Lots of people talk about this fabulous thing called passive income (I’m not a huge fan of the term – I prefer leveraged, passive always seems to suggest that you can do ball all and make money out of it whereas leveraged describes it better as you can take your one hour of time and sell it over and over again, levering your knowledge and teachings).

I know that lots of people dream of the day when they can go to bed and wake up in the morning having already made money that day – it’s pretty right?!

It’s bloomin fabulous! 

Not only does it mean that you can reach more people with your information, teachings or message, it also means that you can have varied price points for different products and use your time more productively and profitably.

To many it seems like a pipe-dream, check out the main reasons I see people resisting the inclusion of digital products into their business OR why you haven’t done it yet…..

BUT it can be a reality with the right support, a dollop of determination and a sprinkling of passion.  

I suppose it’s like that planting the tree thing – the best time to do it is 20 years ago and the next best is now.

Lots of people are waiting for an elusive goal before they start to produce digital products.  It might be that they feel that they need a certain number of followers on Social Media or a certain number of people on their list BUT the process of bringing together your first digital product shouldn’t be set with pre-determined conditions.  The first launch I did I had 287 people on my list and less than 500 people on my Facebook page.  Throughout the launch I grew my following in both sectors massively and I achieved 27 sales – not bad considering the numbers involved.

I LOVE digital products of part of my business as much as I love 1-2-1 work.  I wouldn’t be without either.  

If you are thinking of bringing together your teachings, message, instruction into an online product then the best way to start is to get started.  Get out there and bring it together.

Where do you start? 

✔️ Take some time to write down everything that you could teach.  I do have a little mantra that says “just because you could doesn’t mean you should” BUT at this stage it should be done without filter.  Empty your head of all your ideas.

✔️ Look at the easiest option.  Which option is screaming to you?  Which feels easy? Joyous even!  I know that the little self talk fairy will spring up here saying that if it’s easy then people aren’t going to buy it, that they will know this stuff already blah blah blah BUT just because you find it easy doesn’t mean other people do.

✔️ Think about the Rockstar Journey – I like to think about digital products as taking you on a journey.  Where are your crowd right now?  What are they stuck with?  Where will this programme take them?  What will they be able to do at the end of it?

✔️ Scope out what you would include.

✔️ Start talking to your crowd about the subject and see what reaction you get.

✔️ Get set to produce your own digital product – the road ahead will teach you lots, lots about yourself, lots about your crowd and lots about your business BUT it will be super rewarding and it will allow you to share your message on a much greater scale.

If you have absolutely no idea how to start & want a whole stack of help & support then you might just wanna check this out…..

Limitless Launch 

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