💰 Do you find yourself discounting your prices before the original price has even left the tip of your tongue OR do you avoid selling because you simply don’t want to talk about pricing? 💰
You’re not alone. Lots of people find the whole money/pricing/selling thing so super uncomfortable. It’s squirmy and it’s sweaty and it feels so intertwined with your self worth that it’s ridiculous.

I hear you!

Pricing is a filter. Pricing allows you to filter your raving fans and to value the time & products you have for sale.
It’s about fair exchange (more of that in a post later in the week).
I’ll talk about what people buy and are willing to pay for in just a moment…
BUT, what can you do about it.
If you are a SLASH THE PRICES PANICKER then we need to look at this one first. You are uncomfortable and you want to make the sale. It’s understandable that when faced with the opportunity your self talk fairy is going to have a field day. The priority seems to be making the sale BUT that shouldn’t be at all costs.
If you run straight into discounting your products then these things happen;
 I don’t really know what you ACTUALLY charge
 I wonder if I hold out then I might get an even better deal (think walking away from a haggler at a market on your holidays)
 I am confused as to whether or not I’m getting the best price
 I wonder if other people are paying less for the same product/service
What is does for you is that you discount and devalue your worth. You knock your own confidence and you feel cross with yourself for getting into that situation AGAIN!!!
If you are a I’M NOT SELLING THEN I CAN’T GET KNOCKED BACK then you are simply stealing the opportunity to benefit from your products/service from those who need them.
I know that that sounds harsh BUT the reality of it is there might be people who are super interested in what you do, who have formed a relationship with you and would jump at the opportunity to get their hands on your products and services. Whilst you are keeping them quiet and hidden up your sleeve they cannot buy them.

What ya going to do about it?

People buy what they WANT, they buy the stuff that they DESIRE. They aren’t overly interested in what they need.
People prioritise their spends based on the stuff that they want in their world.
Once we’ve paid for the stuff that we need to keep us alive we then have our own personal priorities list.
We want the stuff that will solve a problem for us, the stuff that gets us unstuck, the stuff that fast tracks our progress, the stuff that makes us feel fab, the stuff that allows us to grow and develop.
It’s all about the way you are talking about things.
DON’T expect everyone to buy from you. Why? Because that’s not the case for any product or service out there.
As Dita Von Teese said “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”
Get comfortable with your pricing. Make sure you aren’t falling straight into discounting. Steady yourself and know you’re worth it (if you feel like your pricing is out right now then it’s time to revisit it ~ I know that I have actively encouraged lots of my Rockstars to listen to their gut when it comes to pricing and then look at it objectively to see what they think).
Just testimonial evidence to show the benefits of buying products or services from you.
Know that people not taking you up on your offer does NOT impact on your self worth and it’s purely a decision based on their own filters as to what’s important to them right now.

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