Resilience ~ the ability to keep going despite setbacks, limited resources, shit getting in the way etc.

Is resilience a good thing?

Is it grit & determination?

Is it being strong minded at any cost?

Resilience is more than picking yourself up when shit happens.  For me I think resilience is a mental/emotional strength that allows you to navigate the world without getting your legs swiped from underneath you constantly.  If you don’t manage to side step the leg swipe then equally it’s the ability to get back up.

I think that as a business owner you have a natural level of resilience.  You have stepped into the arena.  You’ve taken a brave step.  You’ve no doubt been told about the odds being against you, the number of business that close down and the fact that you won’t be able to make an impact in a super noisy world.  It’s likely that you did this with limited resources.  It’s likely that you did this with some seeds of doubt within your head.

The Resilience Of Getting Started 

This is the resilience that you don’t even realise you’re employing.  You have had an idea and you’ve gone with it – despite those limited resources and the fact that life happens and things get in the way and maybe even that you’ve had some negativity.

Chances are you NEVER give yourself credit for how far you’ve come since that idea concept, since you became self employed, since you were brave enough to follow something that was important to you.

A little post came into my Beyond Ordinary Business Hub this week.  A post that was from 3 years ago when I ran a Rockstar Summit (hosted masterclasses from lots of my gorgeous Rockstars to allow them to get more eyes on their business, names on their email list and to step outside of their comfort zone).  The difference in some of those Rockstars is A – MAZING!

I think this was one of the first video classes I ever recorded (if not the first) and I was super nervous! I would hate to watch it back now because even just looking at the photo of me here it’s like a different person!

So just to say a massive thanks to Emma for giving me the opportunity to be part of the rockstar summit then. It’s reminded me of how far I’ve come in 3 years and I’ll be forever grateful for your support 💖

Sometimes we have to look back to see how far we’ve come and often that has to be provoked.

My Rockstar Dare for you today is just to consider how far you’ve come, be PROUD OF YOURSELF (jeez, we are shit at that aren’t we) and give yourself a little credit.

Resilience As You Evolve 

Business is an evolution.  You don’t go from zero to hero.  Despite the fact that we see a whole load of rags to riches stories and “overnight success” stories ~ whilst they may seem like they happened in a whiff whaff there’s always a bigger story behind that.

You will NEVER achieve anything that’s truly marvellous without coming up against some stuff.  It’s never a clear path to anywhere worth going.

🙄  There’ll be times where there are curve balls,

🙄  there’ll be times where stuff happens that you hadn’t expected,

🙄  there might be times where you don’t make the impact you’d like,

🙄  there’ll be times where you may feel that you’ve nothing left

🙄  there’ll be times where you wonder if you’re wasting your time.

I know that for stacks of entrepreneurs the BIGGEST, but most unexpected, surprise of their entrepreneurial journey is the evolution and personal development that comes with being an entrepreneur.  As an entrepreneur you are self reliant ~ it’s down to you.  There are times that can feel ridiculously exciting ~ it’s in your hands and you can absolutely control every step.  Sometimes it can feel like a pressure.  You are asked to analyse yourself, your behaviour, your mindset, your habits and your work ethic in a way you’d never need to as an employee.

You will learn a whole stack of tools & tricks that work for you.

You’ll perhaps journal or meditate, you might have to start to believe in yourself in a way you’ve never had to before, you need to cultivate your resilience.

I ALWAYS say – that in taking action we provide ourselves with evidence that we can, when we sit with everything in our head we create stories and reasons why we can’t.

ACTION provide with with evidence that you can achieve things.  Without taking action there’ll be no results.

You ARE resilient because you show up and continue to evolve.  It would be easier not to.  It’s easier to let the curves of chaos consume you.  You dig deep and keep chugging forwards.  Sometimes you need a little help with this, sometimes you want to supercharge it.

We have to keep moving ourselves forwards.  I don’t want to sit in a comfort zone because sometimes you have to ask the questions in order to get the answers.  The thing with comfort zones is that as we step outside of them they chase after us to catch us up and make a new norm.  It provides momentum.

We are here to share & do so much and I’d love for you to dive into your resilience and know;

😍  You’re strong enough

😍  You’re resilient AF

It doesn’t mean you won’t have shitter days.  It doesn’t mean that curve balls won’t come in. What is means is that you’re cultivated and capacity and capability to work beyond them.  As Chumbawumba said “I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down.”

Just in case you need to hear it today – YOU’VE GOT THIS!


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