programme.  We will be diving into the purpose, what to do to increase the numbers on your list and how to plan in list building activity into your marketing schedule.

➡️ Emarketing – no point building a list if you’re going to ignore them! Now emarketing isn’t about constantly throwing sales message out by email.  Let’s work out how emarketing can work best for your business

➡️ Groups – is it right for you to have a Facebook Group to bring your audience together.  The answer to that is ~ it depends.  We will dive into the business strategy for hosting a group and what you need to think about

➡️ Relationships – at every stage we are looking at evolving those relationships.  As we bring the pieces of the puzzle together you will start to see how those relationships continue in their evolution.

➡️ Evolution – growth – your growth, the growth of your audience and the growth of your business – we will be looking at the different stages and the different considerations along the way.

What will you get out of this module;

✔️ A list building strategy that you can implement in your business

✔️ An email strategy that will work for your business

✔️ Knowledge of whether a FB group is right for your business or not

✔️ A deeper understanding of the relationships within your business and how to grow those

✔️ Moving away from the fear of the unknown and replacing it with the excitement of evolution in your business.

Module 4 - Sales

Yup, this is the bad boy where we will tie it all together and change the trajectory of the income line in your business.  No flat lines, no downward trend, it’ll be all about bolstering your sales without ever feeling salesy or bad.

In this module we will be looking at;

➡️ What you sell – right now, does your offer marry up with all the work we’ve done in previous modules?  Does it make sense?  Are you happy with it and can you articulate your offer?

➡️Pricing 😱 the one that can TOTALLY trigger all sorts of feelings and emotion.  What do we need to think about when it comes to pricing?  How can we get more comfortable around pricing & money?

➡️ Sales Pages – are you shining the light on your product/service in the best possible way?  Again, it’s one that often makes people wobbly as they don’t want to seem like a show off or arrogant BUT it’s important that your sales page is compelling to your audience.

➡️ Selling & Why People Buy (Or Not) – beware as this one may contain some epiphanies BUT will also allow you to get beyond the common stuck places and into a whole new mindset around sales & selling

➡️ Launching & Launch Plans – what is a launch, why do you need one, what do you need to think about and how to plan a launch rather than wing it.

So at the end of this module you will;

✔️ Be MUCH more comfortable with sales & selling

✔️ Know how to get your sales message right

✔️ Feel confident around money & pricing

✔️ Know WHAT are the keys to making sales

✔️ Be able to prepare & execute a launch plan


Yup, depending on what people need throughout the programme I will be adding additional bonus materials into the vault BUT to get you started we will be diving into;

➡️ Evolving Your Business & Next Steps

➡️ Limitless Launch – a full programme showing you how to put together a digital/online product or programme

➡️ Planning & Execution in Business

➡️ Keeping Your Eyes On Your Stuff

➡️ How To Make Good Decisions

🌟 Access To The Members Only Facebook Group (you’ll get stacks of support within the community both from the gorgeous Rockstars in there AND from ME – I’m not an absent host).

🌟 Q&A sessions within the group

🌟 Live teaching sessions in the group where we can work on things together in real time.

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Are We Perfectly Matched? 

I work with entrepreneurs to help, support, guide and provide strategy which will allow them to achieve their awesome ~ increasing their income, stepping into their flow, implementing a strategy that works for them and feeling ease & grace with their work that impacts their world, the world of their clients and the world as a whole.   I’ve worked with clients to launch products which have produced 18K income in one day and launches of 54k + in sales together with a 30k in 30 days project, €1k in a day, £10k extra income from one idea, £2,270 per month recurring income in 30 days and a whole stack more.

I work with clients across the world to develop a business bespoke to them.  No cookie cut approach or one size fits all.

I have been featured on That’s Manchester TV, BBC Radio, Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club, Mememe as well as being an Accreditation Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist and Customer Value Optimisation Specialist.

Taking your business online can be as scary prospect however beginning my journey a few years ago with the lovely Emma Holmes as my guide has been truly transformational. I came from a corporate background and struggled to think and behave like on online entrepreneur and it really showed. Understanding my audience, my offering and how to communicate with my crowd has given me the foundations to grow year after year. Last year I decided to change my business direction to follow my creative heart and I was able to use everything I’ve learned from the years of working with Emma and her teachings to fast track me to where I am today. Her content is timeless, flexible and essential. Thank you! Sarah xx


Sarah Cornforth

So Here’s The Thing….

So here’s the thing – you can keep on keeping on – frustrated, lacking in clarity and feeling like you’re trudging through mud OR you can invest in yourself and your business and make waves!

I’m not here to persuade you but to offer you the insight that things can be different 😘

I was introduced to Emma on Facebook via a friend and I am so grateful she did 💗 I’ve never come across anyone one like her, she’s funny, determined, gifted, super talented,clever, down to Earth and knows so much about those baby steps to move you from becoming unstuck in your business and getting a whole ton of stuff done. When I heard about Rock and Soul my heart went hell yes before she had even shared the price, I spoke to my husband about it and said I am doing it regardless.

Omg, I can not tell you how much this program as transformed me and my business on so many levels and since being in the program I’ve gained my first international client and have had further enquiries about my products.

I am waking up excited to work on my business and It’s not been icky, it’s flowing it’s fun and I am so excited about what more I can achieve being under the guidance of the lovely Emma Holmes.

The support you get is like nothing I’ve experienced from past coaches she gives so much free content and is always on hand to help you out. I’ve made so many friends within the program and we are all at different stages within our business, but it doesn’t matter as she tailors her guidance with we’re you are at. She wants to be of service and support you and she’s achieved that and so much more. I will be forever grateful that Emma brought that extra magic,light to my life. Thank you 💗

Rachel Allanach

Getting out of my own way, and signing up to ‘Rock n Soul’ was one of the greatest commitments I could have made to myself and my business. Having already been in Emma’s Beyond Ordinary Business Hub for some time, my concerns were certainly not around whether Emma was worth it, but whether I was.

Was it frivolous and unnecessary when I am just starting out a business to buy a program that potentially might just sit there unused? (I have done this before..)

COULD I REALLY AFFORD IT? (Pay by instalments option -next excuse please?)

DO I KNOW ENOUGH? I am not techy or social media savvy (yet)? (That’s what you’re signing up for, stupid!)

CAN I DO IT? You know what? I absolutely CAN. I can, because I have been following Emma for a long time now, and from what little bits I have implemented, I know that she knows her stuff, and even just doing those little bits she offers for free have had a huge impact. I trust her. She has bags of integrity, and I know she is super supportive, yet also will kick my ass if need be (with love 😉).

So, I got over myself, signed up, and immediately felt a sense of relief. I didn’t have to do it alone anymore. I had someone to guide me, and immediate access to pre-course stuff that I could get stuck straight into. All inspiring. All totally on my wavelength. Tasks I thought would take me ages, she explains in a way that makes it all a breeze. She totally de-mystifies stuff.

And I am full of integrity too, so I’m going to tell you the truth here. I am not at the same stage as other people are. A LOT of my hours every day are spent working on my business, so I only get to dip in and out when I have the odd hour or two. It doesn’t matter! I can follow the videos and engage with content whenever I like, and the Facebook group is there for quick answers and support whenever I need it.

The teaching calls and online workshops stay visible, so I know that when I am ready to catch up, I can with ease. Emma makes it very clear that we aren’t ‘behind’ in the course, but equally, she’s really invested in you and your business, so will motivate you to keep going with what you can, when you can.

She’s ace at igniting your passion and reminding you that it will all be worth it.

So, here’s the thing, you only know what you know. What you don’t know, Emma does. She will quickly take you out of overwhelm and gently place you back on the right path. She will quell your fears and keep you serving in the best way you can. If your ego shows up, she will shoot it down.

If you want an icky, get rich quick type of course, then this isn’t for you. If you’re in it for the long game, and want to truly serve your crowd, work with integrity, and build a lasting business that will grow from strength to strength, but ALSO make you money, then sign up now. Put some Rock n Soul in your life. I promise you won’t regret it.
Oh, and by the way, even though I haven’t even looked at most of the content, the stuff I HAVE looked at and implemented has already made me enough money to have paid for the course.

I can’t wait to get stuck into the rest of it, because in terms of value for money, I absolutely KNOW that this is the best investment I could ever have made for myself, my confidence, my crowd and my business.

Connect with your soul, sign up, and ROCK your business…

Kaz xx

Karen Conville

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