Let’s start off with what actually is engagement on your Facebook Page & why does it even matter? 

Engagement is someone taking some sort of action on your post.  It could be as simply as hitting one of the Facebook reactions (i.e. love, like, angry, wow, sad), it could be hitting the read more button to extend your post into all of it’s glory, it could be making a comment, watching a video, clicking on your photo to view it or it could be spending time on your post rather than scrolling on by.  All are important engagements and build up a picture for the Facebook algorithm that the people taking the action like to see your posts and therefore they’ll appear more in their newsfeed AND it’s a bobby dazzler of a metric for you as it demonstrates an engaged audience.  

Yeah, reach is a sought after metric but engagement means that people are actually seeing your posts rather than it just being present in their newsfeed. 

Next up, what do people actually engage with?  Well, I could throw in the line that “it depends” (which is kinda does) but there’s some things to remember. 1️⃣  It’s unlikely that the majority people are going to bear their soul or expose a huge vulnerability on a public platform 2️⃣  People generally don’t answer things that they worry that they might get it wrong/mess up/offend someone. 

We don’t have to get caught up with engagement being purely focused on your niche subject or have direct relevance to the product/service you sell.  There is absolutely room for you to use engagement questions in a more frivolous way.  Why?   Firstly it allows people to see that it’s safe to comment on your page, secondly it kinda trains (eeee I know that’s feels like the wrong word) to get involved on your page, thirdly it creates connection & community and fourth on the list is the old know/like & trust with the biggest one being this one – it’s showing Facebook that they get involved in your stuff and like seeing your posts (as they’ve engaged) and therefore they are more likely to see more of your awesome.   

As there are stacks of types of engagement it also means that there’s loads of ways to go about getting people engaged on your page so in this article we will focus on QUESTIONS that you can use to increase your engagement…… 


A lovely easy one. Giving your crowd a choice of two things; 

  1. Tea or coffee 
  2. Beach or mountains
  3. Facebook or Instagram 
  4. Early mornings or late nights 
  5. In or out 
  6. Summer or Winter 
  7. Apple or Android 
  8. Sweet or savoury
  9. A or B (sharing 2 photos you’ve prepped with the letters on them)
  10. Are you more productive before or after mid day?
  11. Paper diary or online diary   
  12. Real book or ebook 

Which also rolls in nicely into “would you rather”

  1. Would you rather read a blog or watch a video. 
  2. Would you rather be too hot are too cold 
  3. Would you rather have starter or desert 
  4. Would you rather have more money or more time 
  5. Would you rather be 10 minutes late or 20 minutes early
  6. Would you rather listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube video
  7. Would you rather be more creative or more systematic 
  8. Would you rather be able to type twice as fast or come up with ideas twice as rapidly
  9. Would you rather make a phone call or send a text 
  10. Would you rather be too busy or too bored 
  11. Would you rather increase your reach or increase your engagement 



People love the humour and ease of being able to add a GIF into the comments.  What we want to be aware of is not using the word comment in the post as Facebook did have a big push around “forced engagement” being negative so it’s good practice to avoid creating a post that would suggest to the algorithm that you are seeking to make people engage with your post.  Some examples; 

  1. Throw in a GIF that represent the kinda week you’ve had. 
  2. Hit the GIF search bar and type in your business name and lets see the first one that comes up. 
  3. How’s Monday been treating you, dive in with a GIF that tells your Monday story
  4. Shimmy onto the GIF bar and type in what you do in and pop in the first one that comes up. 
  5.  Head to the GIF bar, pop in your year of birth – let’s see some highlights of decades gone by! 
  6. What ya up to right now – head into the GIF bar and lets see if we can work it out!  



People do love to share a little bit of their world and making it super easy for them is 👌

So we can dive into lots of ways to do this…

  1. I’d love to see the last photo from your camera roll….
  2. Head to your camera roll and let’s have a look at a photo that makes you smile! 
  3.  What’s your win of the week? 
  4. What did you have for your lunch? Let’s have some lun-spiration 😂 
  5. What are you reading right now? 
  6. What’s one of the best books you’ve read recently?
  7.  Where’s the best place you’ve ever been on holiday/vacation? 
  8. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever had? 
  9. What’s a thing from your childhood that you thought wasn’t true but now know is – for me it’s how fast a year goes!  I always thought my Mum was just telling fibs on that one! 
  10. If I gave you an extra day and you weren’t allowed to do chores or work what would you be doing with it? 
  11. Have you got pets?  I’d love to see your fur babies 
  12. Here’s mine (adding a piccie with the post), let’s see yours ~ what are your most frequently used emojis 
  13. Where do your work?  Let’s see your workspace! 
  14. What’s the most bizarre thing in your office/on your desk right now? 
  15. Is there a gift you wanted for Christmas but never got? 
  16. Are you a planner or a winging it-er? 
  17. Is there a word you don’t like? Lots of people cringe at the word MOIST! What’s yours… 
  18. If you could have any celebrity chef cook for you who would it be? 


People LOVE to help! 

If you have an quandary or conundrum then people love to help! I’ve asked about present ideas, netflix/amazon prime recommendations,  recommendations of ace social media pages to follow and experiences of certain things I’m considering buying. 

People absolutely love to help!  



If you have an open ended question then people can’t create a quick & easy reply or it’s not something they’ve been thinking about at that time.  The one that I see often is where people ask their audience what they would like to see more of on their page – that question just creates the situation where people have no idea how to answer or what it is that they actually want.  If you ask with options then it makes it much easier for people to reply.  You can do this type of post because on content topic or content type.  It could be ~ do your prefer a) written posts, b) visual posts c) videos OR would you rather I a) create more blogs b) share podcasts c) YouTube videos or you can do it based on topics.  For example ~  do you help with  a) list building b) blogging, c) mindset d) social media e) selling 

You can also ask ~ how are you consuming Facebook right now?  a) mobile b) desktop c) tablet 

There’s stacks of ways you can use this one but you are always going to get more people getting involved if you give them options/multiple choices AND you can always give other as one of the options for those who can pull something from up their sleeve that you might now have thought of.    


I hope that’s given you stacks of ideas of how to open the doors and start a conversation with your audience.  Having a connection with your audience that runs deeper than the genre of your business is good for business and allows people to feel part of something! 


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